Mario Golf (N64) Cheats

Mario Golf cheats, Codes, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Mario Golf cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

Mario Golf Cheats

Bonus Characters
Complete the given task to obtain each bonus character:

LuigiDefeat Luigi in versus mode
YoshiUnlock Luigi, then defeat Yoshi in versus mode
SunnyUnlock Yoshi, then defeat Sonny in versus mode
WarioUnlock Sonny, then defeat Wario in versus mode
HarryUnlock Wario, then defeat Harry in versus mode
MarioUnlock Harry, then defeat Mario in versus mode
MableCollect fifty coins in tournament mode
Donkey KongCollect thirty coins in ring mode
BowserUnlock Mario, then defeat Bowser in versus mode
Metal MarioCollect all 108 birdie badges

Password Screen
To access the password screen, highlight the fourth menu option at the Main Menu, then press and hold Z followed by R and A. The password inserter will appear in the next menu.

Koopa Park
To play in Koopa Park, go to the password screen and enter the password "QTM5MV4H".

Mario Star Course
To access the Mario Star course, get 2,200 points after first unlocking the first four (five total) other courses.

Nintendo Power Tournament
Enter KPXWN9N3 on the code screen. You will now get to a tournament on Toad Highlands. When you finish that tournament you will get a password.

A Little More Yardage
When the ball hits the ground, continuously you tap Z or A to have the ball move a farther.

Replay hole
Pause the game during your turn on the hole to be replayed. Select the "Save And Quit" option to save the game. Then, select the "Continue" option from the main menu to tee off from the same hole.

Easy way to get Birdie Badges
Start off by just selecting a normal tournament. Your goal is to get a Birdie or better on every hole, or beat the character in the Get Character Mode. If you ever get to the point where you are about to NOT get a Birdie on any hole, just use the "replay hole" trick documented above.

Donkey Kong Intro
After you get DK, go to the code screen and type in a nonsense code (ie: 000000). It will say the code is wrong. Now exit and go to the Main menu where it is flashing "Press Start". Wait there until the opening movie comes on and then watch the movie, where Yoshi and Baby Mario used to come out, now you will see DK and Baby Mario come out. Note: This code only works when you first go to the code screen.

Unlimited Power Shots
If you get a perfect shot ("Nice shot!") while using a power shot, the number of power shots won't go down.

Fireballs and Rainbows
To get a fireball use a 1D club and have power on. If you get a perfect score, your golf ball will turn into a fireball. To get a rainbow, do the same method as the fireball but use a 4W club.

Golf Left-Handed
At the character selection screen, hold L and select a character.

Taunts and Compliments
Not only can you press the C-Buttons for 4 different player taunts, but you can also press the control pad buttons for 4 more player taunts and compliments.

All Clubs in Club Slots
Pick all three stars in clubs slots and get all clubs to choose from.

Change your Outfits
When you're choosing your character, you can change the outfits by holding one of the C-Buttons.

Command codes

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Ultimate Cheat Code
At the title screen-when the words 'Press Start' appear-press Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right on the D-pad, then C Down, C Down, C Left, C Left, C Left, C Right, C Right, C Right. You'll hear a signal to confirm the code. Now check the character-select screen; you'll find that all the characters have been unlocked. (If you're wondering why there are still empty slots at the character-select screen, it's because the bottom four spaces are reserved for characters who have been created in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf and have been transferred to the N64 with the use of the Game Boy Transfer Pak.) This code unlocks all the courses and tournaments (except for course 6) and marks all of the Ring Shot challenges with a gold star. Note: This code will essentially wipe out all of your saved accomplishments; basically, it tells the game to register all of the game's goals as having been completed.


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Cool Codes
To get to the password screen, Press R+Z+A while entering the clubhouse. You will know that you did it right if you hear Toad shout "OK!"
Here are a few codes:
Mode: Tournament. Where: Koopa park.Who: Your choice

Mode: Speed Golf. Where:Toad Highlights. Who: Maple
Mode: Stroke. Where: Mario Star. Who: Once again, your choice.

Mode: Stroke. Where: Koopa park. Who: Baby Mario

Mode: Stroke. Where: Yoshi's Island. Who: Metal Mario
everythang sept 4 level 6
at press start screen press down down left left left right right right on d-pad then press c-cown c-down c-left c-left c-right c-right c-right
master cheat
when says press start press down;down;up;up
Putting Animations
If you get the ball into the cup using a middle putt a mole will appear. If you get the ball into the cup using a long putt a goomba will appear.
Press any of the 4 C buttons while someone is golfing and you will make sounds.