Graffiti Kingdom Tips

Quick level up, Get wings faster.
The quickest way to level up is to go to Wind of Pan Ravine and go to the 2nd room and keep killing the chillers that pop up, I leveled up three times after doing this.

I found a easier way to get wings, but you must have a game that already has the power to draw wings. You take your graffiti creature that you want to have wings and put it in the player box and then log onto your other game that can draw wings and put your graffiti creature into one of the slots. Click on it and push Draw and draw wings on it and make sure you go to Edit Attacks and put Fly in if it doesn't have it already. Put the graffiti creature back in the player box and get it out with your game that doesn't have wings and get it out of the player box. There, you have wings.