Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mario Kart: Double Dash!! cheat codes.


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All Gold
When you get 1st on every race there is possible, you the Parade Car or something like that and your main menu screen changes.
another boost
When you fall off the track, when the little cloud man brings you back to the track, if you press the A button right when the wheels touch the ground, you'll get a little boost.
Avoid balloon loss in Battle Mode
This will only work on Pipe Plaza when battling. If you get hit just before going through one of the pipes, you will flash but not lose a ballon, if done correctly, it can work to your advantage!
Avoid Blue Flying Koopas
To avoid first place shells powerslide. Get the boost just before the first place shell hits you. If your timing is perfect the first place shell will miss you.
avoid red shells
if you swerve one way then the other sometimes you miss red shells.
avoid red shells
2 hen you have a red shell on your tail
as soon as you see it on screen switch drivers and the redshell will just miss you
(this does not allways work but this is extreamly helpfull when it does on 150cc al cup tour)

Avoiding Shells
To avoid shells coming at you from behind, make sure you have either a shell, banana or any other weapon. Just after it comes up on the screen with the shell sign, when they throw it at you, quickly release your weapon behind, so then it will knock their shell into each other and you won't get hit.
bob-omb-glitch effect
If you perfectly hit someone with a bob-omb then near an item box you are in luck! You can get another bob-omb after the you phase through the Item box.

Note: This glitch is good for special ecations like stpping an opponent before they meet the finish line.
Contest Code
When you have completed a time trial level, got to the restart, quit game etc. menu and press l,r,l,r,x,y,x,y,z.A number will appear at the bottom of the screen. This was for a Japanese contest which ended ages ago, but it works to impress friends, even though it's pointless.
Cool Jump Thing
Not a cheat but it's pretty cool. On Rainbow Road (it works elsewhere as well, but it's harder), right after the first few turns you hit some boosts. Right as you fly off the first one, hold R and turn around. When you hit the bottom, your car will go flying into the air. It's pointless, and you might fall off, but it still is fun.
Course Tips
Well, Im here to help.

Luigi Course - Just before the first item blocks, turn right and go on a backtrack behind the giant chain chomp. Double Item Blocks always appear there.

Peach Beach - If the tide is in, or you have a speed item, go down the intercection from the pathway onto the beach, turn the opposite direction to the mapped course and you will see power boosters, running into an item block and onto an island. If the tide is out use the Mushroom/star to zip past the water logged path

Mushroom Bridge - After the first tunnel, go either right to the side and an opening is there, you can use this narrow path as a safe guard from cars.

Daisy Cruiser - Fall down the hole in the part aftr the moving tables. You get a double dice block and you get a boost forward

Mushroom City - Afther the first intesection go forward a little bitand you will see a pink path in between buildings

Yoshi Circuit - 1. Around the nose there is a large hole of water, use a speed item to get overe it.
2. After the first tunnel you see fencing, if you have a speed item, use it off the edge where the fencing first cuts, you land in a small tunnel where you are safe from attacks. Parade Kart cannot make the jump.

Dino Dino Jungle - After the bridge tunnel, veer to where the "Hole" is quickly and you see a wooden bridge. Use a speed item to get over it ans the wood slows you down.

Bowsers Castle - Where the bowser head is throwing fireballs out of its mouth. After the bridge you see the really small barrier ends where the fireball comes through. If no fireball is there you can easily jump through the opening, cutting the giant corner.

Thats all. If you need more help just PM me.
Da Monkeys Tips
If playing with two people u can press r or l to ram them
Daisy Cruiser Glitch
Impossible to fall into the water of Daisy Cruiser, right? WRONG!

This is really hard to do, but: Fall into the hole in Daisy Cruiser. My friend and I did this and started fighting with red shells. Then I boosted into the wall at a weird angle. Suddenly, I flew through the wall into the water! It was weird.
DK Mt. Glitch: Get stuck in the ground
In DK mountain, DON'T HOLD A AFTER YOU ARE SHOT OUT OF THE CANNON to get stuck in the ground, and to come up again, you must pause and select QUIT.
Double Dash!!
Here's the way to make a double dash:

You must play in co-operative mode with a friend. When the race begins wait until Lakitu's light turns green. Your friend and you must press the "A" button at the same time. Eventually, you'll get a double turbo called "double dash". This only works if the two players press the button at the right and same time!
Dry Dry desert tips
Tip #1: Near the beginning of the race, when you get an item from a block, hope that it is a triple-mushroom ( if not, any type of mushroom is OK ). When you reach the part of the track where you must go on continuous U-turns ( the place barely after the item blocks ), use a mushroom to blast through the sand and over the small rocky thing laying on the ground. You will skip the U-turn this way, and, you may do this once more on another U-turn barely after.

Tip #2: Save your last shroom for this part. When you get to the quick sand, don't go around it. Go a little to left or right of the center, if this seems suicidal, don't worry it's not 0_~. Use your shroom to blast across the quick sand without being sucked in. If you are sucked in, then try going a little farther from the center.

Tip #3:when you get to the place with all the bumps, try and use a shroom to blast over the bumps and fly through the air. This doesn't help much but it could do you a little good.

Tip #4: This tip doesn't help much either, but at the end, use a shroom to blast through the sand instead of using the road. This could get you a little ahead.
Extra Boost
While going around a corner, there is a way to get an extra boost. When you start the corner hold down R and point the stick to the other direction of what way you are going. So if the corner is making you turn left you hold R and push the control stick to the left. After that has been done you should start to see sparks. Then push the stick back the opposite direction and then once more. Push it again in the other direction. This would have made sparks come from your car, now let go off R and watch you speed ahead. This can be quite tricky to do but with practice it's simple and very handy.
Farther or not
When you come in the cannon in DK Moutain tilt the joystick to the north and you land faster! But if you tilt the joystick to south, you come longer in the sky, but come farther!!
Funny Way To Get Ahead
When you are tied next to a couple, hit the side and you might end up in front of them.
Good combo teams
If you have beaten the whole game, you would think Petey pirahna and king boo are the best. I don't like this combination because Petey pirahna's head is too big. The best team combos are with King Boo and someone who has a useful special, I use Yoshi for his tracking egg. It depends on the race you do, if you do races with wide open areas, its best to use Mario or Luigi, as their special occurs often and hits multiple enemies. If you're in bumpy areas, its best to use toad or toadette as you lose speed when you go down a hill, and then you could use their mushroom abilities.
Gumba to Mushrooms
Here's a way to get a mushroom from the gumba on the Mario circuit race track: All you need to do is launch a shell at one. If it hits, the gumba will disappear for a short time, and a mushroom will come out onto the track for you to use!
How to DODGE a Red Shell
1) Throw a banana, green shell, or another red shell behind you when you see the red shell sign so that you can break it.

2) Have Peach or Daisy on your team so that you may have the heart special item when you are being attacked with a red shell so that you can have it instead of getting hit.

3) Press the Z button over and over until the red shell passes you so that you can confuse the red shell and then it will go for someone else. (This only happens about 35% of the time.)

That's it for now... if I have more, you all know that I'll put it on here... Good luck to you all!
Invincible in Balloon Battle
Go to Pipe Plaza with maybe a banana or something and sit right in front of a pipe. Put what ever the item you have behind you (That special DK banana works best.) If you are hit, you will not lose a balloon but have stars flying around your head, and if someone tries to steal a balloon with a mushoom, you have something to block them.(NOTE: A person with a star may get you though.
Item Tips
When getting the triple shell special item with the koopas, fire them only when needed. Some people fire them all at once, but you never know; another team may shoot a shell at you or a banana might come up. If you are in last place, ignore what i just said.

If you ever get three mushrooms, use them when going off the track to access shortcuts or cut across the inside of the track to maximize affect.

Try to use lightning when you are on a hard part of a course. You could catch up easier with everyone being tiny and slower.

Use the star to cut across grass, dirt, etc. Don't just follow the track, travel on the inside of the course. You won't be slowed down because the star boosts your speed and makes you invincible.

Place giant bananas and bananas in parts of the track that would cause chaos.

Place fake item boxes near regular item boxes. Space it evenly to trick your opponents.

Use yoshi eggs when the course has few turns. The items blast out fast ahead, so if it blasts on a curve, the items will fly off course.

Use these tips wisely and you will be one step closer to becoming a master!

Longer Jump
Choose Para Troopa and another character in a light weight kart.Choose DK Mountain.Make sure that Para Troopa is in the back before going out of the cannon.When you land, you will land a little farther than you would normally.This does not help you, it is just cool.
Mushroom bridge tips.
Tip #1: At the beginning of the race, turn right. You will go down a little ramp, turn, and enter a pipe. You will blast out of another pipe, and land among the other racers. While flying through the air, you will hit an item block, hopefully a mushroom to reaccelerate easily.

Tip #2: If you got a triple-mushroom by using tip #1, this tip will be all the more easier and better! ^.^ You will see a hill past the first tunnel. Blast up it, and you will land a little ahead among traffic. The reason for using a shroom is because the hill is slightly steep.

Tip #3: In the same area as Tip #2, on the left gate is a gap right after you exit the tunnel. You can follow the path beyond the gate, and, even if you miss it, there are TWO gaps before the exit, for TWO chances! Although you follow the outer rim doing this, you avoid traffic.

Tip #4: At the final bridge, go up the sides ofthe bridge. Each has speed boosters and an item block. They will let you avoid the traffic, and speed you along. If you fall on the left while going on the left side of the bridge, you'll land in the lake below, but if you fall right, you'll land among traffic, and vice versa. If you land in traffic, have a shroom ready to quickly reaccelerate.

Tip #5: If you see a mushroom-like car, hit it. A mushroom will appear out of it, plus, you will not tumble as usual. If you see a bomb-like car, shove somebody into it, and they will be exploded, however, you might be caught in the fire!
Mushroom City Quick Boosts
As you may have noticed on the Mushroom City course, among the traffic are vehicles shaped/colored like the Mushroom items. If you run into them, you don't spin out like you would against other cars; rather a Mushroom is thrown from the back for you to collect/use for a quick boost!
Other way to steal items
when playing with two people on the same kart, if the person using items punches another kart with items, you can steal.
Race The Staff Ghosts
If you beat any of the following times in Time Trial Mode, you will be able to race a Staff Ghost on that track:
After beating one of the times shown here, you can race against a ghost image that represents the development team's best run on the track (Unfortunately, the ghosts are not saved to your Memory Card, so you'll have to unlock them again whenever you boot up the game).
Rocket Start & Double Dash!!
If You Love To Get Out Of The Starting Line Fast Then These 2 Tips Is For You & Here's How To Activate These 2 Boosts

1. Rocket Start (1P Play)
Press The A Button When Lakitu's Start Signal Turns Green!

2. Double Dash!! (Co-Op Play)
Both Players Must Press The A Button At The Same Time When Lakitu's Start Signal Turns Green!

These 2 Tips Works Everywhere
Rocket Start (1 Player)
The Best Tip In The Mario Kart Series Is The Rocket Start That Lets You Take The Lead Fast!

To Use It Just Wait For Lakitu's Hand To Drop For The 4th Time, When Start Appears On The Screen Press The A Button!
Secret Passage
ON Yoshi's race track after you go under the tunnels or bridges or whatever....boost off the edge as if you were going into the water but there is a tunnel. You may have to try a few times to boost in the tunnel its a tuff one.
Also, in the raceway where you go across the bridge and there are those boosters on each side. well on that raceway right affter the finish line there is a path to your direct (sharp) right that goes down to a pipe which boosts you out and ahead.
Secret Path
In Daisy's Cruiser while you are about to exit the ship itself you will find a hole. Normally you would think this is trap that if you fall you would have to start over, but it's actually a secret path. Fall down it to find a double item and a turbo pipe to exit.
Skidding, which is done with the L and/or R buttons is a keys to victory, it can be used to accelerate faster and do everything better, the best and easiest places to skid through (and I mean 1 long skid through a hole bunch of the level) are the places like Daisy Cruiser, Mushroom Bridge, Baby Park, Peach Beach, Mario Circuit, Luigi Circuit, and every park with LOTS of curves and bend, it doesn't matter if you do or not as it's your choice but I suggest not using it on Rainbow Road as you may slop off easier
Special Items
In 50cc when you want your special it's hard to get it, right? Well, look at this. It might help.
150cc:Easy This in in comparrason to how hard and easy it is to get you special item. Hope this helped.
Speed kart attribute
The Speed rating is, of course, the top speed of each vehicle. Note that the top speed averages only vary 1 to 2 mph per star, but over 3 laps, it all adds up. The Kart's weight factor will not only determine how much you slow down if you go off course, but also how much speed you will lose by making a turn without power sliding. For example, Bowser's Kart may have a ***** rating on speed, but the ***** rating on weight tends to make him lose more speed unless you power slide into your turns. The rule is, the heavier you are, the more power sliding will be necessary to keep that nice top speed bonus. Remember, the difference is fractional, but after three laps it all adds up. Other factors in-race that will alter your top speed is turning without power sliding (it will knock you down 1-2 mph), incline of the road (down-slope faster, up-slope slower), and turning while power sliding (which will actually raise your top speed 1 mph if you sustain it) will not lower your speed at all. The class speed breakdown is as follows. Note: This is an average. One star of weight more or less will alter the speed 1 mph or so respectively:

50cc 100cc 150cc/mirror
* 42 mph 47 mph 54 mph
** 43 mph 48 mph 55 mph
*** 44 mph 49 mph 56 mph
**** 45 mph 50 mph 57 mph
***** 46 mph 51 mph 58 mph

Note: It does not matter who you have driving; speeds remain the same no matter what character you choose to drive.

Star and Rainbow road!
If you are in rainbow road you have a 30% chance of getting a star. You can find the a Star at the edge of the tracks. A star is mostly found before you go into the giant fan tube.
Starting Boost
As lakitu's lights turn green, hit the gas. You will usually get a speed boost. If this doesn't work, hit the gas on the 4th beep.
Steal items from the other racers
It's possible to steal an item from other racers. It's simple:

If you got a mushroom or a star, and a near opponent is carrying an item, use your mushroom or your star to hit the other racer pair and you'll steal their item.
Stealing other player's balloons in Battle Mode
If you get a boost mushroom, save it until you can go on a collision course with another player. Do it and if done correctly, you should have stolen a ballon from your opponent. Do not do it head on if the have a shell, or invincibility star!
Toad and Toadette
In order to unlock Toad and Toadette, you must:

Recieve all golds in all 4 cups in 50cc
Recieve all golds in all 4 cups in 100cc
(Mod Note: It's also said that simply beating the Special Cup 100cc will do this)

You will also unlock their kart when unlocking the secret team
Unlock King Boo & Piranna
Get a Gold medal on Star Cup, Mirror. You will also unlock the Piranna Pipes car. Get a gold on the next cup for Boo's pipe car. Finally get a gold on the mirror All Cup Tour for the car that Toadsworth drives when you get gold.
This isn't really a cheat but its cool. When you go off the turbo thing on star road hold R then hold the joystike back then hold them. When u feel a bumb that means you stop


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Crazy Legs Waluigi
Whenever you hit a ramp (not like the cannon on DK mountain, I mean the little bumps under the bridge on waluigi stadium) if you hit the R or L buttons at the right time, the throwers legs go out for a split second like when you go through the DK mountain cannon. This works with all characters, but is most noticable with Waluigi.
rainbow road glitch: double dash
on Rainbow road, be toad and toadette and if you have unlocked it use rocket car. tehn you must be on 2 player mode. when you start do a double dash ( press a with both controllers at 'Start' ) when the character in the back's feet go up they will stay like that for the rest of the course unless you fall off of get hit by an item. I found this out when i was playing with my 5 year old sister.


Easter eggs

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Yoshi curcit grafitti
As you pass the "fruits" sign on the Yoshi curcit, there is a devil M just like in super mario sunshine!


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Avoiding Red Shells
Although using a banana or other shell to destroy the oncoming shell is a great way to avoid them, NEVER use a fake item box, the shell will go right through it.
Be invincible on bob-omb blast
Get both your characters to hold the max amount of bombs and make your friends follow you or in front of you. Now this is the funny part go crazy and throw bombs everywhere while moving and they'll explode straight away blowing up your friends but remember pick another one up to whack someone else. The best place for this is Tilt a kart. (You will need three friends to do this)
Boost Tip
In Wario Collosium, there is a boost panel in the large section with the giant hole in the middle. Boost off the first panel to jump over the gap and right onto the panel on the other side. This will give you a big lead.
DK mountain tips
Tip #1: Before launching out of the cannon, get an item, if it is a triple-mushroom, you're in luck. After landing from the launch, turn right ( not following the path) , so that you are about to crash into the wall, and, if you can, try and make the "crashing site" closest to the trail as you can, and use a mushroom. Instead of splatting on the wall, you will fly upward, however, only if you listened to the part about keepin' close to the trail. You will fly down a small section of the mountain, and maybe squish somebody if you're lucky .

Tip #2:
This is basically a continuation of tip #1, but oh well. After landing from your big air, use a mushroom to reaccelerate easily.

Tip #3: You still have 1 mushroom left, so use it wisely with this tip! After you pass the falling rocks and the U-turn that doesn't have a wall, you'll reach the place where you must drive at an angle. Before going here, turn right and activate the shroom to launch across the fissure. You skipped a convineient bit iof the race this way, didn't you?

Tip #4: When on the volcano going down, stick to the right of the mini-jumps. This will give you good angles on the upcoming turns. A small and barely-usefull tip yes, but COMPLETELY useless,no.
Glitch: Wario Colluseum
This is not a cheat or tip but it is a glitch. When you get knocked off the track in Wario Stadium and you get blown up by a blue shell, you may get sent back to the starting point. I think depending on whichever lap you are on (1 or 2), you may be able to finish quicker. Also no matter what, you get to be in 1st until other people start passing the finish line. It is difficult and pointless but cool non the less.
Glitch:Rainbow road
After the speed boost in a circle part, there are those turns do 2 of those turns and on the 3rd onego srtaight ahead and you will look as if you are about to fall but then it will turn into as if you are recovering from nearly falling off the edge.
This takes practice and if done correctly it will act as a shortcut.
This takes patince and skill.
New title screen!
In order to get a new title screen featuring all the characters you have to beat mushroom, flower, star, special, and all cup on 50,100,150 cc, and mirror mode.
Peach Beach tips
Tip #1: ( This is best on lap 2 or 3 ) On the brick path near the start of the race, you will see a sidepath on your left. Go on it. It will take you to a pipe. Launch out of the pipe. You will fly through the air, and get an item block. You will land somewhere ahead on the brick path. This slows you down, but you got an item out of it. The reason for it being best on lap 2 or 3 is because on lap 1, there are no items on your way to the path, but on lap 2 and 3, if you get a shroom, save it, so when you land from the launch, you will accelerate quickly.

Tip #2: After the brick path, you will see a bay. If you still have a shrom left over ( best a golden shroom, if you are using toad or toadette, if not, atleast a triple-shroom ) use it to blast through the deep( but not too deep ) water. This is good, because you don't have to take the time to go around the entire bsy. If you go in too deep water, you'll sink.

Tip #3: If yoiu choose to go to the left of the bay, you will reach a ramp with speed boosters on it. After you land, you'll slow down. And, there might be high tide up ahead on the shortcut, so I advise you to bring a mushroom with you on this path.

Tip #4: After the 2nd brick path ( near the end of the course ), you can turn left into a small passage behind the pianta fountain. This slows you down, but there are item blocks behind the fountain.

Tip #5: Do you DESPISE pihanas? ( Pihanas are the ducky things ) Good. You're not alone. One day, i decided to concoct a plan to get rid of those pests. I shot a shell at one, and it flipped over and got it's head stuck in the sand. Just like in Super Mario Sunshine! Also, I think they can slip on banana peels.

Tip #6: Don't fell like zooming through water or going on awesome ramps? Well then, you have no choice but to confront the dreaded pihanas!!!! 0.0 No worries, go all the way to the right, there is a thin continuing of the previous brick path. Pihanas don't go on that. You may get slowed down, considering this path is on the outer rim of the bay, but you get out of harm's way.

Tip #7: This tip can be used in any course in the game, but oh well. When you get to a narrow passage ( prefferably the one near the end ), make sure you are armed witha triple-green-shell. This is best used if you are desperately trying to get a pesky driver off your tail. Also a good way to stay in 1st place. Curve at an agle, and launch a green shell. Curve the other way and launch a green shell. Launch the third one whichever angle you want. They will gain speed in the narrow passage, and, because of it's bad width, they will speedily go berserk. This will make anybody close behind crash and tumble, unless they are the best dodger in the world ( Pfft, yeah right ).

Quick start
At the start of the race, repeatedly tap A to get a boost.

Starting Race boost
In order to get a boost at the start of a race, you must press A after it says start. I thought you pressed it before because you had to press it before on Mario Kart for Nintendo 64, but after a while of experimenting I found out. You have to be very fast, the moment of when you press A is only about 10 mili seconds after start appears.
The mushroom city short cut
When you get to the bit where there are two ways you can go. Go up and you'll see a pink piece of road. Drive into it and you'll get a box and when you come out you'll be in front of every one and you can nab the double box on the way.
Uber boost =o
When you're playing with another player controlling the same car, if you both get the starting boost, you'll preform a super boost with blue fire.
Watch your character do funny poses
In DK mountain make sure your holding any item. Don't use it hold on to it when you go into the cannon. Your character will start doing funny things while holding the item and trying not to fall off. If you have a red shell just before you land throw it and it will go through the wall on the right hand side it also will go a lot more faster.