Mario Kart Wii Tips

Maple Treeway
Once Iquito or whatever his name is is counting down from three at the start, do not get the power boost, nor will you spin out of control (as I say gas out), but get a slow start. Over on the right, before the left turn, there is a little passage in a tree. It is filled with grass, but do NOT use a mushroom! The grass will slow you down, bringing you into lower places(10th or worse). But after that, there is a power boost, with item boxes on them. After the boost, there is yet another boost, which will take you to the top five. You hit the item box in tenth, so you will get a tenth place item, but now you will be in the top five. The items you will get will consist of star power, lightning, triple mushroom, golden mushroom (as I say king speed), and, of course, bullet! Now all you have to do is work your way to first. Remember, you can only do this in grand prix, verses, or Wi-fi while on the first lap.