Mario Kart Wii Tips

Dodgimg items
Here is how to dodge items.

Banana: find it, dodge it/ dont tailgate the person in first

Blue Shell: use a mushroom, mega mushroom, bullet, star power, maybe king speed(golden mushroom), and ive heard some people have had success with a bomb, a cannon

Bloop: mushroom, mega mushroom, bullet, cannon, star power, king speed, and some boosts on tracks

Mega Mushroom: good luck; look behind you(a button), and move away from it, stay on sides of track

Bullet: get the hell away from the very center of the track

Green Shell: look behind you, move, use a banana in some cases

Red Shell: get a banana, green shell, red shell behind you, sometimes bumping a wall or jumping over a fall

Lightning: use a bullet or star power, get in a cannon, mega mushroom will shrink you back to normal size

Mushroom: get away from the person

Bomb: kind of hard to dodge, get out of the way, use a star power, bullet, mega mushroom; mushrooms will rarely work

King Speed: get away from the person

Star Power: get away from the person, use star power or bullet.

(Some people say Mega mushrooms are invincable, but a star power or bullet are still just as a threat as if your normal size)