Mario Kart Wii Tips

How To Avoid Items
<font size="1">Everyone knows the items, but some are hard to avoid, I'm telling you every item and a way to avoid it.

Banana, Triple Banana
Looks like: Banana Peel
How to avoid: Try not to drive into them, if you are driving behind someone who is Dangling a Banana, try not to stay behind them too long because they will try to hit you with it

Green Shell, Triple Green Shell
Looks Like: The shell on a Koopa Troopa
Avoid: Same as the Banana, but if they are moving along the track, don't go in their path

Red Shell, Triple Red Shell
Looks like: The shell on Koopa Troopa, except the green is red
Avoid: If yu see one coming for you, dangle an item, Taking a corner tight may sometimes help as then it may hit a wall

Looks Like: A bomb wth orange legs.
Avoid:Don't go near them if you see one on the track, or you will be launched into the air

Blue/Spiny Shell
Looks Like: A blue shell with wings and spikes on it
Avoid: If you are in First, use a Mushroom Boost or go through the Cannon on Maple Treeway, GCN DK Mountain. The giant boost that goes accross the river on N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, or the star in Rainbow Road

Fake Item
Looks Like: An item box, but dark red
Avoid: Don't drive into them.

Mushroom, Triple Mushroom
Looks like: A mushroom with eyes and red with white spots on top
Avoid: You can't really avoid Mushroom from being used by someone

Gold Mushroom
Looks like: A normal Mushroom but gold everywhere
Avoid: Once again, you can't stop someone from using one

Looks Like: A white squid with black eyes
Avoid: Go up a boost on the tracks, not all work. Use a Mushroom bust, Star, Bullet Bill or a Mega Mushroom to get rid of the effect.

Bullet Bill
Looks Like: A Bullet Bill (In Super Paper Mario)
Avoid: Don't stay in the center of the track, or use a Star to avoid them

Looks Like: A star with small eyes
Avoid: Don't let the person who used it hit you

Looks Like: A lightning bolt
Avoid: Star or Bullet when someone is about to use it is the only way, when you are giant from a Mega Mushroom you will be shrunk to normal size

POW Block
Looks Like: A block that says POW on it
Classic Controller: Up on the D-Pad
Gamecube Controller: Up on the D-Pag
Wii Wheel: Shake wheel up like doing a Wheelie
Wiimote and Nunchuk: Not sure

Looks Like: A gray cloud with eyes and a smile on it
Avoid: Hit another player or go through Cannon, Star or mega-ramp thing

Mega Mushroom
Looks Like: A mushroom with small eyes and a bigger top than the Regular mushroom
Avoid: Don't let the person who used it so hit you, you will be flattened

Hope this helped</font>