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If you played a lot of Disgaea 1, this will get tedious

The good:

- All the classes, human and monsters, have been revamped for a balanced playing field and a fair chance to get used
- 1 new weapon, the gun
- felonies, basically a bonus% to your exp gains
- new twists to enhancing items such as mystery room that can raise your item extra levels and pass votes in the item world to strengthen the item in stats of your choosing
- all the "old" good things in Disgaea 2 are still here - especially the freedom on how you play the game and win the fights

The bad:

So what went wrong?
- Well the story for one. While most games have pretty average backstory, the best and worst ones stand out and you can always remember forever and Disgaea 2 is one of the worst I can remember.
Ok, so those who have played Disgaea 1 before know story isn't what you come here for anyway. So it doesn't matter. Nor did it really mattered for me.
- One can also say a lot of things are incredibly UNchanged. I can hardly say I have noticed a single new generic monster, or a new skill from the existing weapon types. Does Nippon Ichi think these aspects of Disgaea 1 were so perfect they should be untouched? I beg to differ.

- And there's a distinct tedium with Disgaea 2. Twice I have started playing this game, the 2nd time I managed to finish the main story, but I am not enjoying an of the infinite levels of item world that was so immersive for me in Disgaea 1. So what is it? I'll try to describe it in details below:


Disgaea 2 plays exactly the same way as Disgaea 1, i.e. totally single-player-affair square-grid, turn-based SRPG where you can deploy up to 10 characters and use their skills and the terrain to overcome your opponent. In Disgaea 2 you continue to enjoy humuguous amount of freedom on your character development and your style of play.

So what's wrong with the story?

A number of Japanese entities have extreme obsessions like mutilation and world apocalyse and they don't stop writing those stories over and over.
Nippon Ichi is obsessed with orphans.
When I play La Puecelle Tactics, orphan story t...


Disgaea 2: Fantastic Gameplay Memories

The good:

-Turn Based
-Make as many characters as you want
-No Level Cap
-Tons of monsters to fight
-Freedom to walk around in the real world
-Most of the time, you can go somewhere even if you have something to do in the storyline
-Grid Maps
-Lots of Strategy options
-Random Level Option in Candy World, where you can play hundreds and possibly thousands of different levels

The bad:

Really? Nothing. There's usually always something bad about a game, but there's nothing really bad that I can point out here. The game may not be perfect, as no game is, which is why I have yet to rate a game a perfect score of 5, but there's definitely not anything wrong with this game.


This is the second game in the Disgaea Series. The first one followed Etna and Laharl. Now, in Cursed Memories, you'll be playing as Adell. Enta and Laharl are in this game, but don't play as big of a part. Adell is the cool main character with no brains and the type to rush into any battle.

Gameplay 10/10

There's nothing wrong with this. You can make your own characters, as well as having a few characters that are part of the story line already, although you don't have to use them. You'll get to bring out 10 characters on a map at a time, once you've obtained that many. The battle system is ...

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