Mario Kart 7 Tips

How to Get a 3 Star Rating
In order to get a 3 star rating, you must not fall off a cliff/hill too often. You need to stay ahead of all the other racers and get 1st place in EVERY course, so your grand point total MUST equal exactly 40 points. Also, try to trick at every suitable opportunity. When you're at the beginning of a race, you see Lakitu holding some type of a stoplight thing, when the 2nd light is lit (or when you see the number 2 come up), hold down the A button. Once it says "GO!" you'll get a turbo boost and you'll be ahead of all the other racers (unless they have high acceleration). Also, don't bump into walls or barriers as much. Try to dodge objects that are coming towards you (For example, on Rock Rock Mountain, when you're going up that steep hill, you'll see some rocks falling from the mountain that can knock you back down the hill).