Majin Eiyuuden Wataru Gaiden (Import)

Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Walkthrough Title Date/Author
General FAQs/Guides
FAQ/Walkthrough (GENESIS) Jul 8, 2013
Maps FAQs/Guides
2nd Gun Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 22, 2013
Chop's Swamp (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Dabord Mountains (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Desert of the Moon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Dragon Tower (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 24, 2013
Gale Tunnel/Swamp Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Jul 9, 2013
Grassy Plains (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Icefield (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Icefield Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Icefield Tower (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Kagasas Jungle (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Last Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Last Tower (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 24, 2013
Mountain Cave (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Mountain Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Pathways (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Pyramid (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 24, 2013
Sea Cave (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 24, 2013
Sea Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 23, 2013
Spring Canal (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Thunder God Area (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
Thunder God Dungeon (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 24, 2013
World Map (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 27, 2013
Zanami Coast (PNG) (GENESIS) Apr 25, 2013
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