Marble Blast Ultra Cheats

Marble Blast Ultra cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Veteran Battler - Collect 2,000 total points in multiplayer.
Adept's Badge - Complete all Advanced Levels.
Apprentice's Badge - Complete all Beginner Levels.
Journeyman's Badge - Complete all Intermediate Levels.
Egg Basket - Find all twenty easter eggs.
Egg Seeker - Find any hidden easter egg.
Marble-fu Transcendent - Finish all Advanced levels under par time.
Marble-fu Initiate - Finish all Beginner levels under par time.
Marble-fu Master - Finish all Intermediate levels under par time.
Timely Marble - Finish any level under par time.
Gem Collector - Get 75 points in a multiplayer match.
First Place - Get first place in a multiplayer match.
Jump high
First get a super bounce then go to another super bounce. press "RT" right when you run over the second super bounce.