Mario & Wario (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough Final
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: : : : Mario & Wario (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

Mario & Wario (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

by Lagunathemoron   Updated to vFinal on
Mario and Wario FAQ/Walkthrough 
Version : Final!
Written by : James Wardle (Lagunathemoron)


Introduction : This is one of the best Mario and Puzzle game's out. The 
idea been is controlling a fairy and placing blocks for a character to 
get to their destination (Which is Luigi). This is my first FAQ written 
for GameFaqs and hopefully, not my last :). Oh, and this game is out for 
Super Nintendo (SNES) 

NOTE: I am sorry for not updating this FAQ often. I sort of lose 
interest but school is almost out and I will try and get this FAQ 
finished along with my Frogger 2 FAQ. Don't worry, I will sort it out 
soon :). 



I) Disclaimer 
II) The Characters
III) Controls 
IV) Review
V) Walkthrough 
VI) Mario & Wario related stuff
VII) Credits 
VIII) Version History 



Disclaimer : Ai! Lets get the boring bit over -_-. I wrote this F.A.Q / 
Walkthrough and I don't want anyone to rip off my hard work. If you want 
to have this on you're website, then please E mail me asking so, and if 
I give you permission, keep it updated often, I don't want people E 
mailing me with a question in the newer version of the walkthrough, and 
the F.A.Q/Walkthrough has to REMAIN THE SAME! That means no name 
swapping, changing in writing. If you do, make sure you have a good 
lawyer. I have listed some DO'S and Don'ts here.


Print this F.A.Q / Walkthrough, and use it for help.

E mail me if you have a question or tips which are NOT listed in here.

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If you E mail me with a question, please list the game you are talking 
about. (I write F.A.Q's for quite a few games you know) Also, please be 
specific with the questions / tips. Don't E mail me and say "How do you 
get past the thing near the thing"

This FAQ/ Walkthrough is copy write (C) James Wardle / Lagunathemoron 

II) Characters

Mario : Mario is the main character of most of the Mario games, though 
the game features him, he is not really the central character. He is a 
plumber and a all-round character with medium speed. You guide a fairy 
which place blocks for Mario so he can get to Luigi.

Princess Peach : The princess of the game. She doesn't get captured in 
this game, instead she is picked on by Mario and must get to Luigi. She 
is a Character who is slow, Beginners should use her on early levels so 
they can get used to her.

Yoshi : Our favorite Dinosaur is back after his latest SNES debut. 
Again, Yoshi is a character who you must guide to Luigi. He is a fast 
character and should be used on levels with Time Blocks. 

Luigi : Mario's brother who stands there doing nothing. He basically 
awaits at a goal for either Mario, Princess Peach or Yoshi  so he can 
get the object off the head. Unfortunately, he isn't playable.

Wario : The bad guy in the game, He waits for passers by and throws an 
object over their heads so they can't see where their going.  He drives 
his plane in this game. Unfortunately, he isn't playable.

Fairy : This is the character you control. Mario, Yoshi and Princess 
Peach walk somewhere can gets something on they heads. You must control 
the Fairy around the level placing blocks for them to walk on to get to 
Luigi. Sounds easy, but there's enemies, time blocks, spikes which gets 
in her way. Only her can save Mario. 


III) Controls 

Pretty easy controls. This game can be done with a Joy pad or a mouse 
(Much easier).

Joy Pad :  
 A = Not used
B = Not Used
X = Not used
R = Not used
L = Not used
Y = Select/Action
Select = Not used
Start = Pause
D - PAD = Move

Mouse :

Left click =  Action/ Select
Right Click = Pause/Unpause

Credit to Paul Donovan for finding out what the right mouse click does. 

IV Review
Wario is a evil clone of Mario and has been terrorizing Mario's gang for 
ages. And Wario hardly had his light in the spotlight until Mario and 
Wario. Wario has been living up to his evilness in this Puzzle game.  
Story : The story is simple, Whilst going though a forest or a desert or 
a lake, Mario, Yoshi and Peach get a object on they head (thrown by the 
evil Wario) and don't have a clue where they are going. Luigi see's 
everything and wait for the character.  
Graphics : The graphics aren't really anything to sing a song about in 
2001, but this IS a Mario and Puzzle game, where graphics doesn't 
matter, but I will tell you about them anyway. The graphics are colorful 
and everything is huge and easy to see. They are cartoony and as you are 
playing the game, you'll even think your in a interactive Saturday 
morning cartoon.  
Sound : One thing I like about this game is the music. It fits in the 
game really well as it is peaceful and lets you concentrate. Get hooked 
on the music, and you'll be humming in the shower, tooting in important 
exams etc.  
Gameplay : When you first put the cartridge into your super NES, You 
won't really have to experiment the controls, and the only controls used 
are Up, Down, Left, Right and Y . You control a faerie who makes blocks 
appear so Mario/Yoshi or Princess Peach (Toadstool) can get to Luigi. 
Other blocks like time blocks appear, so you have to time your magic 
just right or the character will fall to their death. This is so easy to 
pick up.  
Replay Value : Unfortunately, the replay value of this game is limited, 
but not short. There is NO! 2 player mode, about 100 missions to do, 
difficulty varies. Each character has a difficulty setting though, which 
are Slow, Medium and High. Once you have completed this game, there 
isn't really any reason to go back.  
Challenge : The game starts off easy, but later on, it becomes a major 
Overall : I suggest buying this game. Even if you are a Mario and Puzzle 
hater. Lemming Fans, Puzzle Fans and Mario Fan's will love it. If there 
was a 2 player mode and more levels, this could be one of the best best 
games ever. Its even worth the money to see Wario up to no good. 

V) Walkthrough.

Okay so here it is, The guide if you have been stuck. Each level will be 
dived by the "*******" and I will label the level as 1-3 (world one, 
level 3) etc.  Note : On some levels I have told you how to get all the 
stars. I usually give you the most forward way of getting through, but I 
will always update for stars.

World : 1-1 
Very straight forward. Just press Y where the two bottom empty boxes are 
and then do the same with the top three.
World 1-2
Again, straight forward. You have to hurry or your character will fall 
on the spikes to their death. If the character is about to walk into the 
pit, Hit the object on their head with "Y" As the character will change 
World 1-3
Do the same as you always do. But this time there is a Green-Coin box. 
Hit that with "Y" and coins will come out. Keep an eye on the character 
at all times though. 
World 1-4
The first brain taxing puzzle. Hit the bottom line first and wait for 
the character to climb the ladder on the far left side then do that row. 
If you make a mistake, press "Y" on a block to make it vanish

World 1-5
This level introduces TIME BLOCKS. Let the character go up the ladder 
and wait until he is about to hit the ground before activating the 
blocks. These blocks last from 2 to 4 seconds, so be careful. Also, Hit 
"Y" if the character goes in the opposite direction. And don't forget 
the coin block. 
World 1-6
Somewhat easier then last time. Clear ALL the rock blocks first and then 
activate the time boxes. (Or, instead of activating them you can wait 
until the character goes up the ladder and make them turn direction).
World 1-7
Again, easy. Wait until the character is almost on the next time block 
then Activate it.
World 1-8
A little tricky. Activate the blocks one by one on the first row, wait 
until your character goes on the ladder and activate them one by one. 
And do the same for the final row.
World 1-9
I love this level. Your character will climb the ladder and fall (Place 
a time block just as they get near it. Do this three times to win

World 1-10
This is a hard level. Make the enemy smaller by hitting it several times 
and wait until the character is on the right most block and make a 
passage going down (So they can go to Luigi fast before the enemy gets 
them. I suggest waiting until the enemy is on the left most side  before 
doing it. To do this, simply make a passage where the enemy is going to 
the left top side, that'll get rid of him for awhile. Don't forget about 
the coin box.
World 1-Boss

Pretty easy. Just hit Wario in his plane for coins to fall out. After he 
has had enough he'll fly away.

World 2-1
Pretty easy. Lay the normal blocks down and collect the stars. When you 
get near the top, you will see a star under a platform. Don't hit the 
block, turn the character around and make them collect the star. 

World 2-2
This level is quite Sparse. Place the block after you got the star. The 
character should climb another ladder and collect the star. Place more 
blocks and you'll finish the level in no time. I don't know how the let 
the top most right side. If anyone knows how to get it, E mail me saying 
World 2-2 and the answer and you'll be in the credits list.

I got an E mail on the 8th February 2002. It is from Paul Donovan, who 
was found the star and has provided a picture which can be found at

By pure luck, I found out you can get the upper- 
right star here with invisible blocks! Just make  
blocks appear there as normal. They are there,  
but they're not outlined like other blocks.  
They're the small kind, so go a bit higher if you  
can't find them. I included a picture. By the  
way, the black Goombas are actually Pidgets and  
the right mouse button pauses the game.

World 2-3
Destroy the Pidget on the first row and gather the coins and let the 
character walk onto the spring. Destroy the next Goomba and place ALL 
the blocks (including the one above the spring) destroy the Goomba and 
gather the star. Also get the coins and destroy the rock. Now undo the 
spring block and go on that.  Get the star and destroy the two blocks 
above the spring and wait for the character to step on it. Make the 
character go left and destroy the rock blocks (letting you get the 4th 
star) then go to Luigi.

World 2-4
Turn the character round and go on the spring and make them go on the 
next spring. Go on the spring again and place the two blocks and let the 
character fall. Go on the spring and get the star, but DO NOT place the 
block. Instead let the character fall and go left for the star. Fall to 
the left again and gather the star and go on the spring on the right 
side again. Fall right and get the next star.	 Go on the spring and 
activate the top block and go on the spring once more and get to Luigi.
World 2-5

Activate the first two blocks and get the star. De activate the two 
blocks and turn the character around. Activate every block so you can 
reach the star and the spring (You'll be back where you started). Now go 
back to the block with the first star and fall left and left again to 
get the star. Go on the spring and activate the boxes and carry on 
getting the stars and getting to Luigi. 
World 2-6
A lot of falling to do. A lot of you will be best on your own for this 
level, but I'll tell you my way of doing it.
Fall right, then left and pick up the star. Go on the springs to back 
where the started and fall right twice and  activate the blocks and get 
the star. Retrace your steps now and go from spring to spring at the 
left side. your character will do most stuff auto now. All you have to 
do is try and get to Luigi.  The mushroom refills the time bar. 
World 2-7
Activate the row of blocks and destroy the lone Box and the first row of 
boxes to get to the first star. Retrace your steps and fall left to 
reach the second star, turn the character around and destroy the second 
row of boxes. Fall and destroy the lone rock block and climb the ladder. 
After getting the star, activate the two blocks closest to you. Fall and 
activate more blocks and climb the ladder. The goal isn't to far away. 
World 2-8

This is easier then the others. Destroy the Goomba's and the miniature 
boxes. Just clear the way for the character (You can also make some of 
the miniature boxes appear. =D
World 2-9

Considering this is the 29th puzzle, its easy. Make almost every block 
appear and fall when you need to.
World 2-10

This is a confusing setting. From the start let the character go up the 
ladder and on the spring. Go left and get the star. Carry on left and 
activate the bottom block as you fall, Mario will fall onto it. Activate 
the next block and let Mario fall and get the star. Go up the ladder and 
climb to the top on the right most side.  Go far left and drop down down 
to the last block you activated before. Activate the other block, climb 
the ladder and activate the next block. Let the character fall and 
they'll go on a spring.  Go on the right spring for another star and 
retrace your steps and go on the left spring. Get the star and get the 

World 2-BOSS

This is the same as last time. But Wario has gotten a bit faster. Just 
keep Y down and gather  a lot of coins.


World 3-1

Activate the time blocks and activate the other three to get the star. 
Immediately turn the character around, activate two time blocks and let 
the character fall and grab the other star. Go right and fall, activate 
the time blocks and get across. When you see the two time blocks on the 
see row, activate the first one then fall to get the star. Go right now, 
climb the ladder and get the star and go to Luigi

World 3-2

How simple is this? Go across the time block path, another path and 
break rocks, activate more time blocks and to Luigi. Give us a challenge 

World 3-3

Break the block and a star will fall down, be sure to collect it. 
Destroy the Pidget's and boxes. When you get to the one with lots of 
blocks going down, break them and fall as it leads to a star. (get the 
star near it first)
On the second row, activate the time blocks and go down the time stairs 
and break the block for a star.

World 3-4

Activate more time blocks and go across the time bridge (Nice Name)  and 
go on the spring and activate a block at the same time. Fall back down 
and get a star. Then go on a spring and activate another time block.   
get the star, kill the Pidget and go on the spring.  Activate more time 
blocks and go on the spring. Activate more time blocks and get the star 
and go across the time bridge. Kill the Pidget and fall (Don't forget to 
activate the time block) and get the start. Go right to the goal. 


World 3-5	

Another confusing set out. Destroy every block you see and activate time 
blocks to get across. When at the top, destroy the block which the star 
is sitting on and it will fall (collect it) and tunnel your way to the 

 World 3-6

Go across the time bridge to get the first star. Go across the time 
bridge once more and fall and pick up the star. Cross a time bridge 
again and fall (Don't forget to do a time block) and get the star. Cross 
the time bridge again and go right. Cross another bridge and you'll be 
at the goal.

World 3-7

This level introduces miniature time boxes. Cross the time bridge and go 
up the ladder. Cross another time bridge and up the ladder and go left a 
bit. Fall on the blocks and pick up the two stars. Destroy a miniature 
BLOCK and retrace your steps. Go left and activate the miniature time 
blocks. Go up the two ladders on the way and to the goal.

World 3-8

Another introduction... Mini springs. Cross the mini time bridge, fall 
onto a spring and jump from spring to spring whilst placing blocks. 
(This is quite easy)

World 3-9

This is bar far the most brain taxing level so far. Go  Left  and  fall. 
Turn the character right and fall. Quickly turn the character around and 
hit the first block, fall and quickly hit the one below so the character 
falls on that. Fall once more and carry on left. Activate the blocks and 
go on the left most spring. Once your taken up, go a little right and 
onto the spring, go on the time block and to the goal.

World 3-10

This level is quite easy, but it isn't and I absolutely HATE this level.  
I don't know how I did this level. I just went in random places, but If 
I find a solution I'll update this.

World 3-BOSS

He is getting a lot faster now. Just hold down "Y" and get a load of 
coins off him.


World 4-1

This world introduced Bats. There is one on a ceiling  and they divide 
in to several bats, just hit them to death with your trusty wand.  From 
the start, kill the bats and  fall. Kill more bats whilst going right 
and destroy the right most block and make a tunnel leading towards the 

World 4-2

Go left and kill the bat and onto the spring. Fall right and kill the 
bat. get the star by destroying the block so it falls and go up the 
ladder. Fall right, activate the block and get the star, deactivate the 
block and fall again to get the star and climb the ladder. Once on the 
top platforms, destroy the bat and carry on down the route. Go on the 
spring, get the star and wait for  your character to reach the goal.

World 4-3

Kill the bat and carry on left and  go on the spring. When the character 
is on the mini spring, turn them left and go up the ladder and get the 
star. Fall and go right.  Kill the next bat and go up the ladder, up 
another ladder to get the star. Fall right again and carry on right. 
Kill the bat, up the ladder (destroy the mini blocks so the last star 
falls) Fall right, get the star, up the ladder and go to Luigi.

World 4-4

Go left and kill the bats along the way. Go on the spring. Activate the 
blocks, onto the spring, activate the next set of blocks, Fall right, go 
a  bit left and get the star. Turn the character around to the right and 
activate the two blocks. Go on the spring and kill the bat and go on the 
spring on the right. Activate the blocks to make a short  bridge and go 
on another spring. Go left and activate all the blocks. Fall and go on 
the spring. Go left a bit, fall, go right and to the goal.

World 4-5

 Kill the bat and quickly turn the character around so He/She walks on 
the spring. Turn them around so they don't walk into the spikes. 
Activate the two blocks and walk onto the spring. Fall left and quickly 
activate the block. Activate all the blocks and onto the other spring. 
Turn the character right, go on to spring.  Activate the blocks except 
the last one to make a short bride, kill the bat and fall right.  
Activate the blocks, go on the spring, turn the character left and onto 
the spring, and turn them left. kill the bat, activate the blocks on the 
way and to the goal.

World 4-6

This level welcomes back the tricky time blocks. Kill the bats at the 
star and go on the spring and go on the spring again. Fall right, 
activate the time blocks and kill the bat. Destroy the three blocks and 
activate the three time blocks and go on the spring. Activate the three 
time blocks and kill the bat. Destroy the blocks and activate the final 
three time blocks.

World 4-7

Let you're character get the star, turn him/her around and let them up 
the ladder (collecting the coins in the coin box....remember? =D) 
Quickly dispose of the bat, and  go on the first spring you see, and get 
the star to the left. Activate the black and fall right. Go on the 
springs nearby, and kill the bat,  fall down and let you're character 
climb the ladder. Get the star, fall and quickly activate the block. Get 
the star, deactivate the block. Luigi is clear sailing from here.

World 4-8

A new obstacle waits here. A sludge pit. This only slows you down. so 
killing bats is a bit easier =). You can also turn the sludge blocks 
around. From the start, clear the path of baths for you're character. 
Let the character fall now and let them go up the ladder, get the star 
and QUICKLY turn around. Unless you're no fan of death wishes, I suggest 
not getting the stars =). Fall right, clear the sludge path of bats, 
fall, let you're character up the ladder to get the star and turn 
around. Once on the bottom floor, turn the character right to get the 
star and....turn around. Clear the path once more and get the star for a 
nice.... finish.

World 4-9

TALK ABOUT HARD! Another obstacle, and its not a friendly one. It 
follows you around from the start of the level, and it doesn't hold back 
so you're character can scarper. Turn the sludge blocks around, this 
will make you're character MUCH faster. If you have time...or a death 
wish, break the coin box and the star box. Fall right. the spike will 
stop following you. Activate the blocks if you want the star, if not, 
just fall... but I wouldn't recommend it because 8 bats will come after 
you. I suggest activating the blocks, and killing the bats...much 
easier. Either way, you'll end of on a sludge pit. Let you're character 
up the ladder. now a spike will come after you...kind of. Go on the 
spring and you'll be back where you activated some blocks. Let you're 
character up the ladder to the left. Go on the spring at the end of the 
sludge pit to get to the ledge...but PLEASE MAKE SURE THE SPIKE IS NOT 
NEARBY!. Fall left now. Make sure the spike is far away from you're 
character now, and get you're character across the sludge blocks.  fall, 
turn the character round to Luigi.

World 4-10

Last ice level....YAY! This doesn't mean it'll be easy.  Another 
obstacle...but its a nice treat. They are green mushrooms, which gives 
you an extra life. This section will tell you the fast way of getting 
there. Fall left and destroy the boxes and fall, activating some boxes. 
Kill the bat and let you're character up the ladders. Kill the bats and 
get to Luigi. 

Thank god.....last ice level.

World 4-Boss

Same as before. Hit Wario to death.

World 5-1

A new No matter what game, No matter what genre ; I 
cannot stand Fire/Lava levels. I just hope I can get this world over 
with fast.


A new enemy appears in this level which cannot be destroyed unless you 
destroy the boxes they are hanging from.. they shoot fire balls at you. 
Be sure to turn the character around fast one one is heading you're way. 
This level is overall easy. Just let the character go far left, avoiding 
fire balls. Same with the second row, but activate boxes. Let you're 
character go up the ladder and onto the spring. On the top row, you can 
break boxes, which destroy the monsters. once at the end of the path, 
fall, go right and to the goal.

Note : From now on, you can destroy the fire balls fired at you.

World 5-2

An hard level. When climbing the ladder, time it PERFECTLY, you don't 
want to lose a life. Go right. and avoid he fire-spitting monster. go 
right and fall, avoiding the monster, and to Luigi

World 5-3

Oh dear....the return of.... TIME BLOCKS! Once started, activate the 
time blocks, so that they shield you from the monsters fire balls. Time 
you're self carefully on the ladder... or use time blocks to shield 
you're character. Go right and fall, activating time blocks and get to 
the ever-waiting Luigi.
World 5-4

There are two ways of starting, the first you can go down the dangerous 
path to the left, and help you're self to a mere coin box Before landing 
on the spring, or turn you're character around so they go up the ladder. 
Anyway, once you're on the second floor, let you're character go up the 
ladder. Let the character go left, then let Him/Her fall. Turn them 
right and Luigi is a stones throw away.

Oh, I forgot to mention, When on the very last floor, you can make a 
ledge of new boxes which are "!". You can walk on these or use them to 
protect you're head.

World 5-5

A near-tricky level. Let the character climb the ladder, and search for 
some "!" blocks to protect you're self, note that they are invisible. If 
not, whack the balls =).         Let you're character go left and let 
them fall. Lastly, make them climb the ladder and to Luigi

World 5-6

This is a little confusing. Go on the first couple of springs. When you 
are on the same level with a ledge with a star, drop and get the star, 
drop again and let the character go on the spring. Use the springs a few 
times until you're on the coin box, fall left and repeat the progress 
with the next few springs, and fall left. Go on the final bottom spring, 
then let the character go left and right, getting springs until you're 
on the last row.

World 5-7

Activate the four blocks, Drop if you want to get the star. Let your 
character fall and go on the spring. Either let them get the star or 
turn them back to the spring. This time, go right activating blocks, 
dropping and going on to springs. You basically have to repeat the 
process several times before able get to Luigi. 

World 5-8

This is somewhat easier compared to some of the others on the fifth 
world. You can get Stars no problem. The only problem is that the 
spiders are a bit slanted, letting getting killed a lot easier. From the 
start, watch as the character goes left, avoid that Spider monster, 
either activate the blocks or don't, up the ladder, avoid the spider 
monster again and to Luigi. Don't forget the one-up

World 5-9

This one is pretty easy, but also adds difficulty with those pesky 
spider monster things. The way to solve this puzzle is simple : Break 
blocks, fall through them and go on springs. Don't forget the one-up.

World 5-10

This is really nothing, you have seen it all before. Activate blocks, 
avoid bad guys, climb ladders etc. You just need to plan your route, It 
is quite easy.

World 5-Boss

Another easy Wario Battle. Yet again, it is the same as the other 
Wario's, Seems a bit faster as well. Good luck. 

World 6-1

A New block is introduced here. It has a little sponge on the center 
piece of the block. If you hit ANY of these blocks, this means any one, 
all the blocks of that type will disappear / appear. From the start, De-
Activate the blocks from the upper row and let your character go on to 
the spring. When the character is about to come down, re-activate the 
blocks. (De-activate them once more if you want the star). Then let your 
character go right on the second row, don't for get to de-activate the 
blocks. Now let him or her go on to the spring to the third row. Let 
your character go on to the next set of springs. Now, You can either 
time your character just right by activating and deactivating blocks. On 
the left side is a path leading to a dead end, but with a star under 
those blocks and a spring to get back up. On the left side is another 
dead end, but with blocks. De-activate them, and QUICKLY activate them 
again, now your character should be able to get to Luigi with no problem 
at all. Phew, that was a long paragraph...

World 6-2 

Normal blocks become those of the previous level. If you activate one, 
you activated them all, and vise-versa. Also, Something worth mentioning 
is that a new bad guy roams up and down this level. There are several 
spike balls, which can kill you, are slow and only go up and down. From 
the start, Let your character go right, up ladders and activating 
blocks. The level has some dead ends, but are easily solved. Just plan 
your route once again. :)
World 6-3

On this level, Activate the unactivated blocks, this will destroy the 
enemy. Let your character walk on to the springs and activate the blocks 
to make a bridge and let them climb the ladder. Now you have to activate 
the blocks quickly. The trick to this is when a character is about to 
fall of a block, activate the other blocks to make a safer path. On the 
top floor, you need to stop the three spikes. The first two are easy as 
you can just trap them by activating blocks, however for the last one 
you have to turn your character around and trap the spike at the top (It 
has a different pattern to the other two) and turn your character around 
once again to get to Luigi. 
World 6-4

The problem on this puzzle is spikes. These go left to right, right to 
left, up and down, down and up, you name it. At the start of the level 
you are in danger, so turn your character around and around again so 
they can easily avoid the spike. Do the same with all the rest. The key 
is to turn them around =). 
World 6-5

This level is really fun! The idea of it is to let your character drop 
all the way to the bottom. If you activate the purple blocks, you red 
ones are deactivated and vice-versa, like this.

* Star
S Spike
{} Unactivatble blocks
L Luigi

Just go trigger happy and deactivate blocks. Simple!
World 6-6

This level is sort of a pain if you can't time your falls just right. 
Otherwise, there is nothing more then dropping down to the next level, 
going on springs and ladders whilst avoiding the spikes. 
World 6-7

This level is more of quick fire rather then planning. It is difficult 
in a few places due to the spikes, but if you manage to time yourself 
right, you will be fine. Just smash blocks as well. 
World 6-8 

Hopefully you will remember these blocks, these are the red and purple 
ones. Remember the activation/deactivation tactic! You have to be quick 
and hit each block in order, making sure that Mario, Yoshi or Peach does 
not fall. If you are using Yoshi, you have to be very quick but if you 
are using Peach, you will easily have the advantage as you have more 
time (but keep an eye on the clock). 
World 6-9

Yet another one of those levels. It should not be difficult this time, 
there is not many of those spike bombs. Just follow the path, use the 
springs when needed etc. Hopefully by World 7-1, there will be none of 
this block switching trouble.
World 6-10

Yes you guessed it another level. From the start activate the blocks so 
that your character can drop down and land on more easily. Don't bother 
going on the spring on the right yet, it may look a cheap way to the 
exit but it is not. The spikes on the ground are the main problem but if 
you can activate a bridge across them, you will be safe. 
World 6-10 BOSS

Wario once again. He remains at the same speed so just whack him with 
the hammer and steal the coins off him. After some time he will fly 
away. (again)
World 7-1

Note: Mario is a perfect choice for World 7 as he is not too fast and 
not too slow. 

Introducing the dice blocks. The way to do these is to do nothing. the 
way they work is to wait, they will activate themselves when they want 
to, it all comes down to timing. For this level, which is pretty easy 
you have to drop down on to levels, there is no deactivating and 
activating the blocks, just timing. You can also destroy the Pidgets- I 
mean the pidgets if you want to, it is a safe bet though. Oh and there 
is spikes across the bottom but they should prove no problem at all if 
you keep turning the character around until the blocks appear. 
World 7-2

This is almost like the level from World 7-1. Instead of going down, you 
have to go up by using ladders and spikes. You can kill the pidgets if 
you wish and do not forget about the timed dice blocks. 

World 7-3

This level is going to be quite simple! How? Well there is the dice 
blocks again but you have to activate normal blocks and the way to do it 
is from the start, turning characters around so they get by the spikes 
quickly and safely. Also... when you are on the top row, try and drop 
down the first hole when the block disappears. Only carry on if you want 
the stars. 
World 7-4

This level has some dice blocks activated and others unactivated. 
Shocking. The way to do is is to always time just right. Once he top 
block disappears, the bottom one appears. You will be safe if you time 
just right. 
World 7-5

At first it seems you can get across to Luigi easily, but unless you are 
Yoshi you have no chance. If Peach, you have to go the long way and if 
you are Mario, go to the end of the blocks to near Luigi, drop and guide 
the character up the levels to Luigi. 
World 7-6

Luigi maybe right above you, but you still have to go all through the 
level. Actually, it is almost the same as the previous one except the 
developers made a total mess of it and made the dice blocks go 
diagonal... no fun at all. Timing is the key. The main fault is the 
Pidgets, which have a habit of falling down when the dice blocks 
appear/disappear. The plan is to keep the character at bay whilst the 
Fairy Wanda kills them. Good luck!

Note: I do like the music on this world =). 
World 7-7

The developers are now sober and have created a fun level. Remember what 
I said in just about every level for World seven... Time. The problem 
you should have is getting the timing just right so that the dice blocks 
appear JUST as you are about to fall. Use Mario to your advantage. 
World 7-8 

YES! This level looks amazing. Not much effort goes in to it at all... 
except for keeping characters away from spikes. My main tactic is to 
just follow the path and keeping them away from the spikes and going on 
to the activated dice blocks. 
World 7-9

This is pretty much the same level as the last. You should drop down the 
blocks from the start (getting the star by smashing the blocks if you 
wish to). Go on the spring at the bottom and drop down to the ledge at 
the same time so that you don't fall on to the spikes. Then time 
yourself across the bridge carefully (remember when half of the bridge 
goes, the other half appears), if you drop down you can get the mushroom 
which gives you an extra life (By levels later on, you might need them) 
and at the end, time right once again like you did on the blocks below 
to get to Luigi (He must be sick of all this by now)
World 7-10

Thankfully there is no dice blocks on this level, but there is normal 
blocks from World One and numerous worlds throughout the game and this 
is difficult as it is easy to screw up. There is rock boxes which needs 
destroying, but don't destroy them all or you may not be able to 
complete the level. I quickly planned my route as I went along, and kept 
blocking my character until I made another clear path. You should try 
that, it works. 
World 7-10 Boss

Wario is back and this time he likes to swoop down to the ground. Just 
hit him again and he will soon fly away.

Note: I wonder why I call him a boss? He is more of a bonus stage as you 
can't die!
World 8-1

So is this the final world? It could be... You will find out after World 
8-10's boss. These levels are very tough and for the first time in the 
game, I became frustrated and wished that there was a FAQ online which I 
could use. But in the end, I had to do it... Someone had to. The first 
few levels are easy though. 

This level brings back our good friends, time blocks. From the start, 
make the fire bombs smaller and slower by hitting them with the wand and 
drop to the bottom. One your character has reached the spring, activate 
the time blocks and quickly make paths towards the next spring, and 
finally to the goal. 

It gets harder...
World 8-2

This level is pretty simple. You can only get killed by big flames, but 
if you make them small they won't get you (unless they touch your 
characters feet) and that can only happen on one square with a star on 
it. From the start, make the fire balls smaller by hitting them, travel 
across the rows and go to the goal.

It gets harder...
World 8-3

I dislike this level. You should start off by making the flames smaller 
and dropping when it is safe by timing. Towards the end of the level, 
you should try and wait until it is clear before jumping on the blocks 
with the flames on.

Tip: Try and make one flame small and if there is another one (or more), 
wait until they overlap the other one before making them small. This 
will reduce the risk in half. 

It gets harder...
World 8-4

This level is easier if you know what you are doing. Your main problem 
is usually get the bottom and the best way to get rid of all those 
flames is to A) Make them smaller
B) wait until they are at the side of the box then activate one, it will 
trap the flame at the side. If you can't do that then I hope you are 
using Yoshi or even Mario for this level... that is if you want the lone 
star though, otherwise just make them smaller and drop.

It gets harder...
World 8-5

No, you can't jump backwards. Luigi is right behind you and also behind 
you is a flame chasing you. Quickly dispatch of the blocks and make the 
flame smaller, it will chase you thought the stage. The rest of the 
stage is no problem until you get to the top right (This is where I got 
frustrated) and try and trap the flames on to the sides. Trust me, it 
helps, if they can escape from their routes, you are done for. After 
that just let Mario, Yoshi or Princess Peach drop down to Luigi. 

It gets harder...
World 8-6

This level got me frustrated. At the start, drop down to the bottom row 
(where the two springs are) and activate ALL the blocks EXCEPT for the 
last one to the right. Destroy the brown rock now quickly drop on to a 
spike and wait on a platform. Eventually you will see about ten flames, 
hopefully they will go a different route to you, but when the coast is 
clear, carry on your way. It is a very difficult level if you didn't 
know that.

It gets harder...
World 8-7

Another hard level. This look me ages to do until I found the best 
tactic, which was to go to the RIGHT of the level and dropdown, making 
the flames smaller, waiting for them to go away etc. Once near the 
bottom, trap your character in the square of breakable blocks and make a 
passage so that the flames are out of your reach, then destroy more 
blocks until your character reaches Luigi. 

Remember that you should not make the flames smaller... the quicker they 
go out of the level, the quicker you can finish it, get more points and 
the four stars. 

It gets harder...
World 8-8

This level is pretty easy and self-explanatory. There should be only one 
problem and that is towards the bottom with time-blocks. You need to 
activate them very quick (they are small, I hope you have good aim!) 
because they fade very fast. Mario is an ideal choice for this level, 
Yoshi goes on the blocks quicker then you get activate them and Peach is 
very slow (yet useful sometimes, you can try her if Mario is too 

Remember that the flames can go smaller by hitting them, you need to hit 
many at the start of this level. 

It gets harder...
World 8-9

This is like on of the earlier levels. What is a good plan is two trap 
several flames in to a few boxes, then smash your way down to the bottom 
and Luigi. You cannot go straight down as there is always a flame on 
each column. 

It gets harder.... =P. 
World 8-10

As soon as you drop down, ACTIVATE THE TWO SMALL BLOCKS. This will 
guarantee your safety. Thought the level, you will have to drop on to 
other ledges (which is quite easy). Once you get to the bottom of the 
screen, just let your character ride upon the ladders, providing you 
don't get hit by the flames (You should have took my earlier advice and 
trapped them ;)). 

Now for the boss... bonus stage or whatever you want to call it. =D. 
World 8-10 Boss

Wario likes to swoop again and is a bit fast. Still... just hit him 
until you get enough coins. Now choose your character and go to the 
level select screen for a little surprise. (I saw it coming really ;)).

World 9-1

World 9... The ultimate test? These levels sure are tough.

Why can't Luigi just jump down with that sign of his?

From the start,  let your character go forward, avoiding the spike by 
activating the time block. Undernethe this row you need to have the 
spikes at the top of the row, trap them with the time block. Then time 
your drop carefully so that you do not hit the yellow spike. Phew... a 
long way to go. The next two rows are basically the same, time time your 
run and activation carefully, then drop again when the Coast is clear. 
Repeat the process until you get to the ladders on the left of the 
screen. You can either go to Luigi now or go get the stars and power 

If you go to Luigi, then you need to time your characters run carefully 
through the spikes. If you want to get the bonuses then just save your 
skin by repeating what you just did. then go up the ladders and you need 
to time your characters run carefully through the spikes. Luigi will now 
get that... thing off your head. 

It gets much, much, much, much harder!
World 9-2

Think if this level as a giant zig-zag. Constantly, you need to dodge 
each and every spike, which both go up and down and side to side. How? 
Just time. I might sound useless but there is no real tactic for this 
level. Oh and getting he stars on this level is pretty simple. 

Good luck!
World 9-3

This level is a frustrating one. From the start you should drop down, 
drop down again to the right and keep climbing the stairs, when you get 
to a few blocks with flames on, make sure that you make them smaller 
when one big one is over-lapping one, this saves frustration. Observe my 
"diagram" below.

   F    F   F   F 
   F    F   F   F

      ff   ff

That is pretty much how mine looked like, allowing me more space to drop 
down and get to the goal. 
World 9-4

Oh no! Not the reversible-pink-purple blocks again. Thankfully, this 
puzzle is quite easy and tests patience rather then skill. Completing 
this level is self-explanatory, Just keep following the paths until you 
reach the goal. 

Quick plan: From the start, drop down on to the second down block. 
deactivate it and fall on to the red one and deactivate that on. Turn 
your character left and keep deactivating until you reach the bottom. Go 
left and deactivate the blocks, break the rock box, grab the star, on to 
the spring, up the ladders, turn around and get the character to Luigi. 
World 9-5

This level is pretty simple with the exception of the three spikes at 
the bottom. From the start, keep going on the levels, smashing up the 
tiny rock boxes. During the middle of the stage, let the flame turn 
small and chase your character, guide them off the platform and quickly 
go around the flame by the stairs. You will be safe in no time! At the 
bottom the the level, time carefully and let your character run by. A 
Better tactic is to break the three blocks blocking the spikes, then 
break one box at the end and run by when safe. 
World 9-6

This is a simple level. You need to activate and deactivate the blacks 
making sure that the route is clear. The most difficult part of the 
level is the three spikes. These are the hardest part of the level but 
you can avoid them. 

That wasn't so difficult, was it? ;). 

World 9-7

At the start of the level, go to the right of the level and drop down 
two rows and activate the two blocks. Let the character walk until they 
fall off, turn around and activate blocks which are close to the time 
blocks. Now fall down again, dodge the spikes and go on to the springs. 
The goal is only a stone throws head. Now deactivate the blocks, go on 
the spring, go right for the star and then return left for the goal. 

World 9-8

Fire shooting robots are back! Remember that you can destroy the blasts 
they fire by hitting them. Keep turning Mario, Yoshi and Peach around 
until they reach the top of the first tower. For going down, you need to 
time carefully and avoid the blasts, it is rather difficult to hit them 
vertical. Finally, there are two more blasters, you can easily out run 
them without lifting a finger, don't panic ;). 

World 9-9

Now the reversible screen comes back as well as the blaster monsters. 
You need to block the blasts by activating the blocks. Good luck. It is 
quite simple. 

World 9-10

It is the final level and you will disgrace yourself if you want to use 
a walkthrough for this level. It is big and complex, but put your mind 
to it and you will come up with a solution like I have for the other 
over one hundred puzzles. 

However.... drop left, DO NOT activate the blocks, go on to the spring, 
drop again and go on to the spring. Keep dropping. Once at the bottom go 
on to the springs, make a bridge, and climb the ladder to the goal. 
World 9-10 Boss

Hit Wario!

I thought I would be able to watch a nice ending, but there is a level 
10. Good luck! I will get World 10 out of the way very soon ;). 

World 10-1

This level is mega hard! From the start, drop down the sole square and 
quickly activate the other one. Drop down the right and activate the 
other block before hitting the spring. On the next row, destroy all of 
the rock blocks and wait for the spike to come, then trap it in the 
purple block and use the spring at the far end. Now you will be at the 
top of the level. Now destroy the rock block(s) and trap both spikes in 
the purple box (you may have to wait and trap them one at a time), drop 
and go to the goal. 

World 10-2

This is a tough level. You can reach the goal from the start by crossing 
the time blocks and falling down the passage, but currently the chances 
of that are low. Instead walk around the level and destroy the fire 
blasters by discarding the blocks. Finally at the top as your character 
is about to fall, hit down and Y repeatedly to stop the blasters from 
getting you. 
World 10-3

This level took me ages to sort out, until I learned a suitable pattern. 
Here's what to do, trap the first spike and activate the first to blocks 
and not the end one. Drop on to the spring, do not activated any blocks 
and let your character fall on to the curb. quickly turn them around 
until s/he falls on to another curb, bring them around and let them go 
on to the spring and drop right. Break the rock boxes and activate three 
of the blocks. The goal is pretty easy from here.
World 10-4

The key to this level is timing. It is another drop down level. From the 
start, break the first two boxes and shield the character with the 
block, drop down and walk across. From now on you have to time 
perfectly, block blasts etc. 
World 10-5

This level is easier then the other four you have completed. From the 
start, drop down and go on the spring and go left. Time just right and 
drop down to where the two moving spikes are. Drop down (time just 
right) and when the coast is clear, use the spring and go to Luigi. 
World 10-6

This is a tough level. From the start, let the character climb the 
ladder, you only need to block two blasts and those are the two near the 
top. Then drop down, one at a time, activating blocks and turning the 
blasters around. Once about to drop, turn the blasters around again.

Climb the ladder, turning them around BUT turn the blasters around again 
when you are you of their crossfire (especially the bottom one) then 
drop and providing you turned the blasters around, you are safe and can 
get to Luigi!
World 10-7

There is a very cheap way to completing this level. You can trap EVERY 
SINGLE flame by timing just right and trapping them in purple boxes. 
Once you have done that, it is clear sailing. Just drop down to the 
right, walk along, activate one time block, get to the bottom and on to 
the springs. You do not have to worry about the flames, you do not have 
to activate the blocks again.

Note: This is the first time I have noticed Wario's plane is sitting in 
the background of World 10!
World 10-8

From the start, break the rock box which dispatches the blaster. Go up 
the ladder and activate three blocks then drop down, drop right and 
carry on left towards the spring. On the top row, break the boxes and go 
down. At the bottom, beware of the spike. To dodge it, flip all of the 
gunge blocks and break the rock boxes. Yoshi is the ideal character for 
this level. Now just climb up the ladders and you've almost finished. 
Towards the end of the level, to avoid the spike you need to deactivate 
a block, use the spring and when the road is clear, activate it and 
carry on your way. 

World 10-9

This level is hard. My perfect tactic is to do this:

Platform one: just drop down and go on to the other
Platform two: Make the first flame coming towards you smaller
Platform three: Make the third flame you see smaller
Platform four: Hopefully by time you get here there is a gap. Make 
flames behind you small but never behind. 

This will be done in about 30 seconds, however if you want another 
tactic which takes far too long, make all the flames small and make sure 
they are together. Effective yet very time consuming. 

World 10-10

This is it! The final level! I hate this level because I usually run out 
of time. It is the final level and you should have the pleasure of doing 
this level all by yourself. One hint though, get rid of the blocks with 
flames near them!

Oh and to get on the middle left platform, make the flames small, group 
them and go on to the platform through the spring. To smash boxes drop 
right of that platform and go on to the spring, when you get the chance 
destroy them. 
World 10-10 Boss

Sadly there is no end boss... There is no giant robot, no plane, no 
golem, no spaceship, no alien, no Wario, not anything! Instead you get 
to see the ending. Enjoy it, you have completed the game!

I have pushed myself to the limit writing this FAQ and I will not be 
doing the EXTRA levels. Not for a long time. I know this is the final 
version, it is and until I get round to it, or have a fair demand for a 
faq on secret levels, I won't be doing any ;). 

Words I used whilst making this FAQ:


My Stats:
Score: 121910 
Time: 02:17:28
Stars: 189
Clicks: 4548
Peach: 0
Mario: 13
Yoshi: 0

VI) Mario & Wario related stuff

Not many game's have any related information to Mario and Wario. One 
game which has quite a bit on information on this game is Super Smash 
Bros. Melee. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi are all playable in this 
game, but Wario and the fairy isn't. However, Wario has his own trophy 
and so does the infamous Bucket from Mario and Wario. I will copy the 
trophy descriptions. If anyone out there has any information on games 
with something about Mario & Wario in, please tell me! =). 


More when I get the Wario trophy! 

To get the Wario trophy, beat ALL Star mode with any character. 

In Mario and Wario, an excellent game released only in Japan, this 
hidden item gets placed on Mario's head, (The trophy doesn't say Peach 
or Yoshi =() rendering him sightless. The fairy Wanda then guides the 
helpless Mario past numerous obstacles to the goal. The M on the bucket 
becomes a W when turned upside down, signifying that Mario has fallen 
under Wario's wicked control. 

To get the Bucket trophy you need to get it in the lottery, classic, all 
star or adventure mode. 
More to come...?

VII)  Credits

James Wardle - Me... for writing this guide 
Nintendo - For making this game
CjayC - For hosting GameFaqs, making this possible. 
Paul Donovan - World 2-2 star tactics and picture! He also gave me 
information on the mouse controls and the Black Goomba's real name, 
which is a Pidget (Super Mario Brothers 2, blue birds on red carpet)


VIII) Version History 

1.0: This is the starting one. got up to  World 3-8.  11/3/01 (Sunday 
11th March 2001)
1.2: First update... YAY! Got up to    World  5-3. Expect another update 
2.0: Another update, Fixed spelling, added a few notes, altered 
disclaimer, And a few more levels. 
2.1: Fixed some grammar. More levels. I added a related stuff section. 
HUGE Spell check. Last time updated (unless needed)


Copyright (c) James Wardle/Lagunathemoron 2001-2002