Mario Kart Wii Tips

Tips, hints and tricks on Mario Kart Wii
Maple Treeway:
When you start the race either have a normal start or a speed start, but try not to blow up as thistrick wont make a difference in the placings. If you do a speed start yo have to be careful not to go past the turning.
there is a turning in the fence on the right hand side very near the start so you have to have your eyes peeled, anyway go down there and follow on round, there are ? boxes on the path and speed boosts, when you come ot of the path it will land you right infront of the cannon! It is a very good tip so please use it and it is ecpecially good on time trials!
Also near the end of the race after the massive net bouncing up and down there is a path on the left hand side with a ? box go over there and get the boxe and keep going round and there is another box and a speed boost, it should put you up 2 or 3 places.
Daisy Circuit:
Just before the figure 8 roundabouts there is a secret staircase on the right hand side with a speed boost and a ? box, go up there and it lands you right next to the rundabout, it is a lot quicker and it is especially useful if you get the ? box.
Also after figure 8 and past the tunnel thing there is a path on the left hand side, go up there and follow the path, there is ? boxes and speed boosts all the way to the end of the race but its better if you come of the path when you are very near the end, its not neceserily a lot quicker but it might put u up 1 or 2 places.
Coconut Mall:
There are obviously a lot of roots to take on coconut mall but i have found a very good trick. Collect a ? box at the beginning of the race, either before the first flight of esculators or just after, anyway try and get 3 normal mushrooms or the golden mushroom, if you havnt got them then use the power you have got and get another ? box. Once you have got the right box hold onto it and after the 1st esculators there is a down esculator just before the 2nd esculators,(you have to take the right root to the down one as otherwise you wont get there) dont go down the esculator go at the top and use up your power and it should take you flying past down and up esculators and land you just before the tunnel thingy, it is a hell of a lot quicker. (it may take some practise and a few tries to get the right ? box, it is especially usefull on time trials!)
Mushroom Gorge:
This only works on time trials - At the begining of the race you should have 3 mushrooms, you should start with either the speed boost start or the normal but dont blow up otherwise there is no point of doing the trick.
As soon as the race starts go over to the left hand side on the grass verge, use 1 mushroom just before you fall of and you should hopefully land on mushroom then all you need to do is bounce like normal on the mushrooms and you will land on the 1st bridge! its a lot quicker and if you keep the 2 oter mushroom powers then you can use the trick on all the laps!
Wario's Goldmine:
Saught of near the end/middle there is the main track with the carts, follow the blue track and it will lead you into a shortcut but make sure you dont get too close to the carts other wise you will fall just before the shortcut, also if you can go over the speed boosts it should help speed you up a lot!

Ever played with your friends or family but you both want the same character? well this is how you can:
1. Player 1 chooses the character
2. Player 1 then decides not to and goes on either the character up, down, right or left to where you were.
3. Player 2 chooses the character u both want to be.
Go back to the screen that says solo or team and choose again.
4. You should both be on the same character, but be carefull not to move the remote otherwise you will not be able to have the same character.
5. Both of you press A/2 and then you carry on!
(this should work with 3 & 4 players and you just follow the same method)

Hope all those tips,hints and tricks help!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />:]<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />:]