Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tips

Course Tips
Well, Im here to help.

Luigi Course - Just before the first item blocks, turn right and go on a backtrack behind the giant chain chomp. Double Item Blocks always appear there.

Peach Beach - If the tide is in, or you have a speed item, go down the intercection from the pathway onto the beach, turn the opposite direction to the mapped course and you will see power boosters, running into an item block and onto an island. If the tide is out use the Mushroom/star to zip past the water logged path

Mushroom Bridge - After the first tunnel, go either right to the side and an opening is there, you can use this narrow path as a safe guard from cars.

Daisy Cruiser - Fall down the hole in the part aftr the moving tables. You get a double dice block and you get a boost forward

Mushroom City - Afther the first intesection go forward a little bitand you will see a pink path in between buildings

Yoshi Circuit - 1. Around the nose there is a large hole of water, use a speed item to get overe it.
2. After the first tunnel you see fencing, if you have a speed item, use it off the edge where the fencing first cuts, you land in a small tunnel where you are safe from attacks. Parade Kart cannot make the jump.

Dino Dino Jungle - After the bridge tunnel, veer to where the "Hole" is quickly and you see a wooden bridge. Use a speed item to get over it ans the wood slows you down.

Bowsers Castle - Where the bowser head is throwing fireballs out of its mouth. After the bridge you see the really small barrier ends where the fireball comes through. If no fireball is there you can easily jump through the opening, cutting the giant corner.

Thats all. If you need more help just PM me.