Mario Kart Wii Tips

3 Star Rank!
To get a 3 star rank in Grand Prix you might want to try these...

1. Get 60 points

2. Draft (Trail Behind Someone for around 5 secs and a blue forcefield should come.)

3. Do lots of mid-air tricks

4. Do lots of wheelies

5. Dodge Pows (Scroll down to see how to.)

6. Block red shells

7. Don't slip on bananas

8. If you are hit by lots of blue shells come first and that should help

9. Take shortcuts when you have have an opportunity

10. Snake! (Constant drift boosts)

11. Lead Most Laps

12. Stay first for most of the time

13. Rocket Start!

14. Don't get hit by items

15. Don't use bullet bills

16. Don't fall off the edge

Note: Doing these will make the CPU do more attempts to hurt you.