Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats

DK mountain tips
Tip #1: Before launching out of the cannon, get an item, if it is a triple-mushroom, you're in luck. After landing from the launch, turn right ( not following the path) , so that you are about to crash into the wall, and, if you can, try and make the "crashing site" closest to the trail as you can, and use a mushroom. Instead of splatting on the wall, you will fly upward, however, only if you listened to the part about keepin' close to the trail. You will fly down a small section of the mountain, and maybe squish somebody if you're lucky .

Tip #2:
This is basically a continuation of tip #1, but oh well. After landing from your big air, use a mushroom to reaccelerate easily.

Tip #3: You still have 1 mushroom left, so use it wisely with this tip! After you pass the falling rocks and the U-turn that doesn't have a wall, you'll reach the place where you must drive at an angle. Before going here, turn right and activate the shroom to launch across the fissure. You skipped a convineient bit iof the race this way, didn't you?

Tip #4: When on the volcano going down, stick to the right of the mini-jumps. This will give you good angles on the upcoming turns. A small and barely-usefull tip yes, but COMPLETELY useless,no.