Mario Golf: Advance Tour Cheats

Mario Golf: Advance Tour cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mario Golf: Advance Tour cheat codes.


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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Link Bonuses
Complete the following goals and link up with a copy of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour to receive special 1-Ups.
UnlockableHow to unlock
1-UpComplete Shot Practice on Expert
1-UpComplete Approach Practice on Expert
1-UpComplete Putting Practice on Expert
1-UpDefeat Boo in a character match
1-UpDefeat Bowser Jr. in a character match
1-UpDefeat Shadow Mario in a character match
1-UpDefeat Petey Pirahana in a character match
1-UpComplete Bowser Championship with your character
UnlockableHow to unlock
Play as AzaleaDefeat Azalea in match play.
Play as Donkey Kong (Star)Defeat Donkey Kong in match play.
Play as GeneDefeat Gene in match play.
Play as GraceDefeat Grace in match play.
Play as JoeDefeat Joe in match play.
Play as KidDefeat Kid in match play.
Play as Mario (Star)Defeat Mario in match play.
Play as Peach (Star)Defeat Peach in match play.
Play as PuttsDefeat Putts in match play.
Play as SherryDefeat Sherry in match play
Play as TinyDefeat Tiny in match play.
Play as Yoshi (Star)Defeat Yoshi in match play.
Custom Clubs Ticket AEnter the Custom Club Shop. Look in the upper left cabinet to find a Custom Ticket.
Custom Clubs Ticket BKnock out the Bloopers in the Palms Practice Area.
Custom Clubs Ticket DScore par or less on the Coo Coo course.
Custom Clubs Ticket EDefeat Monty Mole at the Links course.
BowserHave 81 birdie badges in mario golf
LuigiTransfer your experience in mario golf
WaLuigiHave 27 best badges in mario golf
WarioHave 52 birdie badges in mario golf


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Character Selection Screen
When selecting your gender and which hand you use, you can annoy the character beneath Toad by constantly moving the D-Pad left and right. He will say several random things to do.
Get Mushroom Kingdom Course
To get this course, beat the following courses, Marion Course, Palms Course, Dunes Course, and Links course. If you beat those all on Single Tourney you'll get Mushroom Kingdom Singles Tourney. To get the doubles cup for Mushroom Kingdom, beat all of the courses I listed on their doubles cup.
Spin on Ball.
If you want to put spin on the ball, press these buttons on impact:

Top spin: Press A twice really quickly on impact.

Super Top Spin: Press A and B really quickly on impact.

Back Spin: Press B twice really quickly on impact.

Super Back spin: Press B and A really quickly on impact.
Unlock Azalea
to unlock Azalea yu must beat her in match play
Unlock Putts
to unlock Putts you must beat his team in match play
Unlock Tiny
to unlock Tiny you must beat his team in match play

Easter eggs

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Changing Your Partner's Name
First you must win the Links Tourney, then go to your Partner's room. Face the lamp inside and press A, which will make your Partner ask if you want to change his/her name.
Marion Club Memorial Room Bonuses
Beat all Memorial scores for each Club in Singles and Double, then re-enter the room. Respond "Yes" when Toad asks if you like your gift for achieving the high scores, which should change the golf club statues to Mario character statues as well as reward you with a special drink that increases your drive distance by 5 yards.


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Bonus Characters
To unlock the following characters you must have the following amount of badges.

Wario - 54 Birdie Badges
Bowser - 81 Birdie Badges
Waluigi - 27 Best Badges
Unlock Luigi
Link Mario Golf:Advance Tour to Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour and play as your character in a tournament. Get around 5 birdie badges and transfer your stuff from Mario Gold of GameCube to Mario Gold for the GBA and you will unlock Luigi and a few other bonuses.