Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats

Peach Beach tips
Tip #1: ( This is best on lap 2 or 3 ) On the brick path near the start of the race, you will see a sidepath on your left. Go on it. It will take you to a pipe. Launch out of the pipe. You will fly through the air, and get an item block. You will land somewhere ahead on the brick path. This slows you down, but you got an item out of it. The reason for it being best on lap 2 or 3 is because on lap 1, there are no items on your way to the path, but on lap 2 and 3, if you get a shroom, save it, so when you land from the launch, you will accelerate quickly.

Tip #2: After the brick path, you will see a bay. If you still have a shrom left over ( best a golden shroom, if you are using toad or toadette, if not, atleast a triple-shroom ) use it to blast through the deep( but not too deep ) water. This is good, because you don't have to take the time to go around the entire bsy. If you go in too deep water, you'll sink.

Tip #3: If yoiu choose to go to the left of the bay, you will reach a ramp with speed boosters on it. After you land, you'll slow down. And, there might be high tide up ahead on the shortcut, so I advise you to bring a mushroom with you on this path.

Tip #4: After the 2nd brick path ( near the end of the course ), you can turn left into a small passage behind the pianta fountain. This slows you down, but there are item blocks behind the fountain.

Tip #5: Do you DESPISE pihanas? ( Pihanas are the ducky things ) Good. You're not alone. One day, i decided to concoct a plan to get rid of those pests. I shot a shell at one, and it flipped over and got it's head stuck in the sand. Just like in Super Mario Sunshine! Also, I think they can slip on banana peels.

Tip #6: Don't fell like zooming through water or going on awesome ramps? Well then, you have no choice but to confront the dreaded pihanas!!!! 0.0 No worries, go all the way to the right, there is a thin continuing of the previous brick path. Pihanas don't go on that. You may get slowed down, considering this path is on the outer rim of the bay, but you get out of harm's way.

Tip #7: This tip can be used in any course in the game, but oh well. When you get to a narrow passage ( prefferably the one near the end ), make sure you are armed witha triple-green-shell. This is best used if you are desperately trying to get a pesky driver off your tail. Also a good way to stay in 1st place. Curve at an agle, and launch a green shell. Curve the other way and launch a green shell. Launch the third one whichever angle you want. They will gain speed in the narrow passage, and, because of it's bad width, they will speedily go berserk. This will make anybody close behind crash and tumble, unless they are the best dodger in the world ( Pfft, yeah right ).