Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Cheats

Combo + Boost Cheat/Glitch
When doing Combo Chains (Various characters attacking/connecting enemies together, to get a boost to power, and bonus guage, when killing enemies), I have found that even if you KILL the enemy that is supposed to link the chains together, providing your next character will hit at least one other enemy in that chain, you still get the Combo+ Chain.

Ex. - A spear user kills a sprite that is standing next to a zombie. Your next attacker in the chain (like a Mage), uses a multiple target spell (3 square spell) that was to connect the now dead sprite, to the zombie. The sprite may be dead, but since the attack grid square is still going over the spot that held the sprite, the combo chain isn't lost. This saves a lot of hassle.

NOTE: Doesn't work if the next attacker to succeed is now incapable of hitting anything on their attack grid, that connects the now empty grid spot, and other enemies. The chain gets broken.

File this under glitches.

BTW: Didn't see this submitted, but it might have been.