Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tips

Item Tips
When getting the triple shell special item with the koopas, fire them only when needed. Some people fire them all at once, but you never know; another team may shoot a shell at you or a banana might come up. If you are in last place, ignore what i just said.

If you ever get three mushrooms, use them when going off the track to access shortcuts or cut across the inside of the track to maximize affect.

Try to use lightning when you are on a hard part of a course. You could catch up easier with everyone being tiny and slower.

Use the star to cut across grass, dirt, etc. Don't just follow the track, travel on the inside of the course. You won't be slowed down because the star boosts your speed and makes you invincible.

Place giant bananas and bananas in parts of the track that would cause chaos.

Place fake item boxes near regular item boxes. Space it evenly to trick your opponents.

Use yoshi eggs when the course has few turns. The items blast out fast ahead, so if it blasts on a curve, the items will fly off course.

Use these tips wisely and you will be one step closer to becoming a master!