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Mario Kart 7 Tips

Rainbow Road shortcuts
The first shortcut is located right after the 2nd Section (Lap) Finish-Line. This is an easy one, all you need to do is drive to the red and white dotted line and hop (by pressing the (R) button) over the gap. When doing this you cut off the turn AND save yourself a few tenths of a second.

The second shortcut is located near the Final Finishing Line. Once you get to the top of the VERY steep hill and then start to go down a little, STOP, and drive over to the beginning of the red and white dotted line and hop, you should have now skipped a big turn and save yourself a second or two.(Make sure you reach the bottom of the road and not fall off!)

The final shortcut is located (or takes place) where you drive around Saturn's rings. The only thing needed is at least 1 mushroom so you can boost yourself (after getting launched into the air). So when your gliding over Saturn's rings, stay as close to the planet as possible, and use a mushroom while tilting the circle pad (down) and you should skip a good amount of having to drive around Saturn's rings, saving you time.

Try them out and good luck!