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Magical Starsign Glissini Caves FAQ

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Magical Starsign Glissini Caves - Walkthrough

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Table of Contents
I. Version
II. Introduction
IV. Glissini Caves
V. Credits
VI. Copyright

I. Version 0.15. Started the walkthrough. 2-4-13
   Version 0.20. Added some things, like Preparation. 2-5-13
   Version 0.25. Added more enemies. 2-6-13
   Version 0.30. Added more enemies. 2-7-13
   Version 0.84. More enemies. 2-8-13
   Version 1.00. Finished the guide. 2-11-13
   Version 1.01. Fixed Some Errors. 2-12-13
   Version 1.02. Neoseeker can host this guide! 2-14-13
   Version 1.03. Fixed some spelling mistakes. 4-26-13
Version 1.04. Thanks to Bryan Buckheit for finding some errors! Fixed.

II. Introduction:
Magical Starsign is a remarkable game, in my opinion. The storyline is not
that bad, and it holds its own. There are lots of hidden secrets, like secret
chests, and sidequests, like the Glissini Caves, which I am about to show you
where they are!

This guide mentions a little about the story, so if you don't want me to spoil

IV. Glissini Caves:
It's a giant dungeon that'll destroy you if you're not prepared.
How to access it: Go to the giant X on the map on King's Road on Nova right
after reaching Shadra. Then there will be a ladder so you can access Glissini
Caves, but don't yet. Train in Chromagar Caves until you're at least
Level 57-58. Then come back here.

There are 20 floors, and each floor is 100m apart. This gets very boring.
Imagine going down a long line of ladders... forever... and there are twenty
of them. When I completed Glissini Caves, I swore that I wouldn't go down
there ever again! There are about two types of enemies per floor. A monster
shape looking thing protects the next ladder, and is an elite fight of that
floor. I will list the shade groups, how to beat them, and their item drops.
On the 5th and 15th floors, there are expensive light and dark equipment
your hero/heroine. There are bosses on the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th floors
of Glissini Caves.

- Each floor has a forced fight before you can go to the next ladder.
- There is a treasure chest containing a putty pea on the final floor.
- Monsters levels start from level 61 and rise up the further you go down.
- Each floor has a wooden sign which tells you how far down you are.

First of all, make a warp point near the broker near Sparklin Palace. You'll
thank me later, because:
You are at the 16th floor. You have ran out of frogs and worms, and you're
weak. If you set up, the warp point, great! If not, you'll have to backtrack
16 floors up. I don't think you want that. :D

Anyway, stock up on frogs and worms. Buy 99 green, blue, and at least 10-15
reds. Buy 50-60 yellow worms, and red worms are in the room above the
HP/MP Pots in Shishkebab Cavern on Razen. Mokka should have Earth Armor,
Gaian Brace, and Pigheaded Hat, because he will soak up the damage for you.
Collect the Winged Sets for everyone. If you can't, get Sparrow Wings
and equip it on Lassi, a Loincloth and Disco Wig for Pico, Mole Tail for
Mokka, Aqua Talisman for Sorbet, and the Holy Incense for Chai. On Chai, also
put the Garden Mitts on him. Teach your characters the following spells:

Hero/Heroine: High Art
Chai, Mokka, Pico: Brawly Ball (get the Crab Husk, gives Spr and Def up)
Lassi, Sorbet: Celestial Swap
Unless I say, Hero (I'll refer to him as hero to save time), Mokka, and Pico
are in the front, and Chai, Lassi, and Sorbet are in the back. Also buy 10
bombs of each kind. Celestial Swap your party's auras, before except Earth,
& Wind. () will mean the enemy's drop, and after that will be their starsign.
Use two slippy oils on enemies to get their drop.


----100 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Ant Noble x 3 (Misty Studs) Fire
Clockwork Goat x 2 (Bang Berry) Wind

Recommended Level: 57-58

Let Lassi heal Chai, and have Chai use Minty Freshness, and Briar Patch.
Kill the Goats ASAP as they attack the whole party. Grab Five Misty Studs
from the Ant Nobles, as they will really help later on. The Misty Set
gives an enormous boost to your stats.

----200 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Clockwork Goat x 3 (Bang Berry) Wind
Faded Stone x 3 (Stoneoff Tail) Earth

Recommended Level: 60

Kill the Goats ASAP. The Faded Stones use Stalagsmoosher, which is the same
as Stalagmiter, which is why you don't want them powered up. Magic is
practically useless against the Faded Stones, so it's recommended to punch
them. I don't think so. I discovered that you should use bombs instead. Let
Lassi use a Thunder Bomb. That should do around 2000 damage. If it doesn't
kill, use an Ivy Bomb. That should finish them off.

----300 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Faded Stone x 2 (Stoneoff Tail) Earth
Nightmop x 2 (Decursy Tail) Dark

Recommended Level: 61

Start this fight during the day, as the mops use Shadow Die. Kill the mops
ASAP, as they Celestial Swap your auras. Use the bombs to defeat the Faded

----400 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Nightmop x 2 (Decursy Tail) Dark
Fallwich x 2 (Dethorn Tail) Wood

Recommended Level: 62

Start this fight during the day. Kill the fallwiches ASAP, if they are in the
back row they use acorn drop (physical) and Minty Freshness. (magical)
If they are in the front row they use Pepperthorn. Bombs have no effect
on these guys. Finish them off with Pico's Dragon's Tongue. Spellstrikes
and reflex guards are crucial!

----500 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Zap Hound (Sparkle Bomb) Light
Fallwich (Dethorn Tail) Wood

Recommended Level: 64

There is a boss on this level, and you can encounter Zap Hounds as you walk
around. Kill them quickly, if they are in the front they use Voltage
Joltage (physical) and if in Back Row, Blinding Light and Arclight. (magical)
Train until level 66-67. Start this fight during the night. There is also a
broker selling expensive light and dark equipment on this floor.

BOSS: Securitron 3 (None) Earth
Zap Hounds x 4 (Sparkle Bomb) Light

Recommended Level: 66-67

Power up everyone beforehand. Move the planets before their orbit so when you
are at this floor, the planets are about to be in their orbit. HEAL, AND
RESTORE YOUR MP. Start this fight during the night, so Zap Hounds are not
powered up. Trust me. You don't want them to be powered up. So, kill the Zap
Hounds ASAP, and kill the back ones first. If you don't have the Winged Sets,
equip Lassi with Sparrow Wings so she can heal and use Pteranadon. Mokka's
Bellowing Rock powered up and spelltriked did 6500 damage to Securitron. Add
a raisin jam or jelly to him, and you'll have 7000-8000 damage right there.
Securitron uses Zap Net, Level 3 Lock on, and Missile (sounds familiar?)
Zap Net hurts A LOT, so hope it uses Missile. You can use guard for those
characters. Chai's Parsley Wall and Brawly Ball should be very helpful. Also
make him heal Lassi with Garden Mitts and Red Worms. Everyone else go all out,
and you should defeat him.
Congratulations! You defeated Securitron 3! (or maybe not)
----600 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Zap Hound x 3 (Sparkle Bomb) Light
Sea Cucumber x 3 (Defrost Tail) Water

Recommended Level: 67-68

Start this fight during the night. Kill Zap Hounds ASAP. Then use Mokka to
kill the Sea Cucumbers.

----700 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Sea Cucumber x 2 (Defrost Tail) Water
Treehemoth x 2 (Misty Cap) Wood

Recommended Level: 68

This is an easier battle. Try to grap five Misty Caps. Remember, they help
a lot! These guys only use physical attacks, but they hurt. Reflex guard
on these attacks, and kill.

----800 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Treehemoth x 2 (Misty Cap) Wood
Crabrador x 2 (Nut Spread) Fire

Recommended Level: 70

These guys again use physical attacks, but they hurt. Reflex guard and use
spellstrikes! They will help you! Crabradors have high DEF and SPR, a powered
up Sorbet helps. You get a lot of experience, so I would grind some levels
here. Grind until level 74 or so.

----900 METERS----------------------------------------------------------------

Oldfangle x 4 (Misty Cloak) Light

Recommended Level: 75

These guys use physical attacks, and they hurt! Single Sweep does 1100 damage
to a solo character! Watch out for the way they fly toward a character and
you should be able to guard for them. Let Chai Cast Minty Freshness or Brawly
Ball to get your Spr and Def up. Grab 5 Misty Cloaks.

----1000 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Short-fuser (Lemon Jam) Wind

Recommended Level: 75

Very simple. Shouldn't give you much trouble. There is also a boss on this

BOSS: Elder Tree (None) Wood

Recommended Level: 77

Aura the party before, except Chai, because Elder Tree uses Briar Patch to one
character. This is just like Holy Sapling, so get your defense up. Easier than
the Securitron 3. Elder Tree uses Unripe Fruit, and also Bloom of Plenty.
The tree's spells will destroy Lassi, so make sure Chai heals with Mitted
Frogs/Worms. Diso Wigged + Auraed Pico + Spellstrike + Dragon's Tongue = 9999.
The great thing is that the Elder Tree won't summon a Fallwich when Pico
attacks! You should defeat this guy easily. Congratulations! You are halfway
through Glissini Caves!
----1100 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Peewee x 4 (Ancient Mitts) Earth

Recommended Level: 78

Slippy Oil them. You don't want Mokka to be powered up, so Celestial Swap.
This repaint of Mojo has the same moves. Ancient Mitts increases Mokka's
petrify rate by 30%. So, equip that + Stalagmiter = 50% that the enemy will
be petrified! It worked almost every time!

There is another enemy:

Mad Cashbox x 6 (Diamond Studs) Earth

Recommended Level: 78

Easy battle. These guys drop Diamond Studs, which are worth a lot of money.
Like the Monster Chest, these guys randomly crumble, or don't crumble. If
they crumble, you can nothing, and 0 EXP. If they shake, then show diamonds,
then you will get 50 EXP and Diamond Studs. If you kill more than 1, you will
get 50 x how many chests you kill. My maximum was 3. This is a good way to
get experience, cash, and train for the INSANELY hard boss that's about to
come. These chests come in groups of 6. Just bomb everyone. Guard Sorbet when
the ones in the back use Smoke Forte, which has a high petrify rate. If Sorbet
doesn't get petrified, then let her use Fresh Drop on the people that are

----1200 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Whimsy Bolt x 3 (Misty Boots) Wind
Sand Carrier x 2 (Gold Nugget) Earth

Recommended Level: 82

Have Lassi use Pternadon to stun the Whimsy Bolts. Watch out for Smoke Forte
from the carriers. Grab 5 Misty Boots. Use Minty Freshness, and you should
beat these guys. Reflex guard.

----1300 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Sand Carrier x 3 (Gold Nugget) Earth
Sea Crawler x 2 (Frog Fins) Water

Recommended Level: 83

Equip the Frog Fins on Sorbet, and the Sea ring from the Sea Gulper in
Chromagar Cave. You want Sorbet's IQ to be really high, when fighting the
boss. Kill the Carrier ASAP, and watch out. Crawlers hit for about 1200
damage, be careful. Use Brawly Ball to get your Spr and Def up.

----1400 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Erilyn x 1 (Thinky Cloak) Light
Sea Crawler x 2 (Frog Fins) Water

Recommended Level: 84

Kill the Erilyn ASAP, and start this fight during the night, because Erilyns
use Arclight. They also Celestial Swap you. If one of you is powered up,
there's a 99% chance that they will Celestial Swap you. So, kill them first.
Also, get the Winged Sets. Try to get them for at least Lassi and your Hero.
Level until level 89 with Monster Chests and other enemies.

----1500 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Erilyn (Thinky Cloak) Light
Jellybeast (Red Frog) Fire

Recommended Level: 85

There is a boss on this level. Train until level 89 and get the Winged Sets
for at least Lassi and your Hero. If you get it for everyone, equip it on
everyone except Mokka. Kill the Erilyn ASAP. Start during the night. Equip the
Thinky Cloak on Sorbet. Get her IQ up as much as you can. There is also a
broker selling more light and dark equipment.

BOSS: Cybersaurus (None) Fire
Erilyn x 1 (Thinky Cloak) Light
Jellybeast x 2 (Red Frog) Fire

Recommended Level: 89-90

Hardest fight in the game. Get Winged Sets for everyone except Mokka. If you
followed my advice and got the Winged Sets for at least Lassi and Hero, than
you should win. Aura the party except Pico, because if you do, Cybersaurus'
attacks will deal double. Set the planets before their orbits more than you
think. If you have a light hero, start this fight during the day. If you have
a dark one, start it during the night. Lassi should use Pteranadon and your
hero should use their Level 5 spellstrike spell on the Erilyn. Target the
Erilyn first before they power you down, and then defeat the Jellybeasts.

After you got that done, Have Chai use Parsley Wall and have Pico use Brawly
Ball. Your SPR and DEF should be up, along with a wall. Use Lassi to heal, and
have Chai chuck more walls. Have Pico chuck frogs and worms. Give worms to
Chai and Lassi. Everyone else go all out. IQ up Sorbet and Mokka. Use a
Raisan Jam or Jelly if you have one. Sorbet IQ up + Powered up + Spellstrike
Zap O' Water = TONS OF DAMAGE TO THE CYBERSAURUS. Mokka's Bellowing Rock will
do about 8000 do him too. Be on the defensive and offensive. Cybersaurus uses
Bite off and Yell for massive damage to one character. Bring lots of Wakey
Tails. After you knock out half of the Cybersaurus' HP, it actually will start
to hurt you. It'll use Cry of the Soul, which hits everyone for about 600 HP,
and gives DEF down. Desperate Lunge will do about 800 damage to the whole
party (1000 or more if DEF down). Use Minty Freshness to counter this. Heal,
and pray.
----1600 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Gnocchalien x 2 (Self Circlet) Wood
Jellybeast x 2 (Red Frog) Fire

Recommended Level: 91

A joke after that last fight. Kill them quickly. Gnocchaliens usually appear
in the front row, but once I encountered them in the back row
and they did nothing at all!

----1700 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Sand Crab x 2 (Misty Ring) Earth
Graver x 2 (Fossil Charm) Dark

Recommended Level: 93

Grab 5 Misty Rings and equip them on everyone but Mokka. They give a huge stat
boost. Kill the Sand Crabs ASAP.

----1800 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Dust Punisher x 2 (Lemon Jam) Wind
Baloonfish x 2 (Undizzy Tail) Wind

Recommended Level: 94

Kill them fast. Easy battle.

----1900 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Zap Racoon x 2 (Red Worm) Light
Graver x 2 (Fossil Charm) Dark

Recommended Level: 96

Harder battle. Kill the Zap Racoons ASAP.

----2000 METERS---------------------------------------------------------------

Bellber (Bellber Husk) Light
Armagel (Space Ring) Dark

Recommended Level: 97

Congrats, you made it to the final floor! There is the final boss on this
floor. Get a Bellber Husk, and give it to the Guy who upgrades your Brawly
Ball. Now it looks much cooler and gives IQ up to everyone! Kill the Armagel

BOSS: Umbra (None) Dark (Knows more starsign spells)

Recommended Level: 98

Not hard as the Cybersaurus. Equip the Misty sets for everyone except Mokka.
Umbra is another version of Shadra's first form, except this time he stays
Dark, so a Light Hero really helps here. IQ up everyone with Brawly Ball and
Nova Sword should do 9999. Cast Minty Fershness, and kill it before night,
because then it will be powerful. Aura up the party before, and watch out
when it uses Celestial Swap. Don't let it line up all the planets in a row,
or it will cast a instant death move for 6000 per person! Yikes! You should
defeat him after that.

Congrats, you finished the Glissini Caves! If you defeat Umbra, there will be
a treasure chest containing a putty pea inside. *Sigh* All that work for
nothing. Oh well!


The brokers are shopkeepers that appear on the 5th and 15th floor of Glissini
Caves, only selling expensive Light and Dark equipment. I will list them.

5th Floor Shop (Light Characters)


Cost: 54,000

This crown was once worn by a fairy tale prince. Increases max HP by 200.

----FLASH BANGLE--------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 58,000

These bracelets glow from within. Increases odds of Blindness by 30%.

----FAME COAT-----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 78,000

Wear this where you can be seen, and feel the power rise.

----WING SLIPPERS-------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 54,000

These cute feathered shoes can makes you stronger in a pinch.

----LIGHT RING----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 88,000

This ring was once owned by a great sage. It grants its owner a stronger aura.

5th Floor Shop (Dark Characters)

----PURPLE TURBAN-------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 66,000

It's seen better days, but it can make you stronger in a pinch.

----PEARL RING----------------------------------------------------------------

This pearl ring is filled with hatred. Increases curse odds by 30%.

----BONE MAIL-----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 66,000

Made of strange bones, this coat prevents curses and blindness.

----VAMPY BOOTS---------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 40,000

These thirsty boots drink your HP, but also raise your MP by 50.

----TUSK STUDS----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 68,000

This earring made of animal tusks strengthens your aura.

15th Floor Shop (Light Characters)

----ANGEL RING----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 250,000

This brightly shining ring can set up a barrier in a pinch.

----GLEAMING FIST-------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 340,000

This bright metal leaves quite an impression on foes.

----RAINBOW COAT--------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 420,000

This coat changes color in the light. It cures curses and blindness.

----DIVINE SHOES--------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 250,000

These lovely shoes shine with a heavenly glow.

----PHOTON STUDS--------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 320,000

These intangible earrings are made up of particles of light.

15th Floor Shop (Dark Characters)

----DEVIL'S HORN--------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 380,000

This hat has scary horns, but there's no telling what they are for.

----DOOM CUFFS----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 450,000

These dangerous manacles are for those who don't care about defense.

----EVIL INK------------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 520,000

This mystical tattoo prevents magic damage but drains HP.

----DUSK SHOES----------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 180,000

These drab, dusty shoes make you weak in a pinch so wear them wisely.

----BLACK NAILS---------------------------------------------------------------

Cost: 260,000

The oily sheen of these dark nails strengthens your aura.


V. Credits:

My email can be found at the top of the FAQ. Credit goes to Uber Moogle,
who provided me some information. The rest was done by me.

VI. Copyright:

This guide was written by me, Pranav Mahesh AKA youmemario and is copyright
by Pranav Mahesh. This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other other websiteor as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Do not copy or alter
this guide, and do not present it as your own. The updated version of this
will always be on GameFAQS.

Sites allowed to host this guide:

Thanks for reading this, and I hope this guide will help you complete Glissini
Caves! If you need to report an error(s), then my email is on the top of this
FAQ. :)