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Blue Shell. That Is All.


Whenever the subject of mascot racing comes up it is hard to not think of the iconic plumber who is often credited for shaping the entire genre in much the same way he did for platformers. Having thoroughly enjoyed most of the Mario Kart series I considered the 3DS's offering of Mario Kart 7 a must buy and eagerly looked forward to launching shells across the track. The handheld versions of the series has also been especially good for me, and while I can reliably call this version a good entry in the series as well there are still problems that prevent it from being the great game it could ...



The bad:

This game is ramp-happy. I recommend "Rampaholics Anonymous", they helped me discover my inner hamster. His name Gerald.


Mario Kart 7, possibly the greatest Mario Kart to date?

With its purty graphics, more balanced items, kart customization, first-person view, portability, streetpass features, new online features, coins, and new gameplay mechanics that will forever change Mario Kart history, it's hard to argue no.

Oh wait, no its not.

First off, I have no bias against this game. I am not one of the Mario Kart Wii fanboys who jumped on the hate bandwagon early on. I loved this game when it came out. I thought it was great. After a year, my fondness for the game became notably smaller. Another year later, I duste...


Review For Mario Kart 7

The good:

This is going to be a long list because pretty much everything I have to say about this game is good.

The game-play of this Mario Kart is excellent, the controls are nice and smooth and turning is easy depending on the handling of your kart. I was very happy to see the manual drifting head back closer to it's old self than how it was in Mario Kart Wii. It takes a little longer to get a mini-boost in this game than in Mario Kart DS but it's still satisfying. The gliders were really well done and it's just an awesome addition to the series, they are relatively easy to control and flying is a breeze. Being able to drive under water is just another great feature that I was looking forward to and it did not disappoint. Driving under water feels great and just like it should you almost feel like you are gliding through the water it's so smooth. The manual drifting is not hindered under the water at all.

A few new items made it to this Mario Kart and I wanted to talk about how pleased I am with them. The 7 item is a really cool thing, it gives you several items to use which revolve around your kart one of which is typically always an Invincibility Star. I have had success with this item every time I get it, which has only been a few times since it's so rare. Even when in last place you will be hard pressed to get this item. The Fire Flower is another great addition to the game and can be used to great effect. You can use quite a few fire balls before the item runs out and you can toss them behind you or in front of you. The Super Leaf item is another cool one that made it's appearance probably because of Super Mario 3D Land. This one consists of players getting a Tanooki Tail on their kart which they can use to whack other racers with. It also serves as a shield from an incoming red shell, I found it to be a very useful item. The Spiny Shell or Blue Shell went back to it's old root of traveling along the course at ground level while on it's way to get the player in first, this causes it to crash into other players as well. I thought this was a really cool addition that reminded me of Mario Kart 64.

New Courses
The new courses in the game are awesome and I like pretty much all of them, one that comes to mind is Music Park which is just a really cool and creative course.

Retro Courses
The retro courses in this game in my opinion are really good ones. I was really happy to see Kalimari Desert one of my favorites from Mario Kart 64.

Overall the characters are pretty good, the Honey Queen was a rather odd addition to the game, but overall the charters are alright. However if you were a big fan of Dry Bones or some other characters from Mario Kart Wii you may be disappointed.

Racing online is great and you will encounter little or no lag whatsoever. The modes are just plain cool the top spot for me going to the community feature, which allows you to set up races between you and your friends only. Plus you have nice world wide racing modes.

So I think I've pretty much covered all of the good of the game, now I will head to the not so good. The list is shorter but there is still some things there.

The bad:

Game Modes.

The Game Modes in this Mario Kart are kind of a disappointment. VS mode is my favorite mode in Mario Kart because it allows you to set up your own races with as many courses as you like. I was kind of blown out that it wasn't in the game and it would have been that nice last addition. Both Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii had VS mode so it seems odd they would take it out of this game. Even though I was kind of disappointed with this the game-play of the game more than makes up for it, I can just live without it.

Battle Mode Courses
Another thing that struck me as odd was the lack of battle courses. There are three retro courses and three new courses making six altogether. I thought there would be more but oh well.

Coin Runners
I also don't really like the way they set up coin runners, I really liked how it was in Mario Kart Wii. In this game players now have a limit to the amount of coins they can carry, I suppose this could make it more fair.

I was a little disappointed with the character selection as well.


so overall this game gets a 5/5 from me because I'm just 100% satisfied with it. The game-play is great, the courses are great, and it really couldn't have been any better. It would have been nice if there was a VS mode but like I said, this doesn't effect my score because it's a really minor thing compared to the excellent game-play. So over all I'm really satisfied with the game and I would recommend it to anyone. It's just another great game in the Mario Kart franchise.

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