Mario Kart 64 review
Mario Kart 64

The good:

Racing elements are well done.
Power ups were cool.
Graphics are pretty good.
Soundtrack is well executed and memorable.
Sound effects are also good to listen to, and slightly comical.
Controls are very slick.
Good game to play with friends.

The bad:

Not as long lasting as Super Mario Kart.
A bit too easy by my standards.


Lastability: 6/10.
Won't take too long to beat all 16 tracks in all 4 difficulties. Only replay value is within the multiplayer. I thought Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo was longer.
Graphics: 9/10
The track designs each differ visually and all look amazing. Character models and karts are also visually pleasing.
Sound: 8/10.
Memorable, nice on the ears and sometimes funny for the sake of it (well for kids anyway). Well done.
Gameplay: 9/10.
There are four sets of four tracks and four difficulty levels to beat them all in, and only eight characters. As for the actual gameplay, it's a racing game, just have the cars be karts and slap Mario characters in it. The power ups really make the gameplay interesting. Playing against your mates is also good because, unlike the AI of this game, they can stand a chance against you. It'll be neck-to-neck competition against you and your mate(s) while the computers just slog along. Battle mode, which is basically hitting your opponent 3 times with power ups on different maps, is an interesting concept and you bet it works! This increases replay value by a lot, but you can't do it with the computer, only with other real people. Overall - TOP NOTCH!
Overall: 4/5
A very, very well designed racing game that lasts a while, but maybe not too long unless you got friends to play with. Worth buying.

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