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The good:

This game has many things about it that make it good. For instance: The game is entertaining. The opening video, for example, has a good sense of humor, which makes it a good choice for retro Mario gamers.

The extended kart range, too, for example, makes this game more interesting. With the new addition of bikes, you can really enjoy the game more, if in the past mario kart titles you have been disapointed to see mostly more "car-like" karts, the addition of bikes makes it better if you are a hardcore biker, other than just a "casual driver".

The game is enjoyable with almost EVERY new addition of anything they have added! The brand new courses introduced, along with the old courses, makes the game alot more fun. Sure, as like Mario kart DS, they added spiffy new details to older courses, and sure, they added a few new courses here and there. Rainbow road, for example, has the same difficulty as it did with Super Mario Circuit, plus the addition of speed boosters, ramps, and the fact that you can do tricks, makes the course even better! They do alot of little things with most of the courses in this game, but the little things turn out to be bigger than what the seem, making this game the BEST installation in this series of EXCELLENT games!

The bad:

The bad parts of the game aren't actually to bad. The thing that annoys me, would have to be the fact that in the Wi-Fi Tournaments, there are so many people who enter, that it is pretty much unfair to those who truly try their best and win.

Another thing that is probably the MOST annoying thing on the game, would have to be the fact that people can leave you right in the middle of a match. The only thing about people leaving that I don't like, for example, would be if you are right in the zone, alright, and then whoever you are VS, goes and says basically: "I am still in last place, so I am just going to quit!" If you ask me, I hate the people who do that, even though I (SOMETIMES) do myself.


The game has better graphics than other installments in the series. For example: Take Mario in the wii version, and take your ds and take a look at Mario. Two different worlds, right?

The game's addition of bikes and tricks, makes the game excellent. An example of how it makes the game excellent, is the feel, and or rush that you receive when you pull off a trick, and here the cheer of the crowd. Excellent feeling.

This game is a good installastioin to the series, because it sort of goes from the bad graphics in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Kart, and then with Super Mario Circuit the grap...


*Mario Kart Wii* is legendary

The good:

  • Mario Kart Wii was by far one of the best games that I have ever played. The graphics of this game were HD amazing; the colors were great, the background had great detail and I felt like I was there.

  • The control handling was specifically designed to fit all. Whether I played using the Wii remote or the steering Wii wheel, I was filled with excitement and thrilled to have played it.

  • The new karts and bikes and Mii options was a great addition because I never got bored; every time I played the same character it was not the same. In addition to the the vehicles the amount of tracks that are available and the way are made is outstanding, because each one was created with such a great amount of detail and was based on the main themes for certain characters of the game. I never felt like I was going in a boring circle that would end the joy. Not only did the tracks look good, I performed amazing stunts with the characters I picked.

  • The original as well as the new items is another reason why *Mario Kart Wii* one of the best Mario Kart games ever made. Original items like the bananas and the blue turtle shell are very useful and did not let me down when it came to obtaining or keeping first place in the race. What's even more thrilling are the new items like the yellow mushroom that was used in the super Mario DS which allowed me to ten times bigger, which literally allowed me run over and slowing other players down; and the bullet which even though it downgraded me when I try to obtain stars, makes for a perfect weapon of revenge that knocks out other players that passed me. The items like everything else on the game are well design in both function and how realistic they seemed. The items are also made with great details based on the original games they first came from. An example would be push block button from Super Mario Brother 3. In my point of view I have no problems with the items and think they are completely fair and fun.

    The online play is also a positive and grand addition to the 'Mario Kart Wii'. Not only did I have the opportunity to play with my friends, but with people all over the world and making competitive friendship with people in other countries.

    This is one of the games I would suggest that gamers played at least once in their lifetime.

    The bad:

  • The only small and almost insignificant design that I disliked about the game was the voice of the characters. The voices that the designers gave the characters was somewhat a goal that they completed with speed and not creativity. This is understandable due to the limited TIME that game designers have to make a game after it has been previewed. I think a game is like an artwork; there is no end to the changes that someone could make on an art work to make it perfect.

    Other than the poor creativity of the voices of the characters, the game is great. I have enjoyed the action and fun this game delivers more to care for the only one thing found in this game to be a downside.


    Mario Kart Wii has been pushed to its potential and I know that Nintendo will push this game even further, Entertainment is what I think their main goal was, is and will always be in the future. Mario Kart games will always keeps making history. I can play it over and over again and it will never get old.

    I gave it a 4.9 because of the creativity of the karts, bikes and tracks, great additions like the Mii, the great functions and designs of the items and the online play. I will never regret ever buying this game and I do not think I ever will. Mario Kart Wii is definitely one of the top fi...

  • 9.0

    A Racing Game with Few Obstacles


    The Mario Kart series has been a popular game among Mario fans and Mario Kart Wii does not disappoint. With new tracks, characters, items, and features the game really is one of the best for the Nintendo Wii.

    Getting Started

    From the first opening of the game to when your in the middle of a race Mario Kart Wii will really shine. Nintendo did not fall short on making the game look and play its best. You will start the game by creating a license (you can make up to four) which will keep track of the cups you have beaten. While making the license you will be asked to choose a Mii for to represen...


    Megamaster37's Mario Kart Wii Review

    The good:

    Controls are easy to get used to, especially with the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote adds more fun to the game, as you control the steering by tilting the remote. The advanced stats make it so there is a kart/bike/character combination that perfectly suits anyone's driving style. Each character adds a little to 2 stats. Funky Kong is used to set many World Records in Time Trails, along with Daisy and Toadette, because of their character stat boost.

    Online play gives you something to do after beating the game and getting stars in the Grand Prix can challenge even some of the best players. Getting a Star in every race on every CC will give you a star ranking online. When playing online on Worldwide or Regoinal, the Wii matches you up with people with around the same amount of Versus/Battle Points as you.

    Also in Mario Kart Wii is the Mario Kart Channel. While on this Wii Channel you can race in tournaments, compare your Time Trails scores with scores around the world, and race other peoples ghosts in Ghost Races.

    The Gamecube controller and Classic Controller can also be used in this game. This is reccomened for people who litterally can't stand still or find the Wii Remote shakes too much when using it. Anyone can learn how to play in little time, so your whole family can play (well, only 4 at a time)

    The bad:

    Some courses, such as Luigi Curcuit, Moo Moo Meadows, GCN Peach Beach, GBA Shy Guy Beach, and SNES Mario Curcuit 3, can easily be influence by a single item. For example, one Bullet Bill can win you the race in Luigi Curcuit, and Blue Shells can ruin your race. Items impact the outcome of the races by a lot. Blue Shells, Bullet Bills, Thunderclouds, Stars and Lightning Bolts can make your day miserable.

    Online, many things can make you mad. Getting Disconnected is something that usually happens to everyone once in a while. But, one of the most aggravating things online is the Battle Format. Rather than gaining points based solely on individual performance, like in versus, battle points are awarded partly on individual performance, and partly on team performance. This can become aggravating when you get lots of Battle Points. When you have many BP, you get paired with people with low BP. These people can sometimes lose you the game, and lots of those hard-earned Points.


    Overall Mario Kart Wii is a great game. Online play can be very complex. When playing online on Worldwide or Regoinal, the Wii matches you up with people with around the same amount of Versus/Battle Points as you, but when playing a Friend from your friend's list you go straight to your Friends race. In Mario Kart Wii, you can make rooms, and your friends from your friends list can race you.

    You almost never run out of things to do with this game, unless you suddenly stop liking the game (which i doubt will happen because this is a great game.) You can race people's ghosts from around the w...


    Really was another Mario Kart game neccessary? In a word, yes.


    Mario Kart Wii

    Opening Thoughts

    This game is magnificent. Really is probably the best game I've played on the Wii. It features intuitive controls, great gameplay, two good ways to get your competitive gaming in, all in one, family friendly game. It features all of the characters we loved from the Mario series, like Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Peach, Bowser, you get the picture. But it also has a decent amount of spinoff characters, like Funky Kong, the Baby characters. It also even features the little villains that usually aren't portrayed majorly in games, such as Dry Bones and Koopa Troopa....


    Driver's Ed All Over Again...

    The good:

    Very Smooth Online Play
    The New Wii Wheel
    Easy Controls
    A lot of New Characters
    Great Courses

    The bad:

    Wii Wheel Can Be Hard To Use Sometimes
    It Can Get Very Boring


    I came home from the store with my copy of Mario Kart Wii. I had a ton of fun playing with an excellent cast of Nintendo characters, listening to good music, playing on stages with amazing graphics, and hitting my brother with koopa shells. Mario Kart Wii is one of the great games on the Wii. Of course it can get very boring at times but even if you play a little each day you will have a ton of fun.


    Well all the gamers that bought Mario Kart Wii were introduced to a new type of controller, the Wii Wheel. What seems to be an excellent piece of technology at first is really a piece o...

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