Sega Marine Fishing Cheats

Sega Marine Fishing cheats, and Codes for DC.

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Sega Marine Fishing Cheats

Easy Catch
Note: This trick requires the fishing rod controller.

Once you get a fish on the line, reel it in while moving the Analog Stick in a counter-clockwise motion. You should be able to land any fish in a matter of seconds, without it having a chance of escape.

Muchas Marlins
Want lots of Marlins? Do this:
Lure- DD minnow or big metal jig
Go to Offing; cast near the lightpost (or wherever the fish moved to)
Once in water, jig lure in a controlled manner in this pattern: left, left, right, right, left...
You are sure to a catch any marlin in the area. I caught 28 in row doing this!
Also when the marlin jumps, reel-in full blast; you should get him 10 yds closer without breaking the line...

submitted by Phat Fisher and Tarponator (Patrick and Jared)

Unlock Stages and Fish
Each time you complete Arcade Mode, you unlock a new stage or make a fish ... fishable:

Arcade Mode CompletionsEffect
1unlock the Hideaway of Big Fish stage in original mode under the free fishing option
2unlock the Fishing Port stage in original mode under the free fishing option
3make Dogtooth Tunas fishable in the Fishing Port stage
4make Napoleon Fish fishable in the Corel Reef

submitted by akresias and John Sither


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get any lure or clothing article
to get any lure catch large skipjacks (16 - 24 lbs) or small baracudas (he will be able to pull them out without a stick or net) and use which ever lure you want.

to get any article of clothing, go to the offing and catch small blue marlins (about 60 - 100 lbs), you can do this easily with the first popper A you are given. to get different charector's clothing (captian or macala) use their specific rod under items and do the same thing.

put items you get in the aquarium as soon as you get them; you can't get some items if you do not do this.

to get other items aim for the biggest fish on any particular level. the last item you will be able to get with most fish is the metal fish of that type.

the hardest fish to catch in the game is the coelacanth and the bluefin tuna in the fishing port (because there is no specific lure to catch them). aim to the left side of the screen near the dock and use the first big splasher lure to catch the coelacanth. you usually have to get other fish to chase it before the coelacanth gets interested. to get the bluefin use the first big pencil popper and fish just to the right of the dock as far back as it will go; you have to dance the lure right around there to get them to bite.

P.S. i've gotten 263 of 266 items if anyone knows how to get the last two specials or the original player's fourth shirt please tell me. i've tried absolutely everything.