Mario vs. Donkey Kong review
Instant Classic

The good:

* Graphics
* Voices and Sound Effects
* Gameplay
* Storyline
* Replay Value

The bad:

* Music (most of it is very unnoticable)
* Some worlds may be a tad too simple.


It’s been quite a long time since Donkey Kong was a villain, but he’s back and more evil than ever in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, as he evilly attempts to steal the new Mini-Mario action figures. As always, Mario arrives on the scene in hopes of saving the hot new toys.

In the first six levels of each world you must guide Mario to a key to unlock the door, as you progress to the second part – saving a Mini-Mario. You repeat this six times, and finally in the seventh level you must guide your little buddies to safety in a Mini-Mario toy box. In level eight, you must strategically battle Donkey Kong.

The first four worlds are fairly simply, but the fifth and six can really get your gears turning! They involve a slew of switches and buttons you must strategically push in order to win. After you successfully complete the first six worlds, you unlock six “Plus” worlds. You can also unlock expert levels by collecting stars. This makes the replay value incredible – you’ll never want to stop playing.

In conclusion, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is surprisingly addictive and definitely worth renting. As you breeze through the first four worlds, really enjoy yourself because the game gets much more challenging (not that that’s a bad thing, of course). If you’re a Tetris fan, this game is most likely right up your alley because it involves a bunch of puzzles. Even if you’re not a Tetris fan, you’ll probably enjoy this game because of it’s replay value, eye-candy graphics and varying difficulty level.

Be sure to check Mario vs. Donkey Kong out, this is one classic not to be missed.

~ Satokasu Suki

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