Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Tips

How to make senators at the Dark Assembly always say yes
All you have to do is Unlock "Ball's Castle".

You can unlock it by beating Alternate Netherworld and Beauty Castle(Mysterious Seal).

Defeat "The Lord Of Terror Ball" and there you go you have become a Tyrant(The Lord Of Terror).

Laharl-Who the hell is this guy!?
What you got to be kidding!
LEVEL 4000!
The Lord of terror....Ball.... The legend was true

Nemesis (Legendary) Must Steal! one chance
Super Robo Suit (Blue Legendary) Must Steal! one chance
Note-There is a replacement Boss

This guy is extremely hard to beat!!!!!!

Replacement boss:
Uber Prinny Ball-
Nemesis Mk II Must steal!(lgendary)infinite chances
Prinny Costume Must steal!(legendary)infinite chances
Note-Nemesis Mk II and Prinny Costume are already at level 100. You can fight Uber Prinny as many times as you want.

Once you become a Tyrant. Senators will almost always say yes at the Dark Assembly.