Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tips

Dry Dry desert tips
Tip #1: Near the beginning of the race, when you get an item from a block, hope that it is a triple-mushroom ( if not, any type of mushroom is OK ). When you reach the part of the track where you must go on continuous U-turns ( the place barely after the item blocks ), use a mushroom to blast through the sand and over the small rocky thing laying on the ground. You will skip the U-turn this way, and, you may do this once more on another U-turn barely after.

Tip #2: Save your last shroom for this part. When you get to the quick sand, don't go around it. Go a little to left or right of the center, if this seems suicidal, don't worry it's not 0_~. Use your shroom to blast across the quick sand without being sucked in. If you are sucked in, then try going a little farther from the center.

Tip #3:when you get to the place with all the bumps, try and use a shroom to blast over the bumps and fly through the air. This doesn't help much but it could do you a little good.

Tip #4: This tip doesn't help much either, but at the end, use a shroom to blast through the sand instead of using the road. This could get you a little ahead.