Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (Mac) Cheats

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim cheats, and Codes for Mac.


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10000 gold
Type in "fill this bag" to recieve an additional 10,000 pieces of gold.

All building available
Type in "build anything" to have all buildings availabel for you to use.
All spells
Type in "give me power" to make all spells available.
Full map
Type in "revelation", in order to view and use the full map.
Gain 5 levels
Type in "grow up" if you want to make all highlighted heros gain 5 levels.
Type in "now you die" to kill your opponent.
Lose game
Type in "i'm a loser baby", if you want to lose the game.
Restore hit points
Type in "restoration" if you would like to restore your hit points.
Spell Range
Type in "cheezy towers" to recieve an infinate spell range.
View fame rate
Type in "frame it" to view the frame rate of theg game.
Type in "victory is mine" to beat the whole game.