Majesty: The Northern Expansion

Majesty: The Northern Expansion Cheats

Majesty: The Northern Expansion cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Majesty: The Northern Expansion Cheats

** highlight the hero you want to add levels to, before activating the code.


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Hit enter during play.

The below are listed as:

Result: Cheatcode

10,000 gold: fill this bag
all buildings: build anything
spells: give me power
infinite spell range: cheezy towers
restore hit points: restoration
highlighted hero gains 5 levels: grow up
kill opponent: now you die
full map: revelation
win game: victory is mine
lose game: i'm a loser baby
view frame rate: frame it
Whole map: revelation
Give selected hero 5 levels: grow up

***note these cheats also work for Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim
Speed Up Construction
Build a building. Before the peasents swarm to help build it, enter the "resoration" cheat. Now your building is at max health!
Display frame ratesframe it
Get 10,000 goldfill this bag
Hero level increased by 5**grow up
Infinite spell rangecheezy towers
Instantly kill opponentnow you die
Instantly lose the gamei'm a loser baby
Instantly win the gamevictory is mine
Restore hit pointsrestoration
Reveal maprevelation
Unlock all buildingsbuild anything
Unlock all spellsgive me power