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Addictive Online Mass-Multiplayer

The good:

- A fun online RPG; play by yourself, with friends, or random strangers on the internet
- Start as a beginner, and train yourself to become one of 4 different job classes (Mage at lv8, Warrior at lv10, Bowman at lv10, Theif at lv10); each class then has further classes to become at lv30, lv70, and lv120. Each is very unique, and will offer very different gameplay based on who you choose to become
- Hundreds of levels/maps to fight on
- Hundreds of different enemies to fight, ranging from very week to crazy strong
- Many clothing/armor and weapon choices for each character class
- Nice kiddy graphics (very colorful); lots of different sights to see; good music and sounds
- Create 3 different characters per account
- A few different continents and many towns to visit; buy armors and weapons, meet various people, start various quests, and much more
- A good sense of accomplishment when you buy new armors and weapons, gain new powers, and reach certain classes
- Lots of quests to do if you choose, some easy and fast and others long and hard; some good rewards come from quests; there are even Party quests to do (with a few people)
- Collect money, items, and weapon/armor drops from enemies; great use for money in the game (everything ends up costing you lots)
- Decent sized Item inventory; carry a bunch of things with you
- Level and skill up your character alone, or join a Party and fight with others, sharing experience and money while you fight
- Frequent game updates, item updates, and Events to take part in
- Hundreds of hours of gameplay if you are focused enough to try and achieve certain level goals

The bad:

- When the game went to Full Version, player's characters were not transferred over from the BETA Version, meaning possibly a year and a half of wasted hard work for almost every player of the game
- Not really any sort of storyline
- Most events are pointless
- Most quests are pointless, and your time might better be spent not doing too many of them and just leveling up your character
- Guilds are useless and cost a lot of money to create; weddings are stupid and useless
- It takes ages to level sometime; takes up a lot of your time
- Hackers/botters (cheaters), scammers, defamers, kill-stealers, people who are generally just jerks, arrogant high level players, and much more; the game is full of some terrible people sometimes
- Lots of lag sometimes, depending on how good your computer is and how many players are near you
- If you die, you lose a crap-load of hard-earned experience, and you will have to get it all back by fighting more
- Your characters can only fight in one game server, cannot play or talk to players in other servers
- Some things cost a lot of money, especially when you are starting out; as your player gets higher and higher in level, things start to cost ridiculously high amounts of money
- When you are in certain level ranges, there is very little choice of monsters to fight, so you basically end up fighting the same monster for what seems like ages, before you get strong enough to move onto other monsters; fighting the same monsters over and over again can get boring fast
- Some fun things and items in the game have to be bought with real money, which is annoying


Maple Story is a fun little online RPG that I have been playing for years now. It was out for something like a year or two in a BETA version, before it was released as a Full Version with many changes to almost everything in the game. With the change to a new version came new continents, towns, items, enemies, quests, job classes, and so much more. The problem with this was that they never transferred over player's characters, so everyone had to start over in the new version. This meant quite a while of wasted work for many people, including me. I had three high level characters (at the time), and lost all three of them and all of my hard work, and then had to start over in the new version of the game. Yea it was very discouraging and I was very mad for awhile, but you eventually get over it and start over: create a few new characters, and work your way back up.

The main point of the game is to make one or more characters, and continue leveling them up and getting new items to make them better and stronger. You begin in Maple Island as a beginner, learning about the basics and leveling up your new character a few times. You eventually make your way to a ship and go to Victoria Island, the main continent of the game, where most towns, people, monsters, quests, and challenges lie. You will probably spend the most of your time on this island fighting monsters. When you reach a certain level with your beginner, you can choose to take on the next character class (Mage at lv8, Warrior at lv10, Bowman at lv10, Theif at lv10). This means choosing what you want to become in the game, and each choice is very different. You do this by going to certain towns and speaking with a character that will turn you into the class. Then, your adventure as whatever you chose truly begins. There are further character classes you can become, and these can be obtained at lv30, lv70, and lv120. Most players stop playing the game before they make it to lv50, because they get bored of the game. Sad fact really.

As said above, whatever you choose to become will mean very different gameplay for you. Different places of concern, different weapons and armors, skills, attacks, enemies you will fight, etc. As you level up, you will gain various new stats and skills. You decide your own powers basically, and steer your character into whatever direction you want to. Every 5 levels generally, there will be new armors and weapons to buy for your character. This will make them stronger both offensively and defensively against monsters that dwell throughout every game map. It is not necessary to buy new things every 5 levels, but most characters do so they will last longer when fighting. There are various potions and items you can use to keep you alive longer.

To level up, you basically go to a map and keep fighting the same monster over and over again until you gain a level. You keep doing this until you become strong enough to go to other areas and fight stronger monsters. Leveling up is basically the bulk of what you will be doing in the game until you stop playing, which in my case, can take years.

The graphics are alright, nothing spectacular for a computer game. They are kiddy, colorful 2D graphics, but actually suit the game nicely. This doesn't mean that the graphics are bad or anything, because there are some areas of the world that look very nice. The foreground is static, but the background usually moves. Water, clouds, etc. You walk around as your character, jumping where necessary, climbing ropes, etc when necessary, going through portals to new areas, through doors to get into houses and stores, and more.

The music is pretty good for the game. Everything is basically all happy and cheerful. Most music suits the map nicely. Sounds are pretty good, depending on what you are doing in the game. Nothing spectacular for either part really.

Quests are basically just missions you can do. Item collections, enemy killings, etc. There are hundreds to do, but most of them are pointless and your time will be better spent just leveling up your character. But it's nice to do one once and awhile just for a change. Beware of jumping quests. Unless you have immense patience, you will want to kill yourself when you attempt one of these quests.

One thing I will point out now is that the game is really fun at the start, but eventually gets really boring and tedious. You begin by leveling really fast, and then slowly it starts to take forever to level. It was fun when you could level up in less than 30 minutes. Now it takes my lv50 character roughly 10 hours to level once. I've been known to take occasional leaves of absence (a couple days or like a month) from the game just so I get my desire to play it back. I recommend playing your own music while you play the game, to distract yourself when it starts to get boring. You can also try playing the television or a movie and listening to that while you play, and occasionally glace over.

To make you want to keep playing for long periods of time, set goals for yourself. My first ever goal was to reach lv45 so I could use a certain staff. Once I reached my goal, I set a new goal: get to lv50. After I did that: get to lv70. Since that will take me a few months at least, I set mini-goals for myself: get to lv55, then lv60, then lv65 (5 level goals). Every time you play, aim to get a certain percent (for example: 20% a day). This helps keep my interest in the game for long periods of time, and it gives me great satisfaction when I reach my goals. I highly recommend doing this for yourself.

The main bad parts of the game are, to start, of course, that I had to start over when the game switched to Full Version. It sucked for awhile, but now I have a character that is much higher in level than my best BETA character, so it's all good now. Leveling gets really long and quite boring when you get into the higher levels, and you fight the same monster for a long period of time (until you can move on). Since it's an online mass-multiplayer game, there are plenty of bad things that come with that. Lag, hackers, botters, scammers, and plenty of people who are just horrible people who need to seek therapy. Lots of jerks in the game. Beware of the main high level characters (60+). Most of them are complete douchebags to everyone because they think they are so great. I also wish that there was more variety sometimes, in quests, events, monsters you battle for ages, etc. I want to fight more than one monster in an area sometimes, not just the same one for 5 levels straight. The game needs to be a little more exciting in this area, because you get bored pretty fast when you kill the same monster like 100,000 times before you level.

Other than these issues and the others in my BAD section, this really is a decent online multiplayer game. If you get into playing it, you could be hooked for years. I think I have been playing for about 4 years now in total.

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