Mario Bros. review
The Game That Started A Legacy

The good:

Very simple but fun, addictive gameplay. 2 player simultaneous option.

The bad:



As the title indicates, this was the first Mario Bros. title Nintendo ever made, that ultimately gave birth to the phenonemon that is Mario the mustached plumber. In this game, Mario & Luigi had to clear stages of turtles, crabs, giant flies, and whatever else came out of pipes while dodging fireballs and other hazards.
Although the graphics are very simple (this game is over 20 years old!), they're also arcade-perfect, important for arcade fans. The sounds are also perfect as well. Controls are extremely simple-just move left and right and use one button to jump, and the gameplay's easy to learn. It also starts out easy and slowly gets tougher but at a very manageable rate. But where the game truly shines is in 2-player play. Both Mario & Luigi work together to clear stages, but they can also help (or hinder) each other by flipping then-harmless enemies to their dangerous state, thus making for a nasty surprise! You can also "bump" your opponent from below, messing up their footing a little bit. There are also fun bonus stages every so often.
Although it's an extremely simple game by all standards, it's just fun and simple to the point of being addictive-you'll find it hard to put down after a while. If you can find it in a bargain bin, this belongs next to the more modern Mario titles in your collection-it's a nice way to see how it all got started.

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