Magicka (PC) Cheats

Magicka cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Unlockable Magicks
UnlockableHow to unlock
ReviveAutomatically at chapter 1
GreaseNear the high bridge, use ice spell to pass through the river at chapter 1
HasteYou just can't miss this spell at chapter 1.
TeleportFrom the start point, walk across the high bridge at chapter 7
NullifyNear the altar where the wizard goblin once stood at chapter 2
ConflagrationInside a house, a blocked path make you want to go inside. You just can't miss this at chapter 4
Time WarpAt the first checkpoint, head to the far left to get it at chapter 5
BlizzardFrom the start point, head to the left, freeze the water to get it at chapter 6
Thunder BoltDefeat the boss for easy getting at chapter 3
Meteor showerAutomatically at chapter 1
Summon ElementalAfter entering the shrine, head to the next room, kill all the enemy here, then head to the upper left where you need to use fire skills to open the door, at chapter 11
Summon DeathDefeat Death at chapter 10
Summon PhoenixAfter passing through the bridge where you have to fight waves of enemy, head north to the right to get it at chapter 7
FearInside Vlad's house at chapter 9
CharmInside Vlad's house at chapter 9
VortexFinish the game to get it.
CorporealizeDefeat Fafnir to get it at chapter 11
ThunderstormJust after the first bridge, inspect the cave carefully with your mouse to get it at chapter 8
TornadoNear the shipwreck to the left , inspect the tree carefully with your mouse to get it at chapter 4
Raise DeadInside a cathedral, where you have to fight the necromancer, kill them for easy getting at chapter 9
RainInside the first cave at chapter 2, hard to miss.
Unlockable Weopon
UnlockableHow to unlock
M60First, save the houses then kill the enemy bosses, at chapter 3


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How to get Aristo staff easier
Once the Black robe goblin appear, to get the staff that he is holding, you have to get to him as close as you can, and kill him with SRSR, the damage that he received was small that it will take a while. Once you kill him, the ice effect will make black robe goblin talk a little bit slower at that time, once you see he says 'Whys' quickly grab his staff or you will not get it.
Kill Fafnir in 1 HIT.
First get a weapon name Gram, its located on a tree where you see a troll eating a moose to be exact its the second troll you will see at chapter 2, inspect the tree carefully. Gram special ability makes Fafnir 'very easy' to kill.