Mario Kart Wii Easter eggs

Same Character For Everyone!
One day, me and my sister were fighting over Toad (i mean have you SEEN how cute he is?!?!). She was player one. I was player two. And we found this cheat accidently!

Just an example. (i'm saying if all people want to be toad but it works on any character)

1. Player 1 chooses toad so other players don't choose yet.

2. Player 1 leaves toad and lets player 2 choose him. Repeat on players 3 and 4 if your using them.

3. Go back to the screen where u pick Team Race or Solo Race.

4. Pick your choice again.

5. When you get to the charater screen everyone's icon will be on toad! Also, DO NOT MOVE YOUR SELECTER AROUND OR YOU CAN'T GET BACK TO TOAD!