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Dood, this game is good!
Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness was certainly an interesting beast of a game. Not only was it the first strategy RPG I've ever played (keep in mind that I grew up with a Master System, Game Boy and Nintendo 64, none of which really had any to speak of), but even after playing more of them like Final Fantasy Tactics and the various Fire Emblem games, this one still stood out amongst the rest because it did something special. It's not just the story, but also the playstyle. While Fire Emblem was straight up "move unit to enemy unit and attack", Disgaea has tiles that can mak...


A Must-Own for tactical RPG gamers...

The good:

The battle system on Disgaea is probaly the best of any tactical RPG game, however insignificant the genre is. The interface is easy to use and understand, and you'll have learned most of the basics towards the beggining of the game. The story-line is quite different from other japanese oriented games, aside from the fact that it entails humor, and is enjoyable to say the least. The game is detailed with numerous options, including mini-games, such as customizing a large army, a seperate world to explore, and multiple endings.

The bad:

The graphics tend to be sub-par which really doesn't impede much on the overall gameplay, but it would have been great to have seen a little more polish to the game. The voice-acting could have been better, but once again it doesn't do much to itch your agitation.


Disgaea was a huge hit in Japan, but has only found nominal success stateside. Part of the reason for that is the game communities lack of knowledge of the game. In fact IGN awarded it the 'Best Game no one Played' award. But, don't let its shady history stop you from delving into the best the tactical RPG genre can give.

The story line nimbly walks away from the cliche' RPG ala Final Fantasy or Shadowhearts, and sets its own path of humor and fun that all ages can enjoy. The cutscene's are imaginative, although they tend to be somewhat corny at times. Gameplay revolves around a system of g...


Well, excuse us for being flat!



When Laharl, Prince of the Netherworld awoke from what he intended to be a ten day nap, he was somewhat shocked to discover that two years had passed, he was now an orphan, and that his existence (and claim to the throne of the Netherworld) had been forgotten.

Etna and Laharl.

Together with his 'humble vassal Etna', and a motley crew of various demons, he begins reasserting his claim to the throne in a typically demonic fashion - hitting anyone who objects very firmly over the head with a blunt (or, in the case of the swords and axes, blood-lettingly sharp) object.

Soon, Laharl and Etna ar...


Demonically Insane and Incredibly funny!

The good:

This game has a great amusement to it. Though there is some mild language, it is all good fun playing through this game. The plot is wonderful, instead of playing the well known hero, you are an evil demon instead, which turns things around for you. Doing bad things, stealing stuff, fighting other demons who are just as bad as you, it's cool. The game play added to it is enough for you. It keeps you busy for a while.

The characters were very well designed, Laharl, the demon Prince, son of the overlord of the netherworld who's goal is to become Overlord himself and destroy anything that blocks his way. His companion Etna, the cute young demon who looks like a young devil/succubus girl. She's got a fiery attitude and a look that could kill. There has to be someone good in this game, someone holy and innocent which is the young Angel Flonne, who comes to the Netherworld, but teams with Laharl. there is also Vyers, the one known as the dark adonis or mid boss. He becomes your demonic rival throughout the game but tends to have a bit of bad luck. You are also able to choose your squad from the blue haired little girl. A huge variety of demons, humanoids and monsters that you can have in your team, but you have to earn them with mana.

Some of the things such as music and sound effects blow you away. The music really adds to the mood, it can be so sentimental, but some of it can also rock your world...literally. As for the sound effects. Very realistic and the english voices for the characters really suit them. Especially Etna, Flonne, Vyers and some of the small phrases some of the members of your battle team shout out in battle. There is a huge variety in weapons and items, but be sure to have a bit of money on your hands, some of them can be awfully pricey. But you can also upgrade some of the weapons you have in the item world, which comes into a lot of good use. The Dark Assembly is where you can get more expensive or cheaper weapons and items, including new places to battle, and added goodies. Though the Dark Assembly can be awfully harsh, so you can either bribe them or fight them.

The battles are awfully strategic. Your enemies and bosses are well designed, and can be a great challenge. Yiu may also have to crack a puzzle or two to be able to beat your opponent. The scenes before the battles are hilariously amusing, rude and can bring tears of laughter to your eyes. Very nice lay out of using images of the characters of what they are expressing at that moment with their voices over it.

The bad:

The bad news is the graphics, they aren't the best of graphics though they are colorful and easy to make out everything. Ialso admit that the enemies can be a little too easy, which doesn't leave much of a challenge there really making you work through the chapters of the game pretty easily.

The Dark Assembly can be very hard and can lead to frustration. You have to have a lot of items to bribe many senators to like you because you won't be able to beat them when fighting unless you level up a whole lot. It's a little annoying, but I guess some things make up for the bad comments.


Disgaea has to be one of the best Strategy games known. With it's brilliantly laid out battle platforms, amusing characters that have you laughing for ages, great enemies and bosses that can be fun and challenging. They certainly took a lot of time on a game such as this. Though the graphics may not be the best, everything else that is contained in the game certainly make up for it such as Music, variety of fighters, and added treats like other worlds you can fight in if approved by the Dark Assembly.

I think in my own opinion, some of the best parts of this game has to be some of the amazin...


Amateur...THAT is my masterpiece.

The good:

Some of the most memorable RPG characters in a long time, music is excellent and varied, EXTREMELY deep gameplay, challenging, hilarious dailogue, super-cute anime graphics, multiple story lines & endings, original advance-gameplay system...

The bad:

Requires a LOT of free time, some of the English voices could be better, slight character imbalance,


Disgaea is one of the PS2's leading cult hits for a good reason: It has some of the most impressive strategy RPG gameplay I've seen on the console. It's not quite as good as Final Fantasy: Tactics, but it definitely comes close.

The game definitely deserves props for it's originality: Especially the lack of RPG cliches in it. There's almost no hint of FF-inspiration anywhere. The characters aren't some save the world quest, they're on a take over the world quest. Playing dirty, stealing, bribing, etc. is encouraged, and there is TON of edgy humor in the dialogue as well. Hell, the humor is o...


many many many hours of darkness

The good:

incredible amounts of replay value, interesting cast, funky soundtrack, well-written dialogue, addictive gameplay, stylish art

The bad:

PS1 graphics, poor English voice acting (with the exception of Etna), some overly sentimental plot twists towards the conclusion


Disgaea immediately departs from the ordinary by giving you control of, not a one-deminsional hero out to save the planet from certain doom, but a spoiled demon prince with the goal of taking over the Netherworld. With a cast of quirky characters and humorous situations, Disgaea breaths new life into the strategy RPG genre that has long been considered dead. The genre's simple controls leave room for heavily strategical situations within the fourteen required levels, a number of secret realms, and the randomly generated 100-level item worlds inside the over 1,000 weapons, accessories, and a...

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