Mario Kart Wii Tips

Your Guide to the ? Boxes
Here is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to all the items you can get in ? boxes:

~ Banana - When you press B, you will release a slippery banana skin. If another racer bangs into it, they will spin and probably crash.

~ Green Koopa Shell - When released, the green Koopa shell will just shoot off in a straight line, then bounce off of walls.

~ Red Koopa Shell - One of the best items by far, when released, the red Koopa shell will follow the racer in front of you, then hit them at high speed. Very good if you're trying to overtake.

~ Bullet - Probably the best item you can get, when B is pressed, your character will transform into a massive black bullet, which travels very fast. It usually overtakes a lot of racers, so you can only get this item if you're in 7th place or less.

~ Star - This will make you're racer temporarily invincible. If anything hits them, it will bounce off, and if you bang into someone else, the will bounce of behind.

~ Bomb - Quite simply, if you throw the bomb, it will fly forward, then explode. Don't bother if there's no-one in front of you.

~ Lightning - When B is pressed, all of the other racers will be struck by lightning. They will all halve in size afterwards, which slows them down a lot.

~ Squid - Everyone will be squirted with ink (excluding you, obviously). This obscures vision, which slows you down.

~ Blue Winged Koopa Shell - When activated, the shell will fly through the air, hover above the racer in 1st place, then make them blow up.

Hope I helped!