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| - [ A Change For The Better ] - |

The good:

- The new feature of two players to one kart

- New character appearances such as Waluigi, Daisy, Baby Bowser, King Boo, Petey Pirahna, and more

- New race tracks fashioned for this new type of tag team racing

- Unmistakably enhanced graphics in both the character and setting departments

- Brand new vehicles which broke the barrier between regular ho-hum go-carts in individual shades of colour preferably matching each character

The bad:

- The game's new form of partner racing in which it introduced can appear to be a bit of a lag in certain perspectives when compared to the previous two titles


[ Introduction ]

This game really impressed me when I'd first spotted it's kind on a television commercial during the holiday season of 2003(even though circumstances led me to purchase it over a year and a half later from that point in which my interest was first at it's peak).

[ Gameplay ]

The fact that really grabbed my attention initially before anything else was the new generation feature of being able to race with two iconic Nintendo characters on one kart, one navigating the vehicle in the front at the wheel, and the other in the additional back section of the new vehicles with the main...


Mario Kart Double Dash Review


Gameplay - 8.5

This year's gameplay is absolutely amazing, I just love how everything is swift and nice and everything, like if you skid around one of the turn's on baby park, skidding is aced, also, the gameplay never slows down unlike on other game series, the animations are smooth and swift, like if you throw a red shell or even a green, it moves exactly where its meant to go almost everytime, expect other times, for sometimes stupid reasons, it might miss, like if you go around a curve, it might go off straight and smash into something, but other than that, I have no choice but to give g...


Another Mario Kart! But... Double the fun!!

The good:

All the good things...Let's see..nearly all! There's TWO characters in each
Kart, one is driving and the other is throwing all the classic items to try
mess up the other racers. All the courses have their extreme fun pattern and
will be crazy when you try out a new course for the first time, hard, ingenius,
and cool! The Characters include nearly all the Mario characters you could ever
think of.. YOU pick which team-up you want and which Kart is better fit for
characters. There's many unlockables including Karts, Characters, and courses!!
If you only want to race with one player you could always pick verses and Time
trials to challenge YOURSELF to how fast you complete a course!
Battle Mode-
These three battle modes with two new ones are the best! You can pick ballon
battle were you have to hit your opponent until they loose allt their balloons!
Pick where you leave all your items and when you send it to them! The other
battle is Shine battle! You have to get the shine and run around with it until
the time runs out and you win! Your opponent will try to hit you with items so
you drop the shine and THEY could get it, things could get crazy in this..
Then There's the all fun, hardcore one. The Bo-Bomb Blast!
Throw bombs at your opponent all over the place until you get the three points
to win! Run around and hide if it's possible and just kick-***!!
Best Battle Modes yet if you ask me...

The bad:

Almost nothing in this presentation.
well, sometimes it's irritating the way items work.


At first old-fashioned Mario Karts with only one racer kept
coming. But then, Double Dash made it's way! This game is better than all the
other Mario karts out there and at last, change the way they all are...
Like always a must-have.. You'll never want to stop playing it and could keep
going racing with anyone you like! Just when you were getting sick of the old
Mario Karts, Double Dash comes to the rescue.. By far, the best Mario kart game


Don't... just don't...

The good:

Good, colorful graphics. Boo is in the game.
Fun with 4 people.

The bad:

Everything else


This game strays too far away from the original on the N64. This is just a waste of money for a number of reasons...

1)The computers... only God knows how much I hate them in this game. They ALWAYS know how to line up with you juuust right to throw shell at you and hit. You can tell too; if you swerve, the comp will, 9.99 times out of 10, will follow the same movement if it has a weapon and its in front of you.
Another horrible thing about the comp is how when they get hit with something, they spin once and keep going, acting like nothing has even happened. Even with the spiky shell, they...


Double the fun? Not really.

The good:

  • Big cast of drivers
  • Kart seelction system
  • Bright and colourful
  • Handles well
  • Battle mode is awesome

    The bad:

  • Course design needs some work
  • Too much emphasis on weapons
  • Tracks provide no real challenge
  • Lacking in content compared to other games


    The Mario Kart series is probably one of the most successful spinoffs in video gaming history, and with only a small collection of games as well. Super Circuit showed us how good Nintendo were at taking the core concept and improving it. With Double Dash they've opted to give players a fresh experience with some new mechanics, but the result isn't what anyone may be expecting.


    If you've played any other Gamecube Mario game then chances are you've already experienced the style used in Double Dash, although that is by no means a bad thing.

    DD provides a rather bold and colourful experien...

  • 7.0

    Awesome Racing Frenzy!!!!!!!!!

    The good:

    The sweet option of combining the old and new characters into newly-styled and unique racing karts!!!

    I personally like that each character has his/her own special items that only that character can use!!!

    It's fast and really fun!!!!! AND you can make any combination you want!!! There's no limit!!!!!

    The bad:

    The new courses are okay.....but they could be better!!(my only REAL favorite course was DK mountain. Getting blasted from that cannon, onto the mountain, then barreling down the mountain was the only successful course.) The rest are pretty lame infact!! The one player is kinda boring, too easy!!!(and there IS a limit to what size kart you can drive.)


    I think this game is great for TWO people who have an urge for some high-paced Nintendo racing!!!

    Reccomended for any Nintendo fan!!!

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