MapleStory LIVE Tips

Fatigue Help
After along time of Mining, crafting, etc, you gain fatigue points. When you reach 100, that's all. However, there are 4 ways to get rid of some or all of your fatigue points.
1. Every hour, you remove 5 points.
2. Go into the Cash Shop and purchase the Fatigue Reset Coupon, which brings your fatigue to 0, for 2.5k Nx.
3. You can purchase potions that can, at max for 3m total, remove 30 fatigue points. You can only use 3 every day, and there is a potion that recovers 5 points for 300k mesos, and another that recovers 10 fatigue for 1m mesos.
4. Wait until 12 PM Pacific time and your fatigue will be reset to 0.

Good Luck maplers!