Mario Golf: Advance Tour review
Mario Golf: Advance Tour

The good:

Decent graphics, multiply levels of play, a little additive, multi player on one system and game

The bad:

very weak plot line, will get boring for those of you don't like golf, annoying speech sound


From the people who created the Golden Sun games comes Mario Golf where you guild your character(s) through the game of golf. Be the number one golfer!
Graphics: The details are very good in this game and so are the characters. However, some of the backgrounds are too simply or plain and they only show you hitting the ball on the fairways and never opponents or your partner. But it is a decent effort. (4.0/5.0)
Gameplay: I wish I could play this well at golf in real life! You basically guild a character around the various golf courses and games and gain experience to upgrade your skills. You can go single or play doubles. Challenge other golfers or take part in golf games with certain twists. But simply put: you golf. Anyone who finds golf boring to play in real life should not buy this game. Anyone else will find game play fun and challenging enough to hold attention. Also, I'm pleased to find that you can have multi players using only one GBA and Mario Golf game. (4.0/5.0)
Plot: There is a story mode, and it's very weak. The game does not do a good job of making you feel like you have rivals. No one really challenges you. There is no hidden twist or intrigue. You just golf. They could havd done so much more with it. (1.0/5.0)
Sound/Music: People who have played any of the Golden Sun games will find the sound and music style of this game familiar. Music is nice and pleasant, but the speech sound from Golden Sun has made its way into this game, and you can't turn it off! (3.5/5.0)

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