Mario Kart DS review
The Game For All Players

The good:

- Great Karts And Characters To Choose From
- Many Courses Including Original
- WiFi Connection
- Mission Mode
- Easy Controls
- Time Trail Ghosts

The bad:

- No Battle On WiFi
- Friend Code System On WiFi
- Little Use Of Touch Screen


Storyline- Well the storyline is what you really expect from a racing game, lots of competitions and characters to choose from.

Graphics- Its the type of graphics that you expect from a Mario game, which is good in my opinion.

Sound- Great and lots of music in the game. The music is very enjoyable while racing other opponents.

Controls- Easy to understand controls, but sadly not enough controls with the touch screen, for it is only used to change the map.

WiFi- One of the top WiFi games out there. Friend codes aren't what I expected though.

My Full Opinion: If you are one of those people who get one or two games for your Nintendo DS, Mario Kart is one of those games. This game has controls that basically anyone can understand. You go through a cycle of 8 competitions, including new designed courses and old classic ones. If you are a true Mario fan, you have to get this game. During the race, if you start at the right time you get a huge speed boost, which is very helpful if you get the hang of it. You got and race with other computer characters. You pick up items that are in "?" boxes. If you pick up the right item, it can bring you from last place all the way to first place. There are many different options of this game you can choose from. You can go into the record book and view the kart and the time that you got on a certain competition. You unlock new cups, characters and karts as you beat competitions. The good part is that the characters and karts you unlock, you will be allowed to use them on WiFi connection, which gets you an advantage. The game has different speeds of races, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and the unlock-able 150cc mirror. There is also a new Mission mode, where you test your skills and driving capability by completing tasks within a time limit. If you want to keep records and share them with friends, you can now do Time Trials which records your times and movements during the course. It then creates a ghost, which then you can race against, or send to your friend. You can also receive ghosts from your friends. On WiFi is where you race the real players. There are 2 faults about WiFi that I was upset about, but not that upsetting for me to give it a 4 star rating. There is no battle on WiFi, which would have been really fun and exciting. Also, the Friend Code System is not good in this particular game. You cannot talk to your friend, you cannot see what friend you are gathering. The good part about friend codes in this game is that during a race, a little icon will appear above your connection and show you that your friend wants to race. If you are looking for a race besides a competition or with friends, you can just got into a regular race where you get to choose the speed, course and everything else. This game will keep you busy for a long time, and there is always something to do in Mario Kart. If you are a serious "wanna be the best" player or just a person who is looking to have fun, Mario Kart DS is the game for you!

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