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Mario Kart Wii Tips

Bullet in First Place?
This only works for the first lap. On Maple Treeway, do NOT get a power boost, nor do you "gas out". Veer over to the right, and you'll find a shortcut. There is a bunch of grass that will slow you down. Then there is a power boost with item boxes at the end of it. You'll hit the item box in 10-12th place, but there is another power boost right after the items. That will, if executed well enough, bring you into 1-5th place. Next you'll get to the cannon. Since you hit the item boxes in 10-12th place, you'll get an item that will be given to 10-12th place. Because of the power boost, you'll probably get 3 mushrooms, a golden mushroom [as I say king speed], or, very likely, bullet! I've done this many times, and all but once I got bullet [one time I happened to get three mushrooms].