Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Tips

easy leveling
Before doing this your main char. needs to be between 25-30, and you need a wind mage thats about 20.

Buy a decent amount of SP potions, and then go to Jotunheim, Terrible Cold
Combine all the enemies and they should be about 140. Put the high level monster (created by combining ALL of the monsters on the map!) on the green square (this is the only square on the map that does not provide "Invincibiliy") and keep attacking the monster with all of your characters until it gets down to about 50-200. Take the character (MUST BE OVER 15 AND HAVE GOOD ATTACK AND HIT!!!) that you wish to level and let them finish them off for many levels!!!

You can get a ton of levels if you do this repeatedly and you can get even MORE levels if you get the "Triple Exp" passed by the Senators (DO NOT DO ANY MAP IF YOU GET TRIPLE EXP PASSED)
This is a great way to level any character that is below 50-70 (2 examples of how effective this is...)
1. A level 7 Scout leveled to 28 without triple exp
2. Level 24-26 Laharl to level 41 with triple exp