Mario Kart Wii Cheats

Shortcut on DK's Jungle Parkway
Although there are more than 1 shortcut for this level, I am yet to try the rest out seeing as I don't have the game.

In the old N64 version after the huge jump and going left you'll see a Arror pointing left, well if you turn right and just hop at the right time on the edge; you can drive the whole way but then you have to do it again the second time and then you must have a Mushroom with you. Use the mushroom at the edge to jump onto the bridge. (Keep in mind that's one of the shortcuts I am yet to try out to see if it works on this version).

The shortcut i'm going to tell you today should cut of about 4 seconds of. At the end of the lap you should see a bridge, well go inside the cave from it and you'll see a hill and the tack turning left, well just use a mushroom (if you have one) and go straight up and turn left.