Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Unlockables

The secret endings
To obtain the secret endings, you must pass certain conditions before certain events.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Vyers endingIf you lose in a stage that vyers is the boss of, instead of getting a game over, you will get a secret ending.
evil prince endingIf you have 100 or more allies killed before finishing chapter 3, you will be given a choice whether to kill hoggmeiser or not. choosing to kill him will give you the secret ending.
Overlord Etna endingIf 100 allies have been killed before chapter 5 ends, you will have a choice to kill maderas. If you kill him you get the secret ending.
Conquerer of earth endingAfter completing chapter 13, go to the dark assembly and pass a law "go to the human world". After finishing the stages, you will get this ending.
Good endingFinish the game without any character deaths.
normal endingFinish the game with no conditions fullfilled.
Bad ending 1Pass 100 laws in the dark senate by force.
bad ending 2kill the item god, who appears at the 100th floor of a legendary item. It has to be a very strong legendary item.
Mid-boss endinglose to the boss in chapter 1, 4, 6, and 10