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New name, same game

The good:

Burst is harder to get now which makes the battles actually challenging.
New systems such as the Gossip system make a refreshing change.
No game overs (mostly) and no game over penalties makes the game so much less annoying.
Good implementation of school life and adventuring and an even better way to find out more about your party members.
Alchemy recipes for new items are everywhere with lots of items and most of them contain recipes for more than one item (but you'll have to find that out).
Japanese-English voice selection.
Most of the scenes are funny.

The bad:

You'll have to make lots of items using alchemy with limited ingredients.
Using alchemy has become more complicated than necessary.
There are more voiced scenes and characters in Japanese than those in English.


Mana Khemia, Alchemists of Al-Revis is a 2-Dimensional RPG game for the Playstation 2. If you're wondering at the title of my review, I said that because this game is a spiritual sequel to the Atelier Iris series, some aspects of both games are similar to each other as it has always been in the Atelier Iris series, Mana Khemia is a spin-off of the series, one might say.

The story revolves around a character named Vayne Aurelius (along with his pet cat, Sulpher) and his life in the academy he was requested to attend. There, on his first day he meets Jess, Flay and Nikki and they open a w...

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