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Mario Kart DS review
Mario Kart DS: 1st place!

The good:

**Tons of characters and carts
**Many unlockable tracks
**Wi-Fi (and DS to DS) racing
**Battles and Missions
**The sound/audio
**The little details

The bad:

**Hackers through Wi-Fi
**Nothing much else!


Mario Kart DS is a racing game, but it's not all racing. You can race your way through tracks, try to beat your own (or a staff ghosts) records in Time Trial, battle a Balloon Battle or Shine Runners, race with a friend, do the Grand Prix tournament, or complete missions! There is much more to Mario Kart DS then just racing, and Nintendo has added more characters, tracks, battles, and ways to play then in Mario Kart 64. The gameplay for the original racing is to drive around the tracks, collecting and using items, and trying not to bump into things while maintaining a first, second or third place spot against computer players! There are three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Hard. Beginners should definitely start out on Easy, while more advanced players can try Medium or even Hard! There is an option to turn off the CPU (computer) players altogether if you want to practice alone, or if you're racing with friend, you can just race against them without the CPU players.

Characters and Karts:: There are 12 characters, 4 of which have to be unlocked. (You can also play as a Shy Guy if you're on DS to DS and you don't have the game, but your friend does). The characters each have three of their own karts, and the kart overviews are very good. It displays the weight of the kart, how good the items you get when you're racing with that kart are, the speed, the drifting ability, etc. The characters are mostly from various Mario games including Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Bowser, ROB, Dry Bones, Waluigi, Toad, and of course Mario himself!

Wi-Fi (and DS to DS) Racing:: The Wi-Fi racing is an incredible feature- you can race or battle with friends anywhere in the world! You can also get together a group of up to 8 people! The same thing with DS to DS racing- you can get together in a group or just race against one friend, CPU characters on or off. You don't have to have the game to play DS to DS, as long as your friend has it, but you have a limited selection of tracks and are forced to play as a Shy Guy.

Drawback to Wi-Fi: Hacking:: You might play against a hacker on Wi-Fi, so they obviously get a huge, unfair advantage.

Tracks:: You can unlock the tracks without too much difficulty. There is a total of 32 different tracks, and each of them is completely different from the others! Some are long, some short, some are windy, and some are straight. There is also different scenery for all courses.

Battles and Missions:: The battles (Balloon Battle and Shine Runners) are fun to do! I personally prefer the Balloon Battles, but if you're looking for something quick, Shine Runners doesn't take up much time. There are 6 battle courses in total. The missions are a challenge- collecting coins, beating bosses, going through gates as a preset character for each one.

Audio:: Many of the courses have their own unique music! The battles have only one type of music (it can get annoying after a while.) But the audio overall is amazing. The sound is usually clear and everything seems to make a sound.

Overall, Mario Kart DS is a very well thought out game. It has everything you need for it to be entertaining, and there are tons of different ways to play! Mario Kart DS is a definite step-up from Mario Kart 64.

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