MapleStory LIVE review
Maple Story Best in Class

The good:

Features a huge range of monsters to fight. Amazing skills to learn, with many, many paths to follow through different Jobs, which spilt into even more specialisations. Unique playing style very similar to Mario games, beefed up to a world contending level. The best free choice instead of World of Warcraft

The bad:

Fighting is really the only option availabe and leveling can be very slow but the game does pick up later and and turns out well


If you like fighting games and you have a good quality internet connection, then this is the game for you. You have to possess great patients though as the game takes a long time to level, roughly level for level with World of Warcraft. The spells at high levelsa re very illustrated and the audio quality is awesome. If you have to choose between Maple Story and games like Runescape and Neopets.. go Maple. If you got money its a real tie between the great visual quality of WoW (which servers allways crash) or a smooth running quiet Maple. I personally would pick Maple Story as it is a much more relaxed game. Great game though and is very highly recommended

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