Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Guide
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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Guide

by Frozen Atari   Updated on
-={Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories}=-


.I [Introduction]- Just skip this, unless you love me.

.II [Battle Tactics]- Tells you about grid based combat and tactics that work in Disgaea 2.

.III [Weapons]- All you need to know about Killamajigs

.IV [Armaments]- Armor, Belts, Seals? Find about them here! (Horse Wieners not included.)

.V [Classes and Characters]- Find out how to make that old man useful.

.VI [Monsters]- Does it leap, creep, and falls asleep at the senate?  Discover about the 
viscous cuddy monsters that live in the new netherworld.

.VII [Geo Stones]- Learn about crafty crystals.

.IIX [Item World]- It’s big, complicated, and full of ninja pirates. Hmmm… Were they 
ninjas that turned to pirating or pirates that learned to ninja?

.IX [Dark Assembly]- Voice your opinion with tons of “gifts”!

.X [Raising and Saving Hell]-How to be a frugal demon.

.XI [Forging a Demon]-You want power, I can tell. So I’ll give you a few pointers.

.XII [Contact and Legal]-Tells you how to make organic paste from horse hooves. 
(Now with thanks! )


.I [Introduction]

Well hello hello, I’m Frozen Atari, and let me help you not just to beat the game by holding 
your hand and telling you what to do here and there. No! Let me help you master Disgaea 2 By 
helping you understand the elements that are poured into this wonderful game!  
Now, what I mean is that this is not a walkthrough. If you are going use a walkthrough 
every step of the game, you might as well forget playing it.  If you understand the monsters, 
classes, how the AI works, and use simple observation, you can complete any stage, and item 
world, any map! So come on, let me help you understand the many faces in this game.


.II [Battle Tactics]

Grid based combat is the form of battle system used is Disgaea 2. Grid based Epics have been 
around for some time, and was first made popular by “Final Fantasy Tactics” on the 
Playstation. Through the years, common known tactics and ideas have arisen that are unique 
to this variety of games. 
First, always check the map. Look in every corner, every valley, and every angle. Disgaea 2 
allows you to rotate, pull out, and gives a bird’s eye view.  Use all these camera angles 
to build up a good picture of the area, after all you never know when that 
“Ally Damage 20%” Geo Stone will jump out and bite you in the ass.
Next, check the enemy movements. Most enemies don’t move on their own 
(Unless in item world), they wait for you to come around. (lazy bums) and will attack on 
mass, oh no! If getting gnawed on by hungry demon wolves sounds bad to you, then all you 
have to do is check the grouch’s movement. Thus, all you have to do is use some bait, like 
a character with High Defense to take a few blows. Move the bait on the edge of monster’s 
movement zone and defend. If you wish, toss a few spell uppers like “Shield” and 
“Magic Wall” to help keep the damage down. The monster(s) will take to the bait and attack 
it, take this chance to swarm the enemies and kill it in a turn. Easy, eh? Yet just being 
in the movement zone is not the only thing that gets enemy demons excited. Low-level 
characters and Low Defense characters peak a demon’s interest and they will chase them 
down, ignoring every one else! With a little imagination, you can form some crafty battle 
plans under the right conditions!
You should also know about target priority. Target priority is basically to know how to 
put which unit where and which unit should come out first. Now typically your first idea 
is for Adell to surge out and cream a monster in one punch. BZZZT! Wrong! Rarely will 
you blast away a monster in one punch, and secondly you should use higher movement units 
last. Use the heavy knights, Golems, and other low movement power houses. These guys are 
perfect for making the area around your base panel safe. Now Adell right? Not yet. Take out 
your Gun and Bow using units and have them soften up/kill far away or tough to reach units. 
Now start pulling out the high/average movement units like warriors, marionettes, Adell, 
and others who tend to be on the front line. After that, you want to pull “paper tigers” 
(Units with high attack but are ultimately venerable to attack) like Ninjas and Ronins. 
Finally, Take out the Magic users to clean up any messes. In all cases, make sure to team 
attack and combo as much as you can to build up that extra damage. This way of unit 
managing is good for item world and maps in which you must take on a lot of monsters. 
Although most story line maps will not have this option always open, and you have to use 
such and such unit to achieve certain results. (Like a mage to take out that far away geo 
stone out) You also have to be flexible. If you are in item world, and if you think low 
defense characters are going to die because there are still a lot of monsters around, don’t 
take them out. As the drunk who hangs out in my back yard says “Always look before you leap. 
Now dance baby!”
Throwing has lovingly been improved since the first game. Throwing was an important feature 
in the Disgaea, and is more so in Disgaea 2. Throwing helps a character to pick up a 
teammate, enemy, chest, or geo stone and move it in one of four directions. (Although you 
can throw when the panel is changing directions, but its tough to do.) Throwing can have 
the object/character clear gaps in the map, get over tall obstacles, play catch with another 
character, or even attack another demon. You can also combine monsters by throwing as well. 
Just simply toss one enemy onto another and the larger level creature will devour its former 
ally to get stronger! The monster will increase the amount of levels its snack was. 
(Thus a level 50 Prinny gets fed a level 25 Wood Golem the prinny will become level 75.) 
This only works for enemies, there is no easy way of leveling up here! Throwing is mandatory 
to clear many of the story maps; it will help you solve the puzzle-like areas Disgaea 2 is 
known for.
Combo and team attacks are also an important part of Disgaea2. Combos are useful for taking 
down tough solitary creatures like Bosses (the few that there are), Heavy knights, Golems, 
high-level enemies, and Baciels. Team attacks are a nice way to rank up damage and to 
distribute EXP among demons. After a team attack, you can O cancel the demons that did 
initiate the attack and have those demons do something else. Pretty handy, eh? O cancel is 
also useful for healing and boosting, as you can make an ideal formation and O cancel the 
demons back to their starting places.

.III [Weapons]

If you are like most of use, you will want some weapons to help dish out the pain, other 
wise you can look forward to very very loooong battles. So lets get down to business to 
objects you don’t want to on business end of. Any class can use any weapon, and you do not 
always need to stick with one. You may find it helpful for your spear user to carry a bow or 
gun to help soften up enemies that are out of reach.


You like all that cool chopping action that swords offer, right? After all, that’s why all 
the main protagonist carr--- oh yeah… Well, just because the main feathered hair fighter 
dislikes swords, doesn’t you have to! Swords offer pure power with no extra stuff attached. 
Swords only use Attack to calculate damage, and have no extra abilities like other weapons. 
While they may seem bland just with attacking, they offer a versatile array of special moves. 
Many of the attacks offer long ranged attacks not found in other close combat weapons. 
Swords and belts are a deadly combination, as they allow you to deal a ton of damage over a 
wide area. Swords are popular among both warriors, ninjas, and ronins. Having a favorable 
Wind Element is a good idea with swords because of "Hurricane Slash" a popular and powerful 
single attack.


Like swords, spears base damage off attack. Yet spears offer a bit more than the common 
cutters. Spears always boost defense, give bonus to block (it reduces damage a bit), and 
the prodders can attack two spaces away. The spear offers a good mix of
special attacks that moves the character around, as well as abilities that attack all 
enemies around the spearman. It’s not hard to see that spears are popular, is certainly worth
having one or two in your party. (Or more!) Both types of warriors and heavy knights love 
spears, and they just look right when holding one. Having Wind or Fire as the favorable 
element is good thing to have because of elemental attacks like "Turbulence" and "Spear Storm".


These weapons have been changed quite a big since the first. Bows have more range, which is 
good. Yet… they have crappy skills. Most of the special attacks hit one person, but have good 
range. Also, a bow’s special attacks have various status effects that come along, which is 
always nice. Yet when put up next to when the other weapons have, the bow surely losses out 
in term of special attacks. Bows use attack and hit to calculate damage, so make sure you 
have a good balance of these stats, unless you want an attack with crappy power. When you 
polish off a baddy, the bow has a better chance of a treasure chest popping up. These chests 
can be wonderful diversions, but also have yummy goodies in side. Archers, Lady warriors, and 
Clerics primarily use bows.


Gunna getcha! Guns have also changed quite a bit. In Disgaea2, guns fire in strait lines and 
causes the enemy’s speed to drop. The Gun’s special attacks also typically strait lines and 
have good range and power. Guns, unlike other weapons, do not use attack but hit to see how 
damage is dealt. Which is fine. After all, if you give a character a gun and glasses you can 
make some VERY powerful attacks. Gunners and Thieves make excellent use of guns. For those 
wondering, the special move “Tokenkreuz” is still here; the special move that makes Eva fans 
giggle. Having a nice Fire element is good idea to have as well.


And my axe! Axes are the kings of dealing damage. Not only do make a character’s attack 
rocket, but also they lower enemy defense and have great one on one skills. How cool is 
that? Yet you make a sacrifice when you use the axe. Axes will lower your hit, suck at team 
attacking, and do not level up well. When you item dive into an axe, the hit negative also 
increases and creates an unbalanced weapon. It hits hard, but it will never hit due to the 
great hit disability. This means later on in the game when you have mack daddy level 10 
weapons, you’re axe user may trail behind in power. Yet the axes ability to lower defense is 
warmly welcomed and does not make the weapon utterly useless. Glasses and Axes work well, as 
the coke frames will help even out the hit negative. (certainly when leveled up) Axes are 
used best by warriors and heavy knights. Surprisingly, an archer is not a bad choice for an 
axe. With an archer’s high attack and hit, they can get away with out having to use glasses. 
Slap a belt on the beehive haired girl and you have a hellish little lady! Yet the archer 
will lack special attacks, which really is not all that bad. Again, having a character with 
a good Fire element is nice.


Fists are lovely weapons, as the main character has taken a likening to them. Fists are nice 
weapon choice because in addition to power, knuckles boost speed, team attack, and counter. 
Fists use both Speed and Attack to determine the damage dealt, so keep that in mind. 
A knuckle’s special attacks are very useful, allowing a character to move enemies around 
while causing serious pain. This ability to move enemies will become useful if you wish to 
plow through item world at a rapid pace. Fists are popular among Sinners and Ninjas.


There is so much arcane power from a single hunk of wood. As expected, staves don’t offer 
much in the attack department, and NONE in the special attacks. Their effect focuses on 
magic, as they raise INT and put more range and power in spells. Staves are only effective 
in the hands of characters that caste magic like clerics, mages, skulls, and druids.

Monster Weapons-

Monster weapons fall under two categories: Red and Grey. Red Monster weapons increase attack 
and other physical attributes. Grey weapons increase attack, but not all that much. Their 
merit is found in the ability to increase Int as well. So just keep that in mind when giving 
one to a monster. (Obviously a ghost will get more out of a grey then a red, and a petit orc 
will get more out of a red then a grey.) Obviously humanoid demons cannot use them… they 
just can’t figure them out.


.IV [Armaments]

Disgaea is much more than big nasty weapons with funny descriptions; it also has protective 
armors, war gear, and items with funny descriptions.

=Stuff You Can Buy=


Lets face it; running around naked is no way to win a battle. Well.. ok so the Scots did it 
in the past, but you don’t have the option to paint your self blue and take the enemy by 
surprise. Armor increases a character’s defense and typically one or more other stats like 
Res, Speed, HP, or attack. Keep an eye on what you buy and place on whom. Just as it may 
increase certain stats, armors tend to decrease certain stats as well. (Speed and Res tend to 
be common targets.)


To get belts at the armor shop, you have to pass a bill at the senate, other wise you can 
only get them as spoils. Belts always increase Attack but will decrease speed. Most of the
earlier belts are not worth getting, but later ones crank up a character's power noticeably. 
In true disgaea fashion, belts are typically worn around the chest.


Like belts, you have to yell at the assembly to make glasses available. Glasses increase Hit 
a lot and Int just a tad. This is pretty good for magic users, gun users, and axe users, so 
pick up a pair today!


Have a chat with the senate to get Nikes in your local chop. Shoes increase movement, jump, 
and speed. Just the type of triple threat needed for ninjas. Of course, just like the last 
game, you can switch one pair of shoes on and off during battle so that you can get extra 
movement from your characters. (Switching equipment DOES -=NOT=- WASTE A TURN.)


Scream at you elected officials to get weights in the shop. Weights are…. odd. They increase 
various stats, and decrease certain stats. They also have you enter battle with only 25% of 
the character’s hit points. You may be thinking “uhmmm no” when it comes to buying such war 
gear, but there is a catch. Many classes (particularly humanoids) have abilities that 
activate when their HP is at 25% or lower. This can be a very killer combination with 
classes like the male ninja and ronin, as I will discuss later.

Note: Tallteen86 discovered that Weights “disappear” after being equipped awhile. 
Later, he finds out that Weights Resurect their wearer in Item wold. So, keep one around for 

=Stuff You Must Win=

Some armaments you cannot buy. You just have to steal or win them. So get busy on it toots.


Muscles increase a character’s HP a ton. This is a good choice for magic users and other 
classes with crappy HP that see the opponent’s fist more than you like.


Orbs raise a character’s Res and SP. (Sometimes Int too, but not a lot) This is pretty good 
for mage and warrior alike. Orbs give added res that give protection against spells, and the
added SP gives you more spells.


You club their babies and wear their lovely fur. Oh wait… These symbols of demon nobility 
boost all stats evenly. Which is not as good as you might think it is. I prefer just the 
normal stuff as it adds way more to one stat. Although I have to say that a seal is a 
wonderful addition to characters like clerics and mage knights, as they tend to use every 
stat a lot.


.V [Classes and Characters]

So, do you really want to go through the game with just Adell and Rozy? Of course not! Get 
yo butt in gear and make some wonderful characters that appear in Disgaea 2! When making a 
character, you should always make the character “Incompetent” at the least.(certainly when 
starting out) As a +1 to a stat is way better than a –5. You can have up to 10 units on the 
field, and is a good idea to raise 10 diverse little devils equally.
Although many people find that raising a few, say 6 or 8 is the way to go. I won't say it
 is the 'wrong way' or something. The smaller group allows a player to whip the puny punks 
into an elite fighting force. Yet it can leave you vunerable if a demon kicks the bucket. 
Also many classes will HAVE to pull double duty as healer, as you will to recover and remove
status. A larger group, provides a lot of back up. Not only that, but you can divide you 
force and concore larger areas on the map quickly. Also, if a demon dies, no big deal, the 
rest can pick up the slack. Yet the added force means more money an time to spend leveling 
Extra gain is something not well known in the Disgaea universe. Extra gain is when a 
character makes another character, and benefits from the created character.  Uhmm… too broad 
of a definition, right? Well, there are benefits to making your own characters, some you 
might not even suspect. For one, the Pupil (The created character) benefits the Master 
(The demon who created character) in team attacks. The percentage is a tad higher than with 
other characters, which is nice. Also when a Pupil levels up, the master gains a little of 
the effort and the master’s stats increase. This by no means a full level up for the master, 
just a little boost that adds up in the long run. Most importantly, a master can learn spells a 
pupil has learned. Thus, your female fighter can have the spell “Braveheart” to caste on her 
self if she cannot do anything that turn. As you can imagine, this can lead of more powerful 
characters with well-rounded abilities. You certainly cannot let this pass you by, exploit 
it today!

=Beginning Classes =


Fighters turn big nasty things into little bloody things with huge sharp things. These guys 
are your main attackers and do it looking really heroic with their shirtless chest and wind 
blowing bandanas. Like in the last disgaea, Fighters can use many weapons and it is really 
up to you just what kind of killa-thwaka you give them. In comparison to Lady Fighters, males 
have more HP and Defense, and better aptitude in HP. Yet Females have better Hit, Speed, and 
aptitude in Defense. Also, Females are better with bows, while males are better with axes, 
although both are good with swords and spears.

Lady Fighters-

Ever have one of those days when all your cloths stink and you have nothing to wear but belts 
and pants? Well the Lady Fighter takes what given to her and makes due. We have already 
discussed the difference between the guys and gals, so pick whatever tickles your fancy, as 
they are both good choices. Now lets move on to mages


W-what? My poor mumbling demons! Say it is not so! Well, these little Potters are not the 
same weirdoes from the first, but their roll has not changed. Skulls provide that magic power 
in spades and can nuke a large number of monsters with powerful spells. Granted they may be 
tough to raise at first, but soon that will all melt away when you start blasting several 
enemies at once. Even though you start out with three, they all have the same stats, just 
different elements. Magic users are paramount in Disgaea, and it will be incredibly 
beneficial to create and raise one. (Never ever skip out on your mages!) When compared to 
Mages, Skulls have better HP, Defense, and Speed. Mages have better SP, stat Res, and Hit.  
Skulls are also slightly better with close combat weapons like swords, spears, and axes. 
Mages are better with Bows and Guns. Skulls and Mages get slightly different spells as well, 
in the status-downing department. Skulls get spells that destroy Attack, hit and Int. While 
mages get to nuke defense, res, and speed. Finally, Skulls learn spell much faster than any 
other class, while mages use less SP to caste.


They still look like maids…. But what ever. As before, we’ve already gotten into the nitty 
gritty with the two magic users available, and lets face it; mages are slightly better than 
skulls. While not as durable as their male counter parts, it does not take much to take down 
a skull, so much that is does not matter if you have slightly better defense and HP. Mages 
have more SP and hit, which makes a difference. Although it is really up to you what you 
really want. (I suggest one or two of each) Regarless of what magic user you go with, I 
suggest you give them healing spells. This can help you out in a pinch if your main healer 
bites the dust.


Thieves get an 11 on the adorable scale from one to ten. Thieves this time around are more 
useful in every day battles than thieves from the previous Disgaea. They are tougher, have 
better stats, and are better with weapons in general. (Although not by much… although a ‘C’ 
is way better than a ‘D’ in mastery) While they are still are fragile, the new gun/bow 
mechanics help these whimsical little sprites stay far away from the battle. When an enemy 
does get close, you can smack a status effect on their face and run a way. They can also 
steal items and stats… yet they are not as good as Laharl’s master pickpockets. I can 
remember stealing every thing that was not nailed down with my old thieves. Although in 
this game they still provide excellent movement, jump, and serve best as your first 
(and perhaps only) gunners.


Gee, look who matured a little since the last installment. Any way, Clerics have no male 
counter part (looks like Etna is keeping them) and are more balanced in this game. They have 
well-rounded stats and a healthy list of recovery and status boosting spells. They have 
somewhat mixed weapon learning though, as they have nothing in the “B” department. (They have 
no “E” learning either) Although they provide excellent support with spells and arrows and 
are a must have in any adventure. Remember to give your cleric a bow AND staff, as you are 
going to need to switch from one to the other through out the game. Alternatively, you can 
give the Cleric attack magic. Have the cleric make a mage/skull/old man pupil, level it up a 
bit, and learn some of the attack spells. This way, you can have a cleric that heals, clears 
status, beefs up units, and nukes. Make sure you pack an orb if you are going this route, 
because the cleric is going eat SP like free Godiva Chocolate.

=Unlockable classes=

Not all classes are available from the get go, some need to opened up. Many classes need a 
weapon mastery level to be met, although a few require ‘special conditions’. When the 
condition is met, a proposal should open up at the dark assembly.

Beast Masters-

Requirement: Capture one monster

Is it just me, or does the face of these savage women remind you of Haruko from FLCL? Beast 
Masters are the easiest bonus class you get, and are quite helpful. Those of us who have 
played the first Disgaea may shy away from monster classes, but truth be told monsters are 
far more effective and the scantly Beast Master makes them even better. Not only do they 
have a natural ability that boosts near by friendly monsters, have a better chance at team 
attacking, and they have some useful skills that beef up monsters as well. Whew! By the way, 
the boost raises the monster’s stats by 20% on adjacent panels. This class also has good 
fighting stats, and holds their own on the front lines with warriors. The weapon selection 
is large, so you can pick your favorite and run with it. Obviously, Beast Masters work best 
when prodding monstrous demons along, so be sure your party has one or two monsters. (Make 
the relationship better and have the beast master make the monster.)


Requirement- Destroy 500 geo panels

Now you can make a dirty old man, hurray! Druids are another spell casting class, and learn 
three types magic: Star, Heal, and Geo. Geo magic only works in item world, and is a little 
pricey to use. Geo magic comes in the form of a few spells, like teleporting, geo change, and 
others. Like all magic users, old men love the staff and are really only good with them. In 
addition, old men do not take damage from exploding geo stones, which is a plus and will 
help in some story line battles. Yet the Druid’s spell progression is slow, but powerful. If 
you plan on diving in item world, then making a Druid is a smart move. Even if you don’t plan 
on wandering in items, their pure offence and healing spells are quite helpful and makes 
this character incredibly flexible. I suggest when you spawn this elder, you should give 
them elemental magic. (Make sure you give them magic that favors their element) Some times, 
Star magic just does not cut it, and you need a blast of fire or ice to really nuke a critter.
You may only need regular and mega leved magic for the story line, but pump them up to the 
fullest if you want to go beyond that.


Requirement- One character must become a criminal

I’m going to kill this guy’s voice actor. Remember brawlers from the first game? Think of 
them again. A sinner is pretty much a carbon copy of the last game’s brawler with more equal
stats and less movement. They really don’t do much besides punch…. And monsters are good 
enough now so that you don’t need a fist-specialist Class. Not only that, but they do not 
provide anything that other classes does not. That and you have ninjas. So, I guess this is 
Disgaea 2’s bastard class. Not really much to say about them… hey how about those Heavy 

Heavy Knights-

Requirement- Level 3 spear mastery

Holy crap! It’s Ganaondorf! Run, run far away! Call the hero of time, boil the bacon, make 
so--- oh, my bad! It is just your friendly neighborhood Demonic Iron Clad guard. You had me 
worried there for a second! Any way, this cuddly chap has insane Physical Stats; HP, Defense, 
Res and attack are all high. Yet what he gives for pure power he gets shot down in movement, 
jump, and speed. With a mv of 3 and a jmp of 15, this guy is not going any where fast. While 
slow, you can make up for this in passing the movement bill, giving him shoes, or just chuck 
him around. Giggles here also likes Spears and Axes. Although giving Heavy Knights a spear 
just seems wrong, as they will shrug off most physical attacks with ease. The axe works 
nicely too, and makes him look really badass. Also, Heavy Knights get a throw of 6…. SIX! 
Which is the farthest any character can throw. Also when this guy’s HP is low he turns into 
an unstoppable beast as his Defense turns up even more.An insane combo to give the beast 
is to have his weapon as a spear, with a suit of armor, muscle, and orb. Not only will he 
scoff at most attacks, but his healing prowless gets boosted even more!(Yes, giving a 
knight healing spells is a good move. You can thank his pimping res for that.)

Male Ninjas- 

Requirement- Level 5 Sword and Fist mastery

Nin nin! Do I need to go through this one? Ninjas have high speed, movement, and jump. Yet 
ninjas lack Hp and Defense, making them a “paper tiger” class. Ninjas make good scouts, as 
they can navigate terrain with easy and hold their own against one on one situations. Ninjas 
also have unique skills that allow them to hit and move. Even though Ninjas have insane 
evade, I suggest giving them Shoes as well. (like two pairs) Their normal speed just is not 
enough, and they do not randomly evade attacks like in the first Disgaea. With shoes, a Ninja 
can evade quite a bit and really blaze across the land. Although do not be fooled that ninja 
can cut a thousand enemies down, because a few well-placed attacks will kill him. Ninjas are 
one of classes that truly benefit from the odd “weight” armament. For when a Ninja gets in
danger, his evade goes up insanely, and can dodge almost any attack.

Female Ninjas-

Requirement- Level 5 Staff and Fist mastery

A-Ayame?! Is that you? You look a bit….different. Any way, Female ninjas are kind of like 
male ninjas, just a bit more into the magic and less into physical attributes. Although they 
still pack a good punch and have great status inducing abilities. Female ninjas don’t get 
crazy ape high speed when they go critical, but gain two attacks. Giving this ninja some 
magic will yield very favorable results, so get on it!

Mage Knights-

Requirement- Level 3 sword and staff mastery

I love the bill name: “Make a busty beauty.” Well, the mage knight is well endowed in 
several areas; the two most obvious ones are the blend of attack and int and her distinct 
list of elemental spells. Her list of spells are round, full, and noticeably large. She gains 
spells that allow her to caste a spell right after attacking, dealing a little more damage 
than the average poke. The Mage knight’s spell list also includes spells that effect elements
of other characters and enemies; making is easier to nail an enemy with other spell caster’s
magic. Yet she lacks speed; perhaps there is something that is just weighing her down? Any 
way, a Mage Knight is a good choice, and has been improved since the last game.


Requirement- level 5 bow mastery

So gentile… So fragile… So innocent. Archers are such delicate creatures that they cannot 
talk, she can only give out squeaks, meeps, and hums.  At least this is the picture they try 
and show you. These demons embody deception, as you might think they are weak. This is far 
from the truth, as Archers have overall high aptitude, great attack, and great hit. They 
learn bow skills fast as hell, and shoot farther with them! You get the range of a gun over a 
huge area when an archer has her favorite killing device in her hands. Although, this all 
they are good in.  Archers changed very little since the last installment, and will most 
likely continue to be an over looked character. 


Requirements- Level 5 gun mastery

You might not be able to tell, but the Gunner and the Sinner hang out together. The gunner 
has laughable weapon choices and his stats some were between a beast master and a thief. He’s
got good hit and speed, but that’s about it. With the choice of higher movement thieves with 
slightly worse stats and being open since the start, the gunner has a lot against him. 
Although gunners do deal more damage in combos and look awesome. Yet when it comes right 
down to it, gunners don’t exceed the roll of any other class that has at least a C in gun 
mastery. So you can just stick with the giggling thief and not bother with this class.


Requirements- Level 5 sword mastery

Oh, looks like Laharl is keeping all the female ronins to him self. Ronins have over all good 
stats, most noticeable in Attack. Let me tell you, it is a lot. Ronins are weak in the 
subjects of SP and Res, so keep them away from spells if you want them to live long. Yet a 
Ronin is no warrior, like the ninja, you must know when to use them. If they get ganged up 
they will certainly perish.  Although these guys can instant kill when in critical health, 
so it may not be a bad idea to give these guys a weight. They learn the sword very fast, but 
are also good with the spear and bow. The spear it a good choice for the ronin, as it will 
boost his defense to a respectable level.

Chaos Solider-

Requirements- Finish the game.

This guy looks stupid. Although don’t be fooled by the green spandex and super sayian hair; 
this demon means business. While the Majins are the bad ass personal guard of Laharl’s 
netherworld, the Chaos knight fills the roll as the ultimate humanoid on this planet. Well, 
there is not much to say about them, they just stand around and kick every thing’s ass. They 
have good stats, good aptitude, good weapon learning…. You get the idea. Chaos Soldiers have
a “mysterious power” they can unleash. To activate this, nine of your party members must be 
dead. The Chaos Soldier’s stats will double, and will deliver red ass beat downs to all who 
are in his way.

[Special Characters]

Like in Disgaea, Disgaea 2 offers many special characters through out the story. Adell and 
Rozalin are available from the start, and both have nice stats and special attacks and it is
certainly a smart move to keep them. Unlike the first Disgaea, special characters are more 
restrictive in terms of weapons, but have great special abilities. Rozalin powers up male 
units, Tink Gets stronger when pimping out women, and Adell gets nasty against powerful 
opponents. All the special characters are powerful, and worth being put in any party. 
Although if you are like me, and you like a ton of control over your party, and you won’t 
use special characters that much.

.VI [Monsters]

As I said before, monsters are far more useful this time around. Each monster has special 
abilities and special attacks that humanoids dream of having. All monsters have powerful 
stat lines to make up for that fact that they cannot equip weapons and cannot throw. Monsters 
no longer have 100% aptitude down the stat line, but monsters typically have many stats in 
the 100% range. To get a monster in you character creation, all you have to do is kill or 
capture it. Unlike the first Disgaea, Mana cost is not determined by how many you slay. So 
monsters are as cheap to make as any humanoid is from the get go. Come on kids, go and make 
some monstrosities to devour your enemies! (Nippon Ichi is begging you….)


Ghosts no long suck out right. They just kinda suck. The spirits have very low HP, but great 
magic stats. They also recover SP every turn, which is a big plus. They have many long-range 
magic special attacks. If you really want a monster mage, look no further. To get the most 
out of a ghost, slam a muscle on his wobbly body and have some elemental magic running through 
his unliving body. This way he'll live after falling down and crank out some powerful and never 
ending supply of spells.


Zombies are very cool. They have very high HP, Attack, and Defense. Yet, they lag in the 
speed department. Zombies have many poison attacks, and work well as a wall of meat to soak 
up damage. The best part about Zombies is that they eat the brains and regain HP after they 
beat an enemy normally! How could you not love these fluffy little fellows? Belts are a must 
on Zombies, as they have crappy speed to start out with and more attack is a good thing. 
Also, try and get a wind favored Zombie; it'll help with his special attacks.


Laharl’s natural enemies. These demons have bouncy… personalities. They lack a tad in Hit, 
Speed, and defense, but make it up everywhere else. They drain HP, and are good with magic, 
so give her some! They also deal more damage to males units, remember that when you need to 
drain some souls away.


If you are looking for the monster brawler, look no further. These cool cats have lots of 
counters and deal more damage when countering. The slender feline demons have good attack, 
speed, and some of the best monster special attacks in the game. Use them much the same as a 
ninja, as they can go down easily.


Big, Nasty, and immune to fire, yikes! This is another slow but powerful monster. These guys 
have very high stats and can lower defense with their fire attacks. These monsters also have 
good long ranged special attacks to make up for their speed. Dragons are one of three 
monsters that are immune to an element. If you make one, keep canceling and confirming the 
last screen (the one after you give the dragon’s stat bonuses) until you get a fire –50. That 
way your dragon has good defense against elemental spells. Pretty nifty, eh?


Dood! The’re prinnies dood! Prinnies like, explode when you toss’em. Like in the last game 
dood, they deal multiple attacks. All in all dood they have balanced stats. More or less, 
their special attacks have not changed, dood. Which is pretty nice, since they like, had 
good techs dood! Prinnies also explode when you throw them. DOOOOOD!! Makes some prinnies! 
You can also, like make a Prinny nuke! just shove a bunch of muscles on a prinny and throw 
to take out a swarm of monsters! Dood, that's cruel!!! Zam!

Petite Orc-

Look at this, all the power and anger of an orc that fits in your pocket. What will they 
think of next? Their stats are very similar to a warrior’s and make ok stand ins for them. 
Many of their special attacks are one on one and can lower defense. Over all, they are pretty 
nifty monsters and quite common.


Moth monster man, no! Remember Imps from Disgaea? No? Well meet their fluffy soul carrying 
estranged uncles. Mothmen are very fast, tough to hit, and move over terrain (and people!) 
like fire through an orphanage. These bugs also cause many status-inducing attacks, with one 
very similar to every one’s bane in the first Disgaea: Hell Pepper. They have ok stats over 
all, although they lack some HP. Mothmen also have a spear-like normal attack, which keeps 
them out of danger. A pair of shoes will make the moths very hard to hit, and a great asset 
in item world (Yes, I shall enter the exit panel when ever I please.)


Whaa---? Well, these fatties pack a lot of meat and are like artillery tanks of the monster 
world. They have good Int, SP, HP, and ok Defense.  Yet they move slow, but have long range 
attacks to make up for it. They can also increase their Int and become crazy powerful when 
you give them spells. Chubby McJiggles here is also immune to Ice attacks, so do the same 
tip I told you with the Dragon to make them fun at parties.


You get 10 dollars if you know why it is so funny that the male Alraune at the village is 
named Bridget. Araunes are magic casting pogo sticks that can heal and dish out some damage. 
They have good res, and are strong against magic. Yet they have low Hp and Def, making death 
not to far away. Not the best stand in for a mage, but at least they have good attack range. 
These gals(?) are also good for healing, so if you wish you can teach them the way of the 
healer to make them a bit more useful.


Awesome demon. You should just have one, they are that cool. The horned wolves have nice 
power, speed, and special attack. They move like a gale and are fragile like the morning 
breeze. These guys are the ninjas of the monster world, and are well worth having in a party. 
These wolves are also immune to Wind attacks, so you know what to do when making one. Make 
one after the first time you fight it!


Marionettes are Disgaea2’s Scarecrow demon equivalent.  These squeaking demons have good 
Def, attack, Res, Speed, and counter. Yet the puppets suffer a tad in hit points and SP. 
Although they come with Ok special attacks, but are more importantly immune to all status 
effects, very nice. Making one will make battles very satisfying as your opponents keeping 
missing and gets knocked around by these martial puppets.

White Dragon-

Hey, this guy was in the movie “Never ending story”! Any way, this winged holy beast is more 
intimidating than functional. They have lowish stats, but are good with magic…kind of. 
They have a strange ability to ignore non-elemental damage dealt by learned abilities. 
Although abilities they deal elemental damage, even star, affect the dragon as normal. 
The high and mighty dragon uses very flashy special attacks, although you don’t really need 
to make one.

Wood Golem-

One of the ultimate monsters you can create. Wood golems are crazy defensive and powerful. 
The only down side is that they have poor hit, but if you give the killer ent some glasses 
he’ll thank you and smash many foes in return. These guys have lots of counters and, get 
this, recover 20% of his hp per turn! Hot damn! Yet these golems move very slow… so you are 
going to need that move fast bill pasted on him ASAP. (Those size 8 shoes are uncomfortable.) 
A cruel trick involves giving the Golem muscles... because now they recover an ungodly 
amount of Hp per turn... Ow..OOOWW!


If “Doom II” taught me any thing, it is that arm cannons and demons should not mix. Yet, more 
often than not, they do and give birth to a nasty, drooling, skull-eating demon named 
Baciel. They have Stats rivaling a wood golem, and blood alcohol level of 34.5 on a slow day.
Despite being drunk with a gun, they have 100% accuracy. Like the Wood golem, they have high 
physical stats and prefer to ponder around blowing every thing to glossy, bloody, chunks. 
Belts are a great item to give these drunks, after all they have piss poor speed, and they
love power! A marriage made in hell.

Skeletal Dragon-

Grimlock! Holy hopping Hitler on a stick, he’s back! Unlike Grimlock, Boney dragons do not 
rock. In fact they do the exact opposite. They have yo-yo like stats, slow, and are laughably 
weak to magic. They have protection against physical attacks, but it really does not matter 
due to their ability to crumby to a tiny ice ball. The only use I can think of having one is 
to name it Grimlock… but that is it, really. Well, these dry bones have fun special attacks
at least.


Heh heh heh, you said “Trice” heh heh heh! Wait… that’s not it…. Back on topic, these strange 
chicken demons have rounded stats, like a prinny. Yet they pack status-inducing/lowering 
special attacks and weaken near by enemies by 20%, pretty nice. Not much else to say about 
them. I guess if you ever want a rampaging demon chicken Disgaea 2 has fulfilled your wishes. 
If you get a horde of chickens, you can potential rob a unit of its stats, making it a snot 
nosed target for a gun, spell or bow.


.VII [Geo Stones]

Through out the game and item world, you will come across Geo Stones and panels. These 
colorful creations can make your brain split strait down the middle, or have you jump for 
joy. Geo Stones can add various effects on their panels. Most are self explanatory, like 
damage 20%.  Others like Encroach (Wich expands the geo panels) and disperse damage (Not just 
damage, but healing too!) are not well explained in the game. You can exploit geo stones 
too, which always leads to some fun. You can build up your Weapon/magic mastery by using 
Invincibility or Reverse Damage Geo panels and attack your allies. You can also use two 
special attacks (or spells) when on an attack +1 panel! Can you say, “truck load of damage?”
Some Geo Stones are also not what they seem… as some have tiny creatures living with in 
them. These creatures cannot be created and move up to three panels a turn. They also make 
no attacks and you can kill them normally. (They will make panels explode exactly like a 
normal geo stone.) If you want them to stop moving you can pick them up and not take damage 
if you hold them for more then a turn. (The geo effect will still be active if you are on a 
geo panel.) I don’t think you can cause status effects on them, as I’ve tried a few times 
with fruitless results.


.IIX [Item World]

You like making items more powerful, right? Well, in the worlds of disgaea, re-forging an 
item is done from the inside out. Item world is a place full of random maps that is crammed 
full of monsters, treasure, and a google search worth of geo stones.
Item diving this time around is much easier, and far more surprising. The areas in an item 
now have platforms that can all be reached too, and are much more than wood and stone. Item 
world has a large selection of stages that offer different challenges depending on where you 
start it. Also, the level of the enemies will increase as you go deeper and deeper into the 
item. Some of these monsters like to stake out on exit portals, these guys are called “Gate 
keepers”. You cannot lift them, and they typically come with a few spells and ok equipment. 
If the monster grossly out levels you or you are in a hurry, use the fist technique “triple 
strike” to move the enemy off and continue on. At the end of every ten levels you will 
come a cross an “Item General”. These monsters have levels much higher then the surrounding 
monsters and typically have stronger war gear on. Defeat the general, and your item will gain
more power. Every Item General floor has a Mr. Gency Exit (Mrgency Exit = Emergency exit, 
get it?) Which will allow you to jet out of item world if the monsters start to get out of 
hand. Always, always carry one before jumping in an item. Yet, the world also has many 
hidden secrets, like pirates and hidden rooms! 
Hidden rooms are entered when you step on a panel with a yellow exit portal. These rooms can 
have specialized vendors, a cruel treasure-loving monster, several angry critters, and 
hiding specialists. 
Pirates are random monster encounters. They may come on a ship or by some random sprite. 
Pirates also have treasure maps that you can steal or acquire by defeating the pirate 
normally. Treasure maps help you gain access to a bonus world, so be sure to plunder every 
map you can. Equipt a map to increase the chance of meeting one. Even better, the character 
does not need to be on the field for it to work.
There is also a featured called “Innocent Town” this place allows you visit the item 
assembly and make an item boost certain stats when it levels up, change the items name, have 
it increase movement parameters…you get the idea. Innocent town also has at least one 
treasure chest and a few people wandering around. You can also use a hospital at Innocent 
town, making the trips in the unknown world easier.
It is always a good idea to take what item world gives you and go with it, after all that is 
what makes it fun! Item world is a prime place to level up and get tons of great booty. 
(Not that kind, item world has no strip joints … or does it?) Any way, if you want more 
powerful items and tons of cash, that pair of slippers has a rich kingdom to plunder.


.IX [Dark Assembly]

When you think of demons, you don’t think democracy.(Even though the word democracy almost 
has the word demon it) Yet these supernatural beings are not below getting together in an 
organized fashion to decide on bills, proposals, and demand lavish bribes. The Dark Assembly 
is where you proceed to make life a little easier and create characters. Unlike the last 
game, there is no rank test you have to take; bill proposals are based purely on level. 
Like in the first Disgaea, you can bribe the senate, and now bribes flow through the party 
that the senator belongs to. It does not matter what the item is. My best advice is to just 
stock up on cheap items and feed them that. In typical disgaea fashion, you don’t have to 
bribe the assembly, you just have to out level them and kick their ass.
The demonic representatives collaborate into various parties. Just like in US, there is only 
two parties that any one knows/cares about: The Democrats and Republicans. On this world, 
the easy going Wood Golems and drunken Baciel parties are in charge, so make sure you get on 
their side. Any way, here is a list of the various parties:

Ghost Party-

Rank- Small Voice

The ever-living party members are one of the two weakest parties, but they will show up a 
lot in small bills. The ghost party’s quirk is that they tend to fall asleep when the 
assembly is in session; which can kind of sucks. While in the land of nod, the sleeping 
senator’s vote does not get counted, no matter how much they love or hate you. You can wake 
them up with a nice friendly bomb, although it will not only piss off and wake up the ghost, 
but every one around him.

Petit Orc Party-

Rank- Small Voice

These critters are small, angry, and surprisingly involved in the democratic progress on the 
new netherworld. These orcs tend to dislike humans and the demons that are associated with 
them…well, unless you’re hot little lady, and then their approval (along with other things) 
will rise in your favor. So early on, it is not a bad idea to let your gals do the “talking” 
to help pass bills in senate. (Getting the whole party on your side is VERY good thing.)

White Dragon Party-

Rank- Middle Voice

While much of the senate is composed of cruel, backstabbing, money grubbing, and every day 
senators, the White Dragon party insist on these things called “Justice” and “Order” to be 
carried out.  That means you can’t bribe these high and mighty senators. (unless you have 
gold) The only way to get on the White Dragons’ side is to smooth talk your way in is with 
cell phone calls. So if you find a cell phone with these holy headaches, call’em!

Mothman Party-

Rank- Middle Voice

These mini Mothras are pretty easy to get on your side. Sadly, Mothmen are not big with 
humanoids and prefer monsters to do the talking. Even than, it is not like you need monsters 
to address the senate every time. (Bribing the hell out of them will make them love you no 
matter who you are.)

Wood Golem Party-

Rank- Large Voice

Wood Golems are all at big levels, and don’t really have any grudge against you. Thus, it’s 
naturally easy for you to get on their side. Just give them presents and every thing will be 
fine. Yet the wood golems are not alone at the top of the senate…

Baciel Party-

Rank- Large Voice

Baciels fight head to head with the wood golem party to control the senate. You may think 
“Hey, I’ll bribe them both to be my buddies!” Not so fast. These mechanical demons show up to 
every meeting drunk off their asses and not really knowing what’s going on. This means they 
could absolutely hate a ‘gift’ you give them, turning the whole party against you. While 
risky, you should try and get the Baciel party on your side. If you happen to get some 
Medicine, you can sober them up and shower the devil with bribes. On the other hand, you can 
always put them to sleep with Chloroform to knock out the vote.

Legendary Senators-

Rank- Top voice

There are four legendary senators that pop up randomly at the beginning of high-ranking 
bills. These flippant fellows typically hate the bill, and demand bribes out of the wazoo. 
Getting them on your side will throw 1000 points in your favor. (other wise it is 1000 
against you) Each legend also has a special ability, like putting various members to sleep or 
making a few of the assembly demons vote with the senator. So if you see one, make him or 
her happy!


.X [Raising and Saving Hell]

Hell is the currency of all netherworlds across the cosmos. Naturally, you want as much of 
this as possible. While the previous installment Laharl could barge into a rich and powerful 
demon’s mansion to loot it, Adell is way below that. Being such a savage and unrefined 
person, Adell must resort to pounding down demons, opening chests, and selling off goods. 
After any battle you should rummage through all the spoils you have acquired to see if any of
the items are worth keeping. After that, sell it all off, as you have little use for it. 
(Unless you are specialist farming)  Now if you need just a little bit more hell to buy that 
brand spanking new Axe (make sure it is better than the one you have equip) sell the old 
weapon that is already equipped if you have nothing left to pawn. 
Using item world is also a smart move, certainly for the expensive weapons found later in the 
game. Going through an item’s first 10 floors will raise its parameters to about double of 
what it started out at. Such an item will be strong enough to last for some time, and is 
certainly cheaper than buying new items. Lets face it; playing the same map over and over 
again is quite boring any way.

.XI [Forging a Demon]

I can see it from here. The twinkle in your eye, that snarl of satisfaction, that twitch your 
ear makes when you here the words “Level 9,999”. Nippon Ichi’s infamous level cap, few other 
Epics even have the balls to go that high. You love the idea too, every thing is your bitch; 
you have few true equals, and fewer who surpass. Granted, that is LOOOONG road, and if you 
want to take it, by all means, it is open to any one who has the time to waste. 
Now, perhaps you don’t want to rocket that high, you just want that extra 5 or so levels to 
help beat the monsters on the map you’re having trouble on. A few options are open to you. 
The most obvious is to re-play old maps with tons of monsters to kill. Yet Disgaea 2 has few 
maps that conform to such an ideal. Item world is the main attraction here, as the demons 
inside get exponentially more powerful and relinquish more ExP. The Geo stone bonus 
“EXP +50%” that you might find is a welcomed treat and should be exploited to the fullest. 
ExP also thankfully comes from spells this time around, so if you have a character that 
cannot do anything that turn, have him/her caste a low SP spell.
Felonies are another way to help gain ExP. Each felony on a player gives a +1% to ExP gain. 
This may not sound much, and sounds less desirable since only one person can get a felony at 
a time... Or can they? Throw a tower of characters in the Prinny court and all will get the 
felony 'bonus'! You may not have to go for the 300% cap, but a good 15-30% EXP bonus is nice.
Now, here is a tip for ‘used’ subpoenas. When you go into the Bailiff’s door, the Bailiff 
resident disappears. Obvious, you can sell them or use them for senator toilet paper. What I 
do is keep the leveled up subpoena. Why go through another 20 floors when one can gency out, 
transfer a new bailiff on leveled up subpoena, and just walk right in to get another felony. 
Although the bailiff must be a higher level than the floor you left off at. (So you can't go 
get a Bailiff LV 8 and another Bailiff LV 8 from the same item. Although you can do a LV8 
then a LV12.)  Exploit it today! Felonies also help with Dark Assemply bills and makes items 
cheaper to buy!
For much later players (Those who have finished the game) Cave of Ordeals, an unlockable map, 
offers a map which grants of an insane number of levels to gain. The forth map has a 3X3 
chunk of the map full of puppets that stand on an EXP and Mana +100% Geo panel. This 
obviously makes leveling up easy, and is recommended for players with strong weapons that 
have large area attacks. (Such as winged slayer) With Felonies, triple ExP, and 
stronger enemy bills, you can make this place into your repetitive shop for nonstop leveling.
To make sure you’re not well below the suggested level of a map, check out the monsters. You 
can be a roughly be 10% to 20% below the field’s monsters and still take them out if equipped 
properly and attack intelligently with several people. So don’t worry about being level 80+ 
to take out level 80 monsters. You can still have a party at about level 64 and takeout the 
level 80 oogy boogy.


.XII [Contact, Special Thanks and Legal]

If you have any questions, comments, errors to point out, or surf boards with sharks bites to 
give away contact me at:


Special Thanks: 

-I would like to thank Frozen Atari for helping me construct this guide, with out him I would 
not be here today.
-More importantly, I would like to thank tallteen86 for stumbling upon the odd weight 

So far only NeoSeeker can use this guide. If you would like to use it, or want to point out a 
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