Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tips

Mushroom bridge tips.
Tip #1: At the beginning of the race, turn right. You will go down a little ramp, turn, and enter a pipe. You will blast out of another pipe, and land among the other racers. While flying through the air, you will hit an item block, hopefully a mushroom to reaccelerate easily.

Tip #2: If you got a triple-mushroom by using tip #1, this tip will be all the more easier and better! ^.^ You will see a hill past the first tunnel. Blast up it, and you will land a little ahead among traffic. The reason for using a shroom is because the hill is slightly steep.

Tip #3: In the same area as Tip #2, on the left gate is a gap right after you exit the tunnel. You can follow the path beyond the gate, and, even if you miss it, there are TWO gaps before the exit, for TWO chances! Although you follow the outer rim doing this, you avoid traffic.

Tip #4: At the final bridge, go up the sides ofthe bridge. Each has speed boosters and an item block. They will let you avoid the traffic, and speed you along. If you fall on the left while going on the left side of the bridge, you'll land in the lake below, but if you fall right, you'll land among traffic, and vice versa. If you land in traffic, have a shroom ready to quickly reaccelerate.

Tip #5: If you see a mushroom-like car, hit it. A mushroom will appear out of it, plus, you will not tumble as usual. If you see a bomb-like car, shove somebody into it, and they will be exploded, however, you might be caught in the fire!