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Mario Kart DS review
Mario Kart DS Review from Capn Droid

The good:

    ~Good gameplay
    ~Incredibly long lasting
    ~Great audio
    ~WiFi able
    ~Huge inventory of items and karts
    ~Retro stages
    ~Smart choice of new characters

The bad:

    ~Graphics are not superior
    ~Honestly… not much else.


Mario Kart DS is a racing game based off the Nintendo legend Mario, and his buddies, including and not limited to Luigi, Peach, and Wario. Playing as a character from the Mario franchise, you race around various tracks that usually belong to certain characters (such as Mario Circuit) or aspects of previous games (such as Tick Tock Clock, Airship Fortress). Along the way, you can unlock several other characters from the franchise for you to play as. Each character has their own personal set of karts, starting with two karts, then three, then four other karts that belong to other characters, and finally all the karts available. Use various items such as banana peels, koopa shells, or the coveted thunderbolt to cheat your way into the lead! But watch out so you don't get hit by an item yourself! Finish the grand prix? Try out the Time Trials! Beat previous times as you try to get better and better at each track. If you grow bored of racing tracks like normal, why not try out a mission? Just try to finish all 54 missions… but… does that seem like quite enough? Or is there possibly… more? Go online using the WiFi feature to face people from all around the world! Apply yourself, learn the techniques, and become a racing legend!


Mario Kart DS lasts forever. I've been playing this game for two years, and I'm still playing this game as much as when I played two years ago. You simply can not stop. What with the sixteen new tracks, four tracks from each previous game, time trials to beat, a boatload of missions, and the ever changing WiFi, there's never anything old in this game. There are also certain techniques that you can master to make the game even more thrilling. It's simply a pleasure to play, and it lasts for ages.



It isn't inspirational, but it's certainly some good music. Very good, very good. I simple like how the DS allows a Surround sound approach to it… makes it all the better. There are good songs, and there are bad songs… so I'd have to give it…



The fact that this game has WiFi is good itself. The fact that it's the first handheld game to have any connection to the Internet whatsoever makes it better. The fact that it's probably one of the most addicting WiFi features of any game makes this category gold. A normal race with any person around the world is just awesome, to be honest. The only flaws here are that it'll only take four players, and it's sometimes a bit difficult to find players nowadays… there are millions and millions of people using WiFi simultaneously, I predict. No doubt you should be able to find at least one person to go WiFi with you. But anyways, WiFi is just awesome with this game. Like butter on toast. If you complain about lag, you should either get a better connection or shush up.



What a vital part of the game. And what a creative mind Nintendo has. Fake item boxes, banana peels, thunderbolts… not to mention classic Nintendo trademarks, such as Bonzai Bills, Koopa Shells, Mushrooms… and even new trademarks, such as the flying Blue Shell. How they could match the properties of each item with the main ideas for the things in previous games is what makes them so cool. Who would've thought a classic annoyance could've turned into an 8th place comeback? Or that a Koopa Shell could be turned into a homing torpedo…



Great idea on Nintendo's part to continue using character specific karts. With sixteen karts available at the beginning of the game – the personalized kart and the classic kart, each now with their own stats – over thirty-six karts are available throughout the game, each with their own statistics that vary in acceleration, speed, steering, and even items. These stats can affect ingame strategies and techniques, like snaking. Essentially, the karts in this game prove to be excellent.



Waluigi and Daisy were well too expected. What makes this category excellent is the fact that an overlooked nobody and an overlooked legend were placed in the hotseats and made famous practically overnight. Dry Bones and R.O.B. I hadn't even known the name of Dry Bones beforehand, and never even knew what R.O.B. was. Hmmm… R.O.B. is in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as well… just noticed the random R.O.B. obsession with Nintendo all of a sudden. *Ahem* Anyways, these two characters are especially prime characters, if you think about it. R.O.B. BLS is the fastest kart in the game, and Dry Bomber is sought over by many snakers for it's perfect acceleration steering combo. These two characters simply mean a lot. Though it seems they weren't really trying very hard with Waluigi and Daisy… a random dozer, and a makeover of Peach's kart. The motorbike and minivan are cool, but seriously.



Awesome, as in every game. Several stages are in honor of certain characters; some relate to levels from previous games, like Bowser's Castle and Tick Tock Clock, or even Airship Fortress; some are simply necessary, like Rainbow Road. They are long, specialized in so many ways, and primped to the max. It's also interesting how they implement a few of them in missions and such. Plus… have you guys forgotten the courses outside of grand prix? How about Balloon Battle? Yeah, we all want that Block City and Pipe Plaza course. Of course, nothing wrong with the Nintendo DS course.



Hmmm… not a very focal point in the game. Every time I play as Yoshi, I see his hands spiked in one direction. Plus, I see his nose that only has about twenty sides, instead of being more spherical. It just gets to me every time I look at him. The walls are 2D, and pretty pixilated. Otherwise, it isn't that shabby. But really now, who pays attention to graphics?



Bonus three points for adding such an amazing feature to the game that applies to WiFi: emblems and usernames. They describe who you are: are you a veteran, or are you the new kid on the block?



Using a calculator to add up all the scores, the game receives an outstanding 57 out of 60 credits, or 95%. Frankly, that's what the game got on GameSpot, a review site acclaimed for pretty accurate reviews. All I can say it, Mario Kart DS deserves all the points it's received. Keep it up with Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo. Meanwhile, we'll just kick back and head onto WiFi for a good long match.

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